Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow The Money, And You'll Learn The Truth About Politics

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For decades and decades, we all have watched the Republican party be controlled by very powerful forces. The corporate special interests have flooded the campaign war chests with billions of dollars. Do you really think that 'demanding' change via the telephone and emails is going to counter balance the million dollar checks to candidates?

Oh, sure, you'll occasionally get the temporary victory, but it will be short lived. Every politician knows that they merely have to wait out us activists and we'll get tired and go home. They've been playing this game for a lot longer than most of us have been alive.

The sad fact is that the Republican Party doesn't want an active grassroots organization. If they did, they would have built one long ago.

Look at the savage treatment Sarah Palin receives not only from the media, but from her own party. In her book she outlines not only the lack of support from Republican party leadership, but their active behind the scenes scuttling of her campaign (gubernatorial and VP).

Certainly there will be the true constitutional conservative that will somehow run the gauntlet of barriers to a successful election within the GOP. But that should not fool us into thinking that this will be the norm and not the exception.

What we should realize is that third parties are not in and of themselves wrong. To say that would diminish the freedom that we all are fighting for.

Today we see and absolute hunger by citizens for an alternative to politicians that merely talk about the Constitution, but when push comes to shove, answer to the ones footing the bill.

If we learn anything from the Tea Party movement, it is that patriotism is found outside the current system. To simply say that now we must go back to the party's that failed us, is missing a great opportunity.

Please consider joining a fast growing third-party

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