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Statewide Purge Of The Republican Party Of Florida Underway! Many Face 4 Year Expulsion!

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It is about time to layout what the Republican Party of Florida (and in my specific case, Orange County Republican Party) is doing against members that dare to speak out against Party big wigs.

On Thursday July 9 and 10 about a dozen people from around the state received Fedex envelopes demanding that we come the Gaylord Palms Hotel and Convention Center. The occasion was something called a statewide Republican Party of Florida Grievance Committee hearing. The dates are July 24 and 25. Whether you have a prior commitment or a work conflict the dates cannot be changed.

We are charged with various infractions of the membership. One John Stevens of Jacksonville was photographed wearing a Ron Paul button after the 2008 Presidential Primary was over. Another person had his emails to forums spied on and printed out of context. I was faulted for having a negative ‘tone’ (no examples, just that statement).

Even the chairman of the Brevard County Republican Executive Committee, Jason Steele is up for expulsion because he challenged State Chairman Jim Greer to stop interfering with the open Republican Primary system. Many other county chairman agree with Mr. Steele but won’t say so publicly for fear they will be expelled as well.

The Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, Will Pitts, a long time Ron Paul supporter and active in other Republican campaigns is also up for removal. Mr. Pitts, owner of the large Jacksonville based construction company that bears his name, was newly elected to his position on a unanimous vote of the Florida RLC membership just a few months ago.

There are other stories as well. Doug Guetzloe who has been active in the Republican Party of Florida since he was 13 (he’s now north of 40;-), is accused of undermining the very Party that he has dedicated is life to serving. He’s also successfully sued to preserve civil liberties in the state of Florida and to save taxpayers billions through his organization Ax The Tax.

Ron Paul and Republican Liberty Caucus members in Pensacola, Fl. were accused of being ‘disruptive’ and are also up for expulsion.

What we see here is a statewide Party purge of anyone that disagrees with the leadership and publicly speaks out. Each person that is to appear is up for a FOUR YEAR expulsion from county and state Republican organizations.

The second disturbing trend is for some people to not stand on principle and say, “I will not abandon any supporter of Liberty that is being hounded out of the Party.’ Hard to believe that the challenge of Benjamin Franklin, ‘We shall all hang together or surely we will all hang separately’ needs to be issued again.

There is a lot more going on behind the scenes which I can’t divulge yet. I ask that everyone to realize that you may be next. Do not fear Chairman Greer or in my case Chairman Lew Oliver. I have stood up to these people and won; I even have a written letter of apology from Mr. Oliver after I threatened to sue him for libel. It cost me some lawyer fees, but I consider it to be one of the best investments I ever made.

P.S. I have also seen where Dr. Ron Paul has been invited to speak before the Republican Party of Florida with the Orange County Republican organization sponsoring the event. These arrangements were made before RPOF decided to purge Ron Paul supporters from the Party. This is a developing situation, please stay tuned.

Please share this note with your Republican friends and anyone who shares a love of liberty.

Nick Egoroff
Orange County Republican Executive Committee
Precinct Committeeman #319

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