Monday, November 2, 2009

Less Than A Week Till SW & Central Florida GOOOH Workshops!

Tim Cox, our national founder, is packing his bags right now for a three city tour of Florida. His mission is to spread and grow the Get Out Of Our House organization in Tampa, Clearwater, and Brooksville.

He'll be demonstrating an incredible process whereby citizen-candidates can compete and win against career politicians. Set aside 2 hours of your time for one of the above meetings.

If you are serious about completely changing the US Congress in 2010, you MUST see one of these events!

Please RSVP at the following event locations:
Friday, November 6, 2009
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday, November 7, 2009
10:00am - 1:00pm
Saturday, November 7, 2009
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Nick Egoroff
Administrator: GOOOH Florida Chapter

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why YOU Should Be Concerned About The Republican Party Of Florida

Most of us are mesmerized by the wholesale destruction of our country emanating from Washington, D.C. But I want to suggest another equally important venue helping to crush our liberty.

The Republican Party of Florida has been systematically watching for any signs of dissent within their ranks. Recently, about a dozen members of RPOF were summoned to the star chamber, er, Grievance Committee to see why they should not be thrown out. Many will take this as just an unlucky draw of the cards for a few, while the rest shrug their shoulders and say 'I guess I dodged that bullet.'

But let me warn you of something. We have it on very good authority (read inside source) that dozens more complaints are sitting on RPOF Chairman Jim Greer's desk awaiting action. This is because the intent of RPOF is to silence and/or intimidate ALL members to sit down and shut up. Or else!

Guys we must start learning how the levers of power are worked. I still follow the national scene, but RPOF is very vulnerable right now. There are investigations into RPOF by the Florida Division of Law Enforcement and various State Attorney's offices on exactly where the MONEY is going and who is benefiting from it. While the normally padlocked doors of RPOF are being pried open, we must step right up and say we too are interested.

I and others will be continuing to fight against the statewide purge that was begun last week. A very experienced civil liberties attorney, Fred O'Neil. has been retained to fight for our rights. We will need everyone to stay informed and supportive. After all, you may be the next head on the chopping block.

Our goal is to have RPOF and all the county Republican Executive Committees become the foundation for a new grassroots effort. We want the RPOF to represent the views of party members, not the corporate interests that buy influence. If we don't reform, the RPOF will cease listening to its membership all together. I for one, think that our liberty ideas will gain a huge following and we will eventually be successful in winning elections for grassroots candidates. But we must build a new RPOF that welcomes diversity rather than purges it.

P.S. Here's a good site for staying informed and on Facebook we have Please also add me as a FRIEND on FB;-)
Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer

Beneath The Mask Of The Republican Party

There is no other way to write this story than in the first person and as it happened. That is because the Republican Party of Florida wanted no written or videotaped record of the proceedings I am about to relay.

One July 13, 2009 Fedex delivered to me a document simple in nature yet chilling in effect. Ten days from that date I was to appear before the RPOF ‘Grievance Committee’ for certain offenses that in all likelihood would lead to my expulsion from the party.

In a long one paragraph statement my County Chairman, Mr. Lew Oliver, described certain offenses which he deemed bad enough to warrant removing me from the party I had been a member of since I had turned 18 (I am now north of 50;-). Technical note: I could still call myself a Republican, I just could not be part of the executive committee which steers the direction of the party; something I had been a part of for the last 2 years.

The first thing that struck me about this announcement was the sloppy nature in which it was written. Constant grammatical and spelling errors occurred throughout the citation. Mr. Oliver, despite holding the highest office of the party at the county level, had yet to either learn proper English or use a word processor.

In the very first sentence he states: “Mr. Egoroff (1) engaged in ‘dirty tricks’ in the fall election by cooperating to send out a primary endorsement mailer under the fake name ‘republican victory committee’ EVEN THOUGH MR. EGOROFF HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SPECIFICALLY WARNED BY RPOF COUNSEL NOT TO USE THE REPUBLICAN NAME WITHOUR PERMISSION.’ Note the lack of capitalization in Republican Victory Committee and the typo in ‘withour’. Mind you, this is an official notice from Mr. Oliver.

Without going into too much detail, I refute this by saying I was never warned by RPOF about this mailer. Secondly, both the Florida Division of Elections and the Orange County Supervisor of Elections were both contacted and said there would be no problem using that name. Thirdly, I am new to the technicalities of using the word Republican which is violated every day with no repercussions.

There are more misspellings, typos, half-truths, etc., and I will reprint the whole document on my blog at

I had ten days to prepare for this important meeting. Fortunately, they named Doug Guetzloe, as my co-conspirator. Mr. Guetzloe has over 30 years of experience in fighting tax increases through his group Ax The Tax. He has also held many positions in the Orange County Republican Executive Committee (the official name of the organization we were both about to be booted from).

He recommended retaining legal counsel through attorney at law Fred O’Neil. Mr. O’Neil had represented Doug for many years and had even argued cases before the Florida Supreme Court. We began a fundraising appeal and Mr. O’Neil was retained.

We knew this was an uphill battle. The Grievance Committee was made up of State Chairman Jim Greer appointees. These people knew that Mr. Greer had dealt ruthlessly with opponents in the past, and undoubtedly knew what the desired outcome was. So much for having an unbiased jury!

On the day of the hearing Mr. O’Neil had suggested that we hire a court reporter to transcribe the event. We knew that if we wanted to appeal the likely negative outcome of this hearing we would want evidence of what happened that day. The RPOF lawyer said no go. This was a private hearing. No taping or transcribing.

This was a clever move on their part to cover their tracks lest one of the inquisitors, er, committee members display their bias or make any other mistake that would come back to haunt them.

Both Doug and myself had a couple of meetings with Mr. O’Neil but we can’t divulge much of the strategy because we are assuming that further legal proceedings will occur. Suffice it to say that RPOF has always maintained that it is a ‘private club’ and can do what it wants. Our premise is that America is essentially a two-party system and that both of these parties are recognized as statutory entities by the state of Florida. Their bylaws are even part of Florida Statutory Law—something that is not accorded to any other political party (check it out on the Florida Statutory Code 103).

I could go on about the juvenile behavior of one committee member who repeatedly badgered me with questions like, ‘Does Doug Guetzloe think for you? Does Doug Guetzloe tell you what to say? Does Doug Guetzloe order you around?’ Which were all questions machinegun fired at me. Each time I tried to answer the woman would shriek, “Just answer the question Mr. Egoroff!” This may be the way you talk to a child, but it is not a professional way to address a man who has successfully run his own business for 20 years.

I’ll just close with the following statement. The Republican Party of Florida needs to stop slamming the doors on people that have new ideas. The Republican Party of Florida needs to stop looking at membership like it’s joining an exclusive country club. In short, the Republican Party of Florida had better stop threatening and smearing new members or it will find itself the defendant in a civil liberties lawsuit that will shake it to the core.

P.S. I should add that this is part of a statewide purge with 10 people likely to be expelled in this round, and dozens of more 'grievances' sitting on Chairman Jim Greer's desk.

Nick Egoroff

Picture of Lew Oliver doing a dirty trick on me. He was standing out in front of my poling place in August of 2008 trying to get voters not to cast their ballots for me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Copy of Republican Party Grievance Committee Summons Sent To Nick Egoroff

The following is a verbatim copy of my summons from the Republican Party of Florida. I use the abbreviation sic to denote misspellings and typo's. It was written by Lew Oliver who is the Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman. I think it is fair to say that Mr. Oliver dislikes me and fears the number of supporters that share the belief that his 20 year reign over the county Republican organization should end.

