Friday, February 19, 2010

Charlie Crist Decides To Stick It In Your Eye

Since Governor Crist has appointed George LeMieux to the US Senate, I've given a lot of thought to what it portends for our party's future. Crist had an abundance of political candidates to choose from. Instead he picked his old friend who has never been elected to public office.

I think it was a bold move that essentially said, 'I don't care what conventional wisdom says.' As we all know Crist' number one priority is to win the US Senate race next year. This will require money and as few obstacles as possible. Putting LeMieux in as a seat warmer demonstrated that Crist is creating an almost impenetrable wall around himself.

LeMieux is a very important man in Charlie's world. He is called the Maestro for running the Crist 2006 gubernatorial campaign. He now runs one of the state's most high priced law firms with big corporate clients. Some have alleged that LeMieux should be registered as a lobbyist since they say he trades on his influence with Governor Crist.

Maybe he and Crist have decided that they have shaken down all the CEO's and corporate fat cats in Florida. What better place to move on to then the national scene. There's LOTS more money there to add to Charlie's four million dollar war chest. Crist can now hit national donors with the added oomph of having his man already on the inside of the Senate!

Say what you will about Charlie, but he sure ain't dumb. My question is this: With all this money coming in and more on the way, is Charlie looking beyond the Senate? Perhaps it's time to launch the Draft Charlie Crist For President 2012??

Nick Egoroff
Administrator: Restore The Republican Party of Florida

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