Friday, February 19, 2010

WOW: We Just Hit 600 Members For Restore Republican Party Of Florida!

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This shows that Florida Republicans are very serious about restoring the core values. We understand that something has gone seriously wrong with RPOF. It's not the rank and file members; it's mostly Jim Greer who thinks this is a party that is run for his own personal satisfaction.

As the primaries grow closer we continue to see slights against grassroots Republicans running against hand picked party choices. Carey Baker who is running for Agriculture Commissioner continues to receive the short end of the stick compared to Adam Putnam for the same office. And we don't need to recount the favoritism for Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio.

All over the state, there are numerous examples of party interference. In my own county, (Orange), RPOF blasted out an email lauding our County Commissioner over a legitimate (read well funded), grassroots candidate. Both are running for an 'open' Mayoral position.

The dangerous trend here is obvious. Chairman Jim Greer and his cronies continue to think they can best pick the candidates. Primaries, in their opinions, are just too expensive.

Most glaring of all is the Florida Governor's race. Even though Greer anointed conservative Bill McCollum, the lack of a primary race is actually stifling support. Who cares about a one person race? Another missed opportunity for bringing badly needed publicity to Republican values.

Restoring the RPOF is not an easy or quick task. But by the phenomenal growth of this group, we see that many are desirous of reform.

Nick Egoroff
Administrator of Restore The Republican Party

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