"I would like to file grievances against both for matters relating to the 2008 election cycle and recent events as follows:

Mr. Egoroff: (1) engaged in "dirty tricks" in the fall election by cooperating to send out a primary endorsement mailer under the fake name "republican victory committee" (Republican should have been capitalized) EVEN THOUGH MR. EGOROFF HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SPECIFICALLY WARNED BY RPOF COUNSEL NOT TO USE THE REPUBLICAN NAME WITHOUR (sic) PERMISSION. (2) in that same flier endorsed a democrat (sic) judicial candidates thus linking the republican (sic) name to democrats (3)invited OREC applicants who did not timely file loyalty oaths to the Dec, 2008 OCREC election meeting telling them that they could be seated or else to harass me AFTER HAVING BEEN TOLD NOT TO AND THAT THE MEETING WAS PRIVATE (4) has repeatedly told lies about these applicants including the lie that that I did not tell them about the oath requirement even though Mr. Egoroff himself personally obtained their oaths well before the deadline. (5) has engaged in repeated and nasty personal attacks and threats of lawsuits. (6) has expressed his secret desire and plan to take over the republican (sic) party on behalf of Ron Paul, (7) has misrepresented facts and lied repeatedly about event (sic) surrounding the lawsuit filed by Mr. Long in December. (8) has been exceptionally disruptive to OCREC, advising members not to cooperate with the leadership team, not to provide contact data to OCREC, not to attend OCREC meetings, etc. (9) Mr. Egoroff has been so disruptive even within the Ron Paul organization that he was eventually thrown out of that (sic) (10) has been removed from OCREC within the last 9 months for exceptionally disruptive activists (sic) (11) is wildly uncivil and vicious in his word and tones (sic), to the detriment of the reputation of the Republican party."

My answers to each charge:
(1) I had received no such instruction on this flier and received advise from the Supervisor of Elections and the Florida Division of Elections that they saw no problem with it. Besides this was a special 'minor' election which was specifically and legally exempt from all normal requirements and exemptions.

(2) Judicial races are nonpartisan so this charge is ludicrous.

(3) We had just received word days earlier that a Miami Circuit Court Judge had ruled that Ron Paul supporters just like ours should be seated for their December Dade county meeting.

(4) I have never made that statement. Although Mr. Oliver's silence on the Loyalty Oath requirement for a month previous to the qualifying period is/was quite telling.

(5) Personal and nasty attacks?? Like the ones that I sued him for libel and slander over, (which by the way he apologized for and retracted via a certified letter that I received).

(6) I have many secret desires, taking over OCREC rates quite low on the list;-) Besides I did not make any 'secret' about my intentions to vote him out of office!

(7) This is really a lawsuit that is still ongoing, so I'll not comment.

(8) Another ridiculous statement. I encouraged people to sign up!

(9) A long ago incident that I don't wish to bring up and have settled with the Ron Paul state organization. It has nothing to do with OCREC.

(10) a) I was thrown out in a rigged and hostile closed party election b) I won my seat back in a fair election run by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

(11) I occasionally wrote satire about Lew Oliver (like the Emperor Has No Clothes) but never was disruptive in any official meetings.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I'm Pushing The Draft Florida Senator Paula Dockery For Governor Movement

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this.

Many of us have looked long and hard for how we can change the course of the wretched path of politics that this country is on. We have searched long and hard for good candidates that match up with our new found understanding of what this country should stand for but all to often doesn’t.

Right now I’m involved with a grassroots effort to draft a reluctant candidate to run for Governor of Florida. Her name is Paula Dockery and she is currently a State Senator representing the Lakeland area.

Many people may not understand the importance of the governorship. It represents the executive branch of state level government. And just like the President of the United States, the Florida Governor really has no equal when it comes to legislative power.

With a single stroke of the pen legislation can be blocked. Because the concentrated bureaucracy of state officials only answers to the governor, he or she has incredible power. The person that occupies the governor’s mansion will directly affect Floridian’s lives for the next four years.

Right now the Republican Party of Florida is seeking to stifle the Primary process and dictate that Bill McCollum will be our nominee.

Because of the immense challenge of running a statewide campaign they think no one will dare to challenge that edict. Fortunately Senator Paula Dockery has left open the door to a grassroots draft of her candidacy.

Doug Guetzloe and I were first impressed by her masterful handling of powerful special interests; a huge array of paid lobbyists; and dozens of senior level legislators. All were amassed to try and swindle billions of Florida taxpayer dollars to private real estate developers and CSX Railroad.

It was billed as Commuter Rail for Central Florida. But once Paula requested more detailed reports of what was really behind this boondoggle, she realized that she alone might be the only person standing between backroom deals and responsible spending of our money.

I could go on in detail explaining how high federal government officials, sitting congressmen, and other bureaucrats threatened her with retaliation if she didn’t back down. Things even got so heated between Cong. Adam Putnam, Cong. John Mica and herself that Mr. Putnam had to referee Mica waiving his finger at her telling her that ‘powerful forces have already drawn up the deals.’ She resisted, boldly standing up for us, the Florida residents that would be stuck with this money-losing venture.

If you want to know how her voting record looks after 12 years of various state level positions, go to What you’ll find is a good reasonable conservative record: against unnecessary tax increases, for the right of the unborn child, and a genuine sensitivity for preserving Florida’s natural environment.

All too often we only look at the federal level of government as the cure all. But as many of us have discovered that the US Constitution actually envisioned the separate and equal states should be the real seats of power. Again this shows the importance of the governorship.

I’m asking you, with all the credibility and integrity that I have, to help Draft Paula Dockery for Governor. As mentioned earlier Paula is definitely open to this idea. She feels strongly that she is capable of serving her state in this capacity, yet she did not seek this office. It is only through the efforts of you and I that we may yet have a choice.

Many of you know of my 18 months or more working with the Orlando Ron Paul group. Through it all I accepted not one dime of pay for untold hours of volunteerism. And neither Doug, nor I are receiving any pay for this effort as well. Heath Whitaker has donated hours of work to create the website mentioned above.

What drives us to do this when most people have little knowledge of Ms. Dockery or understanding of the magnitude of the governor’s race? Simply a clear understanding of how politics works and the rarity of launching a people’s choice candidate.

One more thing; this is not some idealistic race where the candidate has no real chance of winning. Ms. Dockery has been blessed with many good years of public life and the financial means to begin running. She only needs us to join with her to increase her chances. Our reward? Oh, probably a few more hours given over to politics. But then that’s what we’re in this thing for right?? But you won’t be alone. Have a look at the Facebook site I started just under a month ago.

Most Sincerely,
Nick Egoroff

Florida State Sovereignty/Profound Implications

Just imagine what enacting the 10th Amendment could do for our state.

We could see a rise in manufacturing of heretofore restricted items. Guns, if they weren't sold outside of our state boarders, would invite manufacturers. We could absolve the corporations from the frivolous lawsuits by declaring that it is the owner's responsibility for what he does. Reducing registration requirements could also be examined.

We could also write our own social laws. For instance if we didn't want abortions to be legal in our state we would have the right to outlaw them. Or if the majority of people wanted to allow or disallow same sex marriage we could do that as well.

State Sovereignty brings all decision making closer to the people. This is a good thing which is precisely what the Founding Fathers wanted. One state can have looser social standards and another could be more conservative.

Please spread word of this group to your Florida friends. Ultimately if the people want something badly enough, they usually get it IF they are both persistent AND vocal about it.

I'm pleased to announce that we now have several Florida state legislators that have said YES to introducing a state sovereignty bill into the 2010 legislative session.

Now our work begins. We are assembling folders of material that we will provide to you. Then when you go to visit your individual representatives for your district, you'll look professional!

We are also creating a 'PAC' so that we can collect donations for hiring of a professional lobbyist and other incidental costs. Possible renting of buses to get our volunteers to Tallahassee during the 9 week session is also on the board.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please call me at 3212289761 anytime day or night.

Keep up the great work. We have nearly 1,100 members!

Nick Egoroff

Disturbing News From The Republican Party Of Florida!

We are all excited about the new Florida State Sovereignty legislation headed to Tallahassee in 2010. Several Republican State House Representatives have come together to propel this legislation forward.

What is so disturbing is that the same Party that puts forth this legislation, is engaging in some of the worst tyrannical maneuvers imaginable. Over a dozen Republican Party activists (me included) received via Fedex summons to appear in Orlando in two weeks. We were informed that 'grievances' had been filed against us.

Charges include such ludicrous infractions as 'having a negative tone' to 'using the Republican name without permission.' Another 'serious' violation was to be photographed wearing a Ron Paul for President button after the 2008 primary was over. I'm not making this stuff up!

Through back channels we learned that Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer had started a statewide purge of ANYONE that dared to question his authority or not to support the candidates that he had selected EVEN BEFORE ANY PRIMARY! Especially serious was to support US Senate candidate Marco Rubio.

Those that had been put on the list to be expelled ran the gamut of long time members (even including a County Chairman) to newer members that had proven invaluable to various campaigns.

I've setup yet another Facebook page that will be dedicated to sharing information and planning strategy on how to stop this outrageous abuse of power.

Please consider joining at

Thank you,
Nick Egoroff

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chairman Jim Greer Continues Strong-Arming Florida Republican Party

This evening Brevard County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Jason Steele was interviewed about Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer's attempts to shut down the 2010 Republican Party Primary process. Greer has been trying to shut out former House Speaker Marco Rubio from opposing Gov. Charlie Crist for in the US Senate race (link to broadcast below).

I wanted to add my comments as well, because this ominous trend of Republican brass attempting to intimidate candidates in primary elections holds tremendous challenges for us as Party grassroots activists. Greer contends that some primaries are just to expensive and distracting. Instead he wants to go ahead and pick for us the candidates that we should vote for.

The problem with this is that now, especially when the Party is trying to figure out if it wants a more moderate (some call it Democrat Lite) Republicanism or a more conservative brand, the decision is not going to be made by the Party members themselves. This is precisely what Primaries are supposed to solve. But Boss Greer has other intentions.

In this interview I was struck by the lack of any coherent or logical argument by Greer to support his position. His constant 'uh's' and superficial replies either show him to be unable to argue his position or else he just considers that his opinion is the only one that matters.

Unfortunately the interviewer did not ask the hard questions of exactly what voice do the Party members have in this system. We must challenge Greer and the rest of the Party bigwigs that they are not to strip us of our rights to have fair and open primaries.

I commend Chairman Steele for beginning a drive to get county chairman to pass resolutions against these tactics. But even more I think that we as Florida Republicans have just as much right and duty to make sure our voices are heard as well.

Here is the phone number for the RPOF in Tallahassee (850)222-7920. And here is their email form (caution: you must go to this link and then use their form to email). I'd like to ask everyone to tell Chairman Greer to keep out of the Florida Primary.

Chairman Greer also makes a 'misstatement' of fact in the interview. One was that no resources of the RPOF have been used to favor Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio. Actually the RPOF has utilized it's massive email lists to repeatedly trumpet Crist as the best choice for the US Senate. Not one email has gone out reminding members of Rubio's candidacy.

Please listen to the interview below and draw your own conclusions.

P.S. I'm writing this immediately following the interview. As yet the podcast is not yet loaded onto the site.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Congratutlations Lew Oliver! You Once Again Showed Your True Colors!

After canceling our regular April Orange County Republican Executive Committee meeting, Lew Oliver demonstrated how he is able to win elections and keep power even with insurmountable odds. First, change the meeting date and location to the outermost end of Orange County. I expect his plan was to confuse and discourage attendance. But our coalition of disenfranchised Republicans showed how much they wanted to restore the Party.

The second piece of skulduggery came by way of not calling a quorum when one was clearly present. We have multiple witnesses that saw Jonathan Swift (an executive of the Party) acknowledge that we did indeed have the requisite number of members present to do business. The problem was that if Oliver called a quorum with so many opponents present, we might be able to bring a vote of 'no confidence' against his shenanigans.

To thwart this outcome OCREC brass engaged a highly unethical procedure. Quickly Jonathan Swift instructed a dozen or so Oliver stalwarts to leave the meeting immediately, dropping attendance below the quorum requirement. This maneuver is forbidden even by OCREC's Model Constitution so we may file a formal complaint with the Republican Party of Florida.

More questionable actions by Oliver were exposed when Doug Guetzloe started asking questions about large undocumented checks. It was determined that Lew Oliver drew more than $13,000 out of OCREC coffers on the pretense of them being 'office expenses'. When pressed in the public meeting, Oliver sheepishly admitted that they were not office expenses at all but transfers of cash from various accounts. Readers should bear in mind that some of these 'transfers' were from OCREC's Federal Campaign funds which carry very strict disclosure requirements. Filing false campaign expenditure reports is a felony and punishable by fines, jail time or both. An investigation is continuing.

Our first guest was State House Representative Brian Nelson. He purports himself to be a Republican, and started begging a stunned OCREC audience to 'support commuter rail because there's going to be a station built right here in Apopka'. He followed that outrageous affront to Republican sensibilities, with the equally outrageous claim that there was no more money to be cut from the Florida 2009/2010 budget.

His question/answer period was the kind usually reserved for tax and spend liberals. This reporter stood up and asked, 'How can you support commuter rail and growth in government without walking away from core beliefs of the Republican Party.' Nelson's answer was a hodgepodge of 'nothing else can be done'. Then a second and third question came about the reckless spending of Tallahassee. By now the crowd was hooting and clapping each time someone challenged Nelson to defend his positions. Unfortunately there were no Democrats available to cheer Nelson.

Funniest line of the night was when one respected member of OCREC told us that commuter rail in South Florida lost so much money that taxpayers would have been better off hiring Rolls Royce's complete with chauffeurs to drive individual riders around.

Senator Mel Martinez sent a legislative aide as well to sing the praises of his 'boss'. He actually ended every statement with, 'well that's what the BOSS says.' After a while this metaphor seemed more apt, especially after another OCREC member was visibly upset with Mr. Martinez not listening to constituents complaints and voting for bills that were clearly out of sink with the majority. I was just about to yell, "Tell the BOSS that the peasants back home are getting restless," when he beat a hasty retreat.

With that Oliver quickly gaveled the meeting to a close. Textbook lesson on what's wrong with OCREC and why we must never stop fighting for our Party. Very soon the jig will be up for Oliver and we will finally win one for lower taxes, limited government, and personal freedom.

Nick Egoroff
OCREC Precinct Committeeman #319
Orlando Liberty Campaign Organizer

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Revolution Has Started! Did You Miss It??

We have witnessed something truly phenomenal here in Orlando. On Saturday between 5000 and 6000 people assembled at Lake Eola Park for the biggest Tea Party in the USA. The City Park Service and police have said they've never seen anything like it. Disregard the low-ball number found in this article.,0,426670.story The higher number comes from local talk show host Bud Hedinger who talked to municipal staff immediately following the event. Please check his site as well for more video and pic's.

Now for the story behind the story...

This was a rather peculiar event with the particulars giving all of us in the LIBERTY movement ample lessons to learn and repeat. They start with having someone in the local community feed off an event, in this case the legendary Rick Santelli Tea Party Rant (google it if you haven't seen it). This one local person in turn got the ear of a very popular talk show host, Bud Hedinger.

Bud decided to start urging his listeners to get involved. This led to more collaborations with various groups, which in turn... you get the picture at this point, right?? End result was a HUGE turnout of people that broke all previous records for Tea Party's so far. Has anyone called the Guinness Book of World Records?

The lesson that we can all take home and study is that it is not just ONE group that can lead a large movement. Indeed it is only through various groups putting aside their differences that we create something much bigger than what we separately could ever accomplish on our own.

I know that for myself I have those favorite one or two issues that I think are the key to unlocking the current mess. But you know what, that key only unlocks ONE room and it will never be large enough to accommodate the crowd of people we'll need to change the political landscape.

Hopefully we will all now see how important each cause, each group, and each individual person is to victory. Enjoy your new found friends and fellow patriots. You'll need them in the days ahead.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunny Skies Cast Shadows Over OCREC Member Deon Long

Weather could not be better for Saturday's Tea Party protest rally at Lake Eola. At 12noon the amphitheater will fill with thousands of patriots staging a peaceful revolt against the powers that be: namely our elected officials that with bailouts and stimulus money are ruining our economy. Come early as the rally starts promptly and ends at 2:30pm.

But just a couple of short hours later the Republican Party of Florida will convene the star chamber (also called the RPOF Grievance Committee) for a trial of Deon Long. Mr. Long has been a consistent supporter of the Republican causes as both the leader of the Black Republican Caucus and fundraiser for the RPOF. Appointed to positions by former Gov. Jeb Bush and serving with distinction as a spokesman for the Party, he has cut an impressive image of minority growth within RPOF.

Unfortunately Deon Long has incurred the wrath of Orange County Republican Chairman Lew Oliver and state RPOF Chairman Jim Greer. After daring to question the questionable practices of Chairman Oliver in last December's Board election, Chairman Greer was called into staunch opposition to Chairman Oliver. Thus the smear campaign of Long began replete with unproven allegations of financial misconduct and lack of loyalty to the Party.

The hearing of this case will take place in Lake Mary, Fl. Deon will not be the only one hauled up before this august body. Several other long time Party members from around the state will face similar charges of 'disloyalty.' A busy day for grievances to be sure.

Usually emails of this type end with some call to action. Sadly this does not appear to be necessary. According to my inside sources, the verdict has already been arrived at. If Mr. Long and others are to be hounded from the Party for merely questioning authority, think of what will happen in the future!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer
Orange County Republican Precinct Committeeman #319

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blame Game Continues At Orange County Republican Party Meeting

Controversial Chairman Lew Oliver again presided over an ever smaller meeting of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee at the Mark Street Senior Center. Attendance at last nights meeting was about 70 people, half of which were supporters of Deon Long who asserts that he, not Oliver, is the real leader of the local Party.

Mr. Long has been presiding over "Special Emergency" Meetings called by disaffected OCREC members at the Winter Park Civic Center. These meetings routinely have over 100 people in attendance. What is all the more remarkable is that Oliver continues to harass Deon's meetings with endless threats of illegality and warning precinct members not to attend. In spite of all that, people continue to put their support behind Long.

The contrast between the two meetings could not be more clear. The group at the civic center is excited and each person that wants to speak is given a chance to be heard. Plans are put forth for growth of the Republican Party and freely debated. Oliver carefully choreographs his meeting and drones on about minutiae never allowing for new business to be considered.

Last night at the Mark Street Center was a perfect example. For the first time in any ones memory State Committeeman Jerry Braley finally gave a report to those in attendance. Usually he defers to his counterpart, Nancy Paterson, to relay tidbits of state party information. This time however Mr. Braley unloaded on Deon Long. He read a letter sent by State Party Chairman Jim Greer, which Long asserts is untrue and one sided. Braley heaped more scorn on Long, saying he wants to tear the Party apart aided by a liberal media.

Mr. Braley made no mention of the altercation that occurred two weeks ago at Long's meeting when police had to be called. A paid operative of RPOF/OCREC was sent to video tape the meeting and later became abusive. Police were called and issued a 'no trespassing' violation to Robert Richmond who is alleged to have made derogatory racial insults to Long (who is an African-American lawyer).

It appears to this writer that the real question is 'who has the real following at OCREC.' Mr.Oliver cannot get but a few of his supporters to show up to small meetings that never seem to go anywhere, while Mr. Long seems to enjoy enthusiastic support of hundreds of people. This is a troubling question that will have to be answered. Unfortunately the old guard (which is an apt description for most of Oliver's aged supporters), seem determined to pursue a caustic and negative campaign against Deon Long and his supporters.

Further proof of what is really happening can be seen by tracing the lineage of the leadership of OCREC. While Mr. Oliver has been Chairman for many years, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Oliver gained his position after the previously mentioned Jerry Braley gave it too him after HIS years of leadership. We now have a picture of OCREC leadership that is more likened to a kingly coronation being passed from father to son, than a free and open civic body. Oh well, maybe someday the peasants will rise up with pitchforks in hand and cast the baron and his princes into the moat!

Nick Egoroff
OCREC Precinct Committeeman #319

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Local Republican Party In Disarray

Last night, we as supporters of Deon Long (embattled opponent of Orange County Republican Executive Committee chairman Lew Oliver) gathered again for a legally called meeting of OCREC. Our venue was the Winter Park Civic Center for which Mr. Long generously donated the rental charges.

Having met the requirements for calling the meeting we proceeded to conduct business at hand. Tops on our list was to reinstate the 19 members that Lew Oliver expelled and barred from voting at the December 2008 OCREC Board election meeting. These disbarred members had met all the requirements mandated for voting status by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections. Yet Lew Oliver knew that should they be ceded their voting rights, they would most likely vote against him continuing as OCREC Chairman. So in order to preserve his chairmanship, Oliver refused to allow them to vote.

What Oliver didn't count on was, even with this underhanded trickery, his chairmanship was still very much in doubt. Final vote tally at the December meeting was 122 for Lew Oliver, 121 for Deon Long. Compounding this was the fact that 2 of the votes cast were 'for none of the above.' According to Roberts Rules of Order this should have prompted a second round of balloting. Oliver would not hear of it, and instead grabbed the proverbial 'crown' and placed it on his own head and called the election over.

We disputed this twisted process for some time by having separate meetings at the Winter Park Civic Center. It now appears that Lew Oliver and the the Republican Party of Florida are going to resort to more strong arm tactics. For the last two special meetings, Robert Richmond (a representative of RPOF) has been barging into our gatherings trying to disrupt them. At last month's meeting Mr. Richmond kept interrupting speakers with claims that we were having an 'illegal' meeting. He appeared again at last night's Winter Park Civic Center for our February meeting, this time toting a video camera.

After following people around before the meeting started, pointing the video camera at our members, I gently asked him to be respectful of our meeting and not to shout out statements while we were conducting business. He rudely told me that he could say anything he wanted and that he was there representing the RPOF. I reminded him that he was welcome to attend (we had sent notices to ALL OCREC members alerting them to this special meeting), but that he had to behave himself. I also reminded him that one of our supporters had tried to video tape the December OCREC meeting but was confronted by Lew Oliver's rented Orlando Police Department Officer and told that taping was not allowed. Richmond snorted "That was a different type of OCREC meeting. I'll tape whatever I want here." I decided that trying to reason with this guy was getting nowhere and that he seemed to enjoy picking fights.

We began our meeting and sure enough Richmond paced the room with his video camera zooming in on various people as they spoke. He then began to shout things and Doug Guetzloe (our parliamentarian and temporary chairman for conducting the meeting) ruled him out of order and 'not recognized' by the chair.

This was followed by more pacing and filming interspersed by loud cell phone calls Richmond would make RIGHT INSIDE OUR MEETING AREA. We all decided to ignore his boorish behavior and continue with our proceedings. Doug Guetzloe scanned the room and announced that we had met quorum requirements. We thereupon reopened the unfinished election of chairman and unanimously voted in Deon Long as our new chairman.

This was met by loud applause from the membership. Both Doug, Deon, Sef, and I all gave enthusiastic speeches about the future of the Orange County Republican Party. The atmosphere was one of celebration and anticipation of things to come. We dismissed and went on our way.

Unfortunately Deon Long stayed behind and tried to engage Mr. Richmond in a discussion on why the higher ups in the Party were hampering the growth of OCREC. Mr. Richmond by all accounts seemed to get more and more aggressive taunting Mr. Long as 'the worst example of a black Republican' and 'thinking that the Party owed him advantages.' Deon was surprised at this vitriolic language. Things got heated up after this and accounts vary on small details but the following events appear to have taken place.

Someone came running out into the parking lot yelling to Doug Guetzloe 'come back inside, the RPOF guy is might do something.' Doug rushed back inside to hear Richmond calling Mr. Long a 'n-----'. Doug and others tried to calm the situation but Richmond started either pushing or jabbing his finger into the chest's of both Guetzloe and Long. He also continued to make threats and racial slurs.

By this time the the Winter Park Civic Center attendant got concerned that a fight might breakout and called the Winter Park Police. Two squad cars appeared and they took statements from Richmond, Long, Guetzloe, and many other witnesses. A trespassing warning was issued and other charges are pending.

In closing this is a very sad commentary on the depths that Lew Oliver and others will stoop to in order to disparage our work. Remember also that Oliver is quoted in a recent Orlando Sentinel article as calling Deon Long and others 'Clowns and Losers'. This was in response to Deon Long having filed a lawsuit against OCREC over the rigged voting at the December OCREC elections.

This kind of childish and antagonistic behavior cannot be tolerated by the Republican Party. I urge everyone to call RPOF headquarters in Tallahassee ( 850.222.7920) and demand the removal of Robert Richmond from any official activities. RPOF Chairman Jim Greer asked for the resignation of another Party official for similar racial statements. If no action is taken we will appeal to our new national Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele (who is also African-American) for a swift and speedy resolution of this matter.

Nick Egoroff
Orange County Republican Executive Committee Member
Precinct Committeeman #319

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper carried the story here:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Elected Office Is Bigger Than Your Elected Office!

If your email box is anything like mine, you get lots of requests for action. “Write your Senator!” “Help stop government waist!” You follow instructions and then the invariable disappointment. Occasionally a victory, but many more losses: and then the cycle begins again.

I’d like to suggest an alternative. Run for office yourself. I can hear the howls, ‘it costs too much…’ ‘I don’t have the time…’ and so forth. For the most part these are true.

But the name of this site is Science of Freedom, and you expect me to analyze politics to discover deeper meaning. Here’s my latest find.

Municipal elections. Again I can hear the grown, ‘Who cares about garbage collection and sewer treatment.’ But that is just the surface, let’s dig deeper.

First remember that old saying ‘all politics is local.’ Meaning that the bedrock of all organizing is done in smaller groups. These smaller groups should mold together to make larger edifices of political movement.

Running for mayor or city council should be viewed not for the job that you’ll have to do, but rather as your first baby step of building a political organization. You’ll be forced to do more than theorize, and instead concentrate on getting together lists of supporters.

You’ll no doubt think you can do that on any campaign; why waste time on such puny races. No one cares about them therefore they are inconsequential.

Not so grasshopper;-) You are a newbie in politics. You are starting your first days in class thinking you already know it all. Why mess with simple addition when I can just jump to calculus and save lots of time.

Back up. Learn to put two and three people together, give them a task and learn how to build a network. You’ll find that it is much more complicated than it would appear. Things like personality clashes and the true amount of time involved equals lots of mistakes.

Instead set aside your preconceived notions of what these so-called insignificant offices do. Concentrate on what these bureaucrats have accomplished. They’ve set themselves up in a small but powerful position.

Mr. Important Commissioner cannot only give thumbs up or down on a multi-million dollar public works project, he has something else under his thumb. People. He has to become a master at balancing thousands of constituent’s needs.

We would do well to study and practice these simple ‘equations’ of public thought and action BEFORE we decide to take on the sumo wrestlers of the political world.

Fortunately, our opponents in the municipal arena are not so good at their statecraft either. That is to say they make mistakes. Another vulnerability is that they play for relatively small audiences.

I now direct your attention away from the chalkboard towards an abstract building called the Supervisor of Elections office. Each county in the US has one. We’re going to learn some valuable lessons here.

Check out the numbers of voters in municipal races. I have and it is astounding. I live in one of the larger cities in America. It has 6 city commissioners. Most are elected by less then 2000 votes. Wow. To run for congress representing those same people requires 10,000 signatures just to get on the ballot.

How does the Commish accomplish this leverage? Simple, he/they collude to throw us all off balance by having the election on a day when no one is thinking of voting. We think of voting in November; MAYBE a major primary a couple of months earlier. The Commish goes one better. ‘Tell them only a couple of people will be on the ballot and it will happen month’s earlier than any major election. Brilliant.

Two can play this game. Why don’t you and I try our hand at one of these miniature elections? We’ll learn all sorts of useful lessons about keeping track of your supporters. And how much does it cost to run a campaign for 2000 votes. Plus we’ll see if we even have the time to run in the first place.

The most important lesson we will learn is not really a lesson at all. It’s why they say politics is local. When we run for municipal office we step away from theory and begin building long lasting political friendships. Our thoughts and dreams become structures made of telephone numbers and email addresses. If we build them strong and with the right bonds they will last long.

We then decide if we are happy with a one bedroom house (where we started), or a multi-family dwelling (analogous to State House), or if we are really ambitious a luxury 40 story condo on prime real estate (do I have to name the office here??).

So begin with the end in mind. Small regional elections are the point at which you become a serious student. Pay and the work ain’t so glamorous, but boy do they yield rich dividends later in (political) life.

Nick Egoroff
Science of Freedom Director

License to repost freely given. Just give me the credit and the link;-)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nick Egoroff Responds To Campaign For Liberty Smear Attack‏‏

Below you see this mornings email blast from CFL. I will respond point by point, but first let me state a couple of things for the record.

1). Mark Cross represented CFL and it's members in a very poor light when he endorsed Greer for Republican Party of Florida Chairman. You can my complete story about this at

2) John Tate knows little about this situation. He is doing the same thing bureaucrats do when they try and micromanage our country from Washington, D.C. Let Florida members vote on Florida issues. Hold an election NOW to decide if Mr. Cross is fit to continue his interim status as Florida Coordinator.Allow me to email out to membership my side of the story.

3). I have been afforded no opportunity to face my accuser President John Tate. I was never notified that I was removed as Orange County Coordinator. I was never told what rule of our organization's constitution I broke to bring on this action. The mere fact that I questioned the actions of leadership should not be enough to warrant such action.

4). The Florida CFL continues to suffer tremendous harm from Mark Cross's actions. The County and Congressional District Coordinators of Florida CFL took a vote. Sixty-six percent of them voted to impeach Mr. Cross. The remaining thirty-three percent voted to just reprimand him. I've received hundreds of emails and phone calls telling me that if Mark Cross is not removed people will either resign membership or never join.

This all reminds me very much of the strong disagreements of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Books have been written of their heated exchanges and charges against each other. In the end they reunited. Hopefully the same can happen again.

Now I will respond point by point to Mr. Tate's accusations. Please copy and paste this whole message to every group that you can.

Thank You,
Nick Egoroff

January 21, 2009

Dear Campaign for Liberty Member,

The current state of our nation demands that we stand up and unite behind the timeless message of Liberty that made our country great. Along the way, we will be forced to make some tough decisions.

Recently, one of our members was confronted with such a decision. Mark Cross, former Ron Paul 2008 Florida State Coordinator and current Interim Campaign for Liberty Florida Coordinator, entered the race for Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, obtaining Dr. Paul's endorsement along the way. Of Mark, Dr. Paul said, "I know that he has the integrity, leadership, and resources that would ensure a successful term as Chairman."

Mark had put in a lot of hard work, but as election day approached, he realized that he didn't have the votes needed to win. Before the election, he had a chance to speak to Jim Greer, the current chairman who enjoyed an insurmountable lead, and Mr. Greer informed Mark that he would work to make sure that Ron Paul supporters were welcome in the Florida GOP in the future and allowed to fully participate. With this knowledge in hand, Mark made the decision to withdraw from the race and to support Greer's bid for the chairmanship in a bridge-building effort.

[What Tate doesn't mention is that Chairman Greer has repeatedly undertaken vicious attacks on RP supporters around the state. He changed the State Party bylaws to try and exclude RP membership in the County Republican organizations. Greer is known around the state as being a no-holds barred Party infighter that deals ruthlessly with opponents. RP supporters knew this as well which was why they stunned and repulsed at this decision by Cross.]

Mark's decision was controversial, but a tremendous possibility exists that it could open up new doors into the Florida GOP that have previously been closed to us. Greer publicly stated, on record, that Ron Paul supporters would be welcome, and Mark will do everything he can to hold him to that. No matter what happens, I am confident Mark acted with the best of intentions.

[Mark's intentions are also highly suspect here. There was a third candidate in the race Eric Miller (more about him in my blog noted above). It is Mr. Miller's contention that Mark Cross "double-crossed" him by cutting a deal with Greer. In return for Cross supporting Greer, Greer would see to it that a serious violation of ethics by Cross would be dropped.

Dissent is a God-given right cherished by every freedom-loving American. But, Campaign for Liberty also has the right to cooperate only with leaders who we know for certain we can fully trust. It is with this in mind that we made the difficult decision to remove Nick Egoroff as Interim Florida Orange County Campaign for Liberty Coordinator.

[Trust is important. But most of us know that to go on just emotional feelings is not prudent. The facts in this case are important. And they must be given a fair hearing in the court of public opinion. National CFL leadership insisted that this be hushed up. I was not going to be blackmailed into remaining quiet.]

Nick has many talents, but has also been a deeply divisive force, having previously tried to undermine and challenge Mark's authority several times dating back to the presidential campaign. After Mark's run for Florida GOP Chairman, Nick could have expressed concerns directly to Campaign for Liberty staff. Instead, he launched an attack against Mark in an attempt to unseat him. The attack was rude, personal, full of distortions and half-truths, and completely over the top.

[Yes I have many talents. I like to write and inspire about the Liberty Movement. That might be why I started and maintain a RP Meetup with over 400 members. That's also why I spearheaded an effort to take over our County Republican Party. Over 120 RP supporters went through the cumbersome process of sign up, attending meetings, and then nearly voting out the current neo-con leadership. The final vote was 122 to 121. We would have won, but the current chairman disqualified 18 of our members prior to the election--this is being fought in court right now. I've also been instrumental in pulling together all the most active RP organizers in Florida. We now have ongoing email and phone contact; something Mark Cross never did in his months and months of so-called leadership]

The National Campaign for Liberty staff tried hard to work with Nick and address his concerns, but to no avail. Instead, he took our email correspondences and phone calls with him and distorted them, twisted them, and in some cases simply made things up. All the while echoing our sentiments of mutual respect and promising to cease his attacks, Nick continued sending more disparaging messages. At the end of the day, we found that we could not trust him.

[Another misstatement of fact. When they say they tried to work with me, they should have said 'They told me over and over again that Mark Cross was going to stay and that was final. The fact that I kept people around the state informed of this on going process was viewed by President John Tate and others as untrustworthy. Sorry, I think we should have a free and wide-ranging discussion if CFL. If they don't like to be criticized for their actions, maybe they should consider another line of work.]

Finally, Nick offered his version of a "compromise." He would stop his attacks if we named him Assistant Florida State Coordinator and gave him full access to our lists. Unfortunately, this unveiled his true purpose behind the distraction and division - a personal power grab.

[What a whopper this one is! Yes I offered to try and help bandage up a terrible wound to Florida CFL. The damage was escalating around the state. Recently a member of a County Republican Party organization was deluged with accusations that RP people were not to be trusted... that they were traitors (and worse) because Mark Cross broke an agreement to support the second place finisher in a runoff election with Greer. The supporters of Eric Miller (again, see my blog, noted above), felt betrayed. This blunder by Cross is going to continue to have repercussions.

I was merely trying to head off a hemorrhaging situation by offering National HQ a face-saving option. Mark and I could agree on an honest differing of opinion. I would in turn try and heal the rift that is now tearing deeper in the Florida CFL. Again, being thousands of miles away from the situation National HQ circled the ranks to protect one of their own.]

The outside pressures we face are incredible, and we must avoid internal division whenever possible. Instead of working against each other, we must unite to fight the real enemy - the big government, interventionist, anti-Constitution philosophy that permeates our society. Our staff has tried its best to communicate with Nick and to work through this situation, but our efforts have ultimately been rejected and met with personal attacks. We have to move on and get back to the work at hand.

[I still extend the hand of friendship to National CFL on trying to address this situation. Call for an election of Florida CFL members. What ever is the wishes of membership, I will humbly accept. I think that is the proper course of action for President John Tate as well. What is not good is the autocratic leadership that has so far been displayed by them. I call on everyone who loves LIBERTY and wants a true liberty oriented organization to email John Tate at

Tell him to call an election now. Let Florida membership decide who runs their organization.

Tell him to stop playing favorites and protecting their own hand-picked candidates and tell them to reinstate me and the other Florida CFL Coordinator that were removed without cause.

Tell him to start openning up the lines of communication so that we can ALL work together.]

I am confident that our Florida supporters can put these events behind them, pull together, and emerge even stronger as we all work toward the goal of reclaiming our Republic.

[And I am confident that Florida CFL supporters' wishes will be respected.]

In Liberty,

John Tate

President, Campaign for Liberty

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Organizer
Check Out My New Blog (Orlando Ron Paul Group)

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue! Barry Goldwater in his 1964 Presidential Acceptance Speech

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mark Cross Stuns Ron Paul Supporters With Sudden Support For Republican Party Chairman‏

Below is my news story on what transpired. I was trained in college as a journalist and to the best of my ability I'm going to write it as it might have appeared if the media had covered it.

Nick Egoroff
Orange County, Fl. Campaign For Liberty Organizer

Yesterday Mark Cross, Florida State Coordinator for Campaign For Liberty, surprised many supporters of Ron Paul with a sudden endorsement of Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Jim Greer. Greer had been locked in a contentious three way contest for another two year term of the Party.

Greer won the contest with a lopsided majority.

Cross said that he was not going to win the race so he decided to throw in with the current incumbent, "to better help the chances" of Ron Pauler's to be included in intra-party organizations. Cross later said that "he felt comfortable with his decision."

Cross pointed to "shaking Florida Governor Charlie Crist's hand" afterwords. "Lots of Republican Executive Committee members told me I had done the right thing, and invited me to come speak at their club meetings on how to get more Ron Paul people involved."

Nick Egoroff, Orange County Campaign For Liberty Organizer, had reservations. "Mark is taking a very dangerous course in suggesting that Ron Paul supporters would support Greer." Egoroff has had many run-ins with RPOF brass.

"I've talked with a half-dozen Campaign for Liberty leaders around the state of Florida and all were shocked and repulsed at the idea of supporting Greer. One said Greer stands for everything that is wrong with the Party. There is no way I can support that--it's a matter of principle."

Cross's announcement came at the end of a speech made on the floor of the Quarterly meeting of the RPOF. They were in the middle of nomination speeches when Cross's turn came to speak.

His speech centered on the positive aspects of Ron Paul's presidential campaign. The people involved in it "were kind of like a family," he said. "Each of us was free to help the campaign any way they could or wanted."

It was towards the end of the speech when Cross peeled off a lapel sticker that said 'Mark Cross--UNITY Candidate for Chairman.' "I think everyone got one of these on their chair today. And in the spirit of unity I wish to withdraw my name from nomination and instead give my support to Chairman Greer."

Egoroff said that the Ron Paul supporter he was sitting next to said, "What the f--- is that. Ron Paul would have never done that."

Also hurt by Cross's sudden change of mind was Eric Miller, another candidate seeking the chairman's position. According to Egoroff who knew both candidates, Miller was a traditional Ronald Reagan conservative.

The two candidates had worked together sharing advice and information on the race for months. Each had promised the other that should either be eliminated in early balloting they would endorse each other.

One person that saw the interaction between the two as both left the ballroom where balloting had taken place described it thus: "Eric (Miller) yelled out to Mark (Cross), 'they told me not to trust you, and now I know why."

Egoroff talked with Cross afterwords and asked why the sudden change of mind. "I knew I wasn't going to win and neither was Eric, so I tried to make the best of it."

Cross went on to explain that now he will have much more access to Greer and hopes to help end the factious fighting that has broken out across the state between Ron Paul supporters and the Party leadership.

Egoroff also reminded Cross of other 'gentleman's agreements' that had been made between RPOF officials and Ron Pauler's. All were broken to the detriment of the Ron Paul people who made them, said Egoroff. Cross answered, "We'll just have to wait and see."

Egoroff said that once Cross decided to give up, "We had the chance to stand with someone (Miller) that wanted to reform the RPOF. Eric had flatly stated that what the current state party leadership was doing was hurtful to Ron Paul Republicans."

"If Mark didn't want to run that's fine. Nobody pushed him into it. But it is questionable that he asked for donations and volunteers from Ron Paul people and got it, only to end up supporting the candidate that they were opposing."

Post Script. I'm very good friends with Mark Cross and know that this post will no doubt strain our friendship. I've worked with Mark for a year and a half on the Ron Paul campaign. We've had our differences over strategy and tactics. Never have I doubted Mark's support of liberty.

I wrote this in such a
forthright way because the issues involved are so central to ones that we will have to face in the years ahead. They revolve around 'to what extent do we compromise and make alliances to grow the liberty movement.'

I'll leave it to the readers to decide.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Media And Republican Party of Florida Decide To Crash Our Cause!

I was alerted by friends in different parts of Florida that we 'made the front page.' They were referring to the front page of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) web page. Wow, not to often your efforts merit this kind of attention.

Then I checked further and found that The Orlando Sentinel also was interested. They had called me earlier for comment on the press release from RPOF State Chairman Jim Greer's office. You can read the press release on the second page of the link above. You can read the story the Sentinel did here, and don't forget to leave comments!

Guys, we are having maximum impact. Lew Oliver probably had to change his drawers when he found out we had 94 OCREC members showed up to a meeting he forbid us to have. Don't give up now, victory is closer than ever before.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Proud Night For Republican Grassroots Activists

We again suffered a setback in our efforts to seat 17 duly elected Republican Precinct Committee Men And Women. The high powered and HIGHLY paid lawyers were looking for every technicality to thwart justice. In the end the judge gave Deon Long another 10 days to rectify our complaint.

Of course Republican Party of Florida State Chairman Jim Greer could hardly contain his glee. The words had barely left Judge Rodriguez's mouth, before Greer announced his joy. Why he is so proud of Republicans NOT being admitted into the Party, I'll never know.

But Deon Long promises to continue to fight the corporate interests that seek to keep grassroots activists out of the Party.

We then moved from the courtroom to the ballroom. Ninety-four supporters of fairness gathered in the Winter Park Civic Center to attempt to discuss Lew Oliver's illegal election in December.

Unfortunately, we were just shy of a quorum (40 percent of OCREC membership). The combination of Lew Oliver's hysterical rantings that we were holding an ILLEGAL meeting and ORDERING people not to attend, combined with the Gator / Oklahoma BCS Championship on TV hurt our efforts.

But this momentary setback did nothing to dampen the spirits of Republicans for fairness. Indeed, we decided to go ahead and sign ANOTHER petition right there on the spot to call another Special Meeting of OCREC. When this news gets to Oliver, expect more threats and disinformation.

Even more exciting was enthusiasm of so many people there. I tried to thank everyone who came, many of whom were not 'Ron Paul' types. Their comments over and over were a dismay at the pettiness of Lew Oliver. Many of these folks had known Oliver for years and said he continues to get worse the longer he stays in office.

Everyone was committed to staying with this effort to stop the tyrannical behavior of our chairman.

I myself was inspired to leave the suit and tie on that I had worn to court. I then proceeded to give a great speech about our success in staying focused. I reminded those gathered that continuing our fight to make our voices heard in OCREC was indeed progressing.

Our turnout tonight was more than OCREC ever gets at their normal meetings. Sticking together will force Oliver to loosen his grip.

Further proof of our strength is that OCREC and even RPOF fears what we are doing here. They're spending TENS of thousands of dollars on sharpie lawyers and then publishing press releases to the world that they supposedly SQUASHED us.

But our fight will continue no matter the odds.

And my special note to Lew Oliver: Keep looking over your shoulder. Republican Patriots are everywhere. We will oppose you whenever you seek to dictate to us what the Party stands for and what we can do as its members.

Now for a sports update... It's Great To Be A Florida Gator...Said It's Great To Be A Florida Gator!!!! BCS Bowl Champions!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

News Bulletin: Orlando Judge Schedules Hearing On Excluded Ron Paul Republicans

Our true chairman of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, Deon Long, continues his courageous battle against cheater Lew Oliver who clings to power by a thread;-)

Today I tramped down to the belly of the beast; namely the Orange County Courthouse in downtown Orlando, Fl. It's an impressive structure around 30 story's high, with beautiful beige exterior.

Inside it's got the expected high security check in, and yours truly, your faithful Meetup leader and part-time reporter decided to go to the first day of hearings.

After riding the elevator up to the 19th floor and not seeing any activity (amazing that they can build such a colossus, yet have whole floors where not a soul can be found), I called Deon's secretary and was told that the meeting was in room 1101.011 (I'm not making this up, that's the actual room number).

Another ride on the supersonic elevator finally brought me to a suit-wearing individual of the legal profession. I meekly asked, "Sir, do you know where room 1101.011 would be?" He eyed me wearily, surmising from my casual attire that I was a nobody, and sniffed, "That will be on the 11th floor."

I walked down the hall and saw Chairman Lew Oliver, Vice-Chair Gary Phister, Office Manager Jonathan Swift, RPOF Field Director Heidi, PLUS three or four other lawyers hogging up all the chairs outside the meeting room.

Wow, incredible that our county Party has money to pay salaries for all these people to sit around in courthouses. Remember that Lew calls all the shots, so why they were needed is a mystery.

Once inside with the judge seated, he asked, "Who would like to go first?" Then he answered his own question with, "Let's have the plaintiff go first." No one argued.

Now I've watched enough TV legal dramas to know that 'plaintiff' meant us, so Deon takes a deep breath and before he can get five words out of his mouth... OCREC's lawyer interrupts with the usual 'Objection your Honor, Plaintiff doesn't have a case since he hasn't filed a complaint."

Readers, please understand that court cases are won and lost on technicalities. And OCREC has some of the best lawyers money can buy.

The lead lawyer was Dan Gerber, of the high powered firm Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell. These guys are the best at what they do. They give no quarter and expect none. I saw two large boxes of documents wheeled in and unceremoniously dumped on the floor. It hinted, "We'll keep you so tied up with paperwork, you'll wish you never took this case."

But Deon was undaunted. And so was the judge. Lew Oliver continued twitching his foot as if he had epilepsy.

This was because Deon had filed an injunction against OCREC for not letting some Precinct Committee Men and Women vote. His reasoning was that since a Miami/Dade judge had just heard the exact same case and sided with the plaintiff's (that's our side), this case need only show that we were suffering the same treatment.

Solution? Deon had to file a 'complaint' in other words he had to show that these voters were hurt in some way and therefore a suit was merited. This is really no big deal and Deon said he could have this done by the end of the day.

So to make a short story only somewhat longer the judge then went about trying to find a suitable time for us to all meet again to hear the case.

Gerber said he was kind of busy so we'd all have to wait for his schedule to clear. Deon countered that he was seeking 'Emergency Injunctive Relief.' I fumbled in my pocket for some Tums antacid tablets but found none.

"Your Honor, we have an important meeting tomorrow (Thursday), that I want these 17 people to be able to vote at," exclaimed Deon.

So the judge looks at the defense attorney Gerber and says, "He's right you know. Why can't you come back tomorrow for this case?" This is right because THEY were the ones trying to prolong the case.

The judge then asked what time this important meeting was. Gerber sheepishly said, "Well actually I have to be in the parking lot for a football game." The room erupted in laughter as everyone knew that the BCS Bowl Game top ranked Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners was what he was talking about.

After discussion it was finally agreed that Deon would submit his 'complaint' and Gerber would compromise his celebratory activities.

I'll be posting tomorrow's proceedings so stay tuned.

Key to that will be our Special Emergency meeting Thursday Jan. 8 at 7pm at the Winter Park Civic Center 1050 W Morse Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32789 This is primarily a meeting for VOTING members of OCREC. In other words if you were eligible to go the December 8th meeting you should attend this one. Additionally once the judge rules tomorrow on illegally barred Precinct Committee members they should attend as well.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today History Was Made In The Republican Party!

Pretty audacious words, but I've never been one to mince words. I'll leave that to lesser men and women that do not share a RADICAL vision for this country and the Republican Party.

What I'm talking about is the debate that took place today. It consisted of the candidates for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. I'll post the link below for CSPAN where you can watch the video archive. And I'll expect that by the time you read this, our YouTube videographers will have already sliced and diced the juiciest bits.

But I'll go ahead and give you the spoiler right now. All the candidates were falling all over themselves begging the Ron Paul supporters to stay in the Party. Not only that, but they were ALL trying to outdo themselves in showing they were the one candidate that was most friendly to us. I'm not making this up.

I nearly yelled hallelujah loud enough that my neighbors might have thought I was leading a church service in my living room. Finally RNC leadership is getting it through their thick skulls that the Ron Paul Army is a force to be reckoned with. We have been vindicated in the holy of hollies, the curtain that separates us from the inner sanctum of power has been torn in two. Can I get a witness? Can I have an AMEN!!

Now what is to be done? First off we will have the that usurper to the throne, that great pretender Lew Oliver's head on a platter (figuratively speaking, although for the damage he's done a good whipping is in order;-). Lew Oliver, the man that has lied and cheated his way through more OCREC races than you can count...Lew Oliver the man who has viciously smeared innocent Republicans whose only sin was to support the candidacy of fellow 10 term congressman Dr. Ron Paul (forget the Alamo...Remember the Green Smear sheet!)...Lew Oliver the man who disqualified over a dozen Precinct Committee Men and Women for such trivial things as 'not having the right precinct number written on the Loyalty Oath... Lew Oliver the man that was called a "lazy and unethical lawyer by the Seminole County Republican Executive Committee Chairman (quoted EXACTLY as it appeared in The Orlando Sentinel)...and last but not least Lew Oliver, the man that publicly slandered and libeled my good name. For which he only admitted it after I hired well-known Attorney Fred O'Neal who threatened him with a lawsuit and possible censure by the Florida Bar.

Yeah, I got a bone to pick with Oliver. This man has single-handedly destroyed the Orange County Republican Party. And for what? My answer is: So He Can Play Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny. And if you don't know what this means look it up on Wikipedia!

The numbers speak for themselves. During Oliver's tenure the number of registered Republican Party voters has dropped by TEN's of Thousands over a multi-year period.

Then when Oliver realized he had a revolt on his hands, he took another Hollywood part. That of the captain of the Titanic as she went down to a watery grave. Oliver's answer to these sinking numbers of Republican voters? Why he has the band strike up a tune as he orders the rearranging of deck chairs!

This man is a menace to the Party and he will only go if he is forcibly evicted. I expect to pry the OCREC meeting microphone out of his stone-clinched hand.

But I digress.

Tonight we heard from these Chairman wannabees that they are committed to building a grassroots machine that doesn't answer to Party bigwigs. They proclaim a bottom-up approach again and again saying that the Party begins at the COUNTY level.

They proclaimed that they will hold Republican candidates and elected officials' feet to the fire. We are the Party of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Responsibility.

Now let me see...which presidential candidate said that? Was it the Right Honorable Senator from Arizona, our LOSING presidential candidate John McCain? NOPE! It was another candidate.

One who was laughed at, taunted, and yes vilified by so called leaders in our Party. The only man that knows HOW TO CURE APATHY. None other than 10 TERM Congressman RON PAUL. Someone who knows how to win DESPITE sometimes having to fight his own Party and their henchman that said he was TO RADICAL for their country club attitudes.

Oh sure, the RNC chairman candidates talk a good game. Now we're going to see how tender THEIR feet are.

Right now we are confronting Lying Lew Oliver on all fronts. Our noble candidate for chairman Deon Long was bushwhacked by Party cronies of Oliver. They smeared him and said he doesn't have the experience.

They were right. He doesn't have enough experience in the underhanded tactics that characterize Lew Oliver's administration.

But he does have experience as a lawyer. In fact he served legal papers on Oliver and Company that our Ron Paul supporters were illegally barred from voting in the December election. A circuit judge in Miami-Dade agreed. And I'll bet dollars to donuts that the Orange County Circuit judge is going to agree as well. We should have injunctive relief in a few days.

The second front that we've opened up in the war against Oliver is in a Special Meeting that will be held January 8. This is so we can challenge Lew Oliver to a fair election. If ALL Republicans had been allowed to vote, Loser Lew Oliver wouldn't have been able to cling to a 122-121 vote.

Instead it would have been a solid repudiation of Oliver's miserable failure as chairman. Then Deon Long would have stepped in, been a great conciliatory leader and brought our Party back together ready to defeat the collectivist/socialist forces of the Democrat Party.

I'll close by saying this. The future lies not with the failed policies of losing leaders, but with the bright hope of new leadership that is not afraid to embrace the core principles of the US Constitution. Win or lose we fight for the only thing worth sacrificing for. Our Forefathers 'promised us a Republic IF we can keep it.'

The Republican Party may at last be waking up. Let us not be found sleeping and slumbering as this new light dawns.


Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer

I've Been Thinking A Lot About Third Party's...

I've Been Thinking A Lot About Third Party's...

Oh, how tempting they are! I've been trying to be an activist in the Republican Party since catching Ron Paul Fever in the summer of 2007. Unfortunately my efforts have not always been viewed with favor by the Party elite.

So along comes this temptress called Third Party. Oh yeah, she's hot. Open to new ideas. Available and ready to do what ever I want her to do. She promises me she'll work hard to make the relationship last. And just as I lean forward to embrace her, POOF!

It was all in my imagination. I realized that that sweet young thing was just toying with my emotions. Time to go home to that not quite so attractive, but quite dependable woman that has been around for so many years.

This analogy is really what I think we are facing as supporters of Lady Liberty.

Sure we could go for a quick and fast hookup or we can determine that for better or for worse America is a two party affair. Mr. Republican and Mrs. Democrat are married and will be together till 'Death Do Us Part.'

Now for some plain talk. We must face reality and get to work on 2010 planning.

First we must find candidates to run for smaller, winnable races. I'm thinking that State House, State Senate, and other LOCAL offices are our best bet. Federal offices are bid up too high by corporate interests for us to realistically have any hope.

Here in Florida, I and a bunch of other HARDCORE activists are going to launch an organization to help
potential candidates make their decision easier. We're going to supply them with their yard signs, literature, provide them with a platform, and even help with the technical paperwork.

Even with lots of help the odds are, ahem, less than 50/50. But that's okay. Because we will be measuring success not by whether we win or lose but how we play the game (oh brother, another analogy).

We want to win of course. But each candidate that we help and support will be given a new paradigm. Instead of seeing how many doors you can knock or how many pieces of literature you can stuff into someone's hand, we will be emphasizing how many people did you meet that were at least open to a Liberty message? Did you get their name, address, and email contact info?

This way, come election day, win or lose, we will come away with a movement that is much bigger in numbers and with a longer term mission of waking up voters.

To make the numbers even more manageable, we are going to target the Republican Primary in 2010. Primaries remember have typically a 10-15 percent eligible Republican turnout. Therefore in Districts where we have a candidate, we may only need to get less than 5000 votes to win.

Compare that to US Congressional seats where you'd need at least 10,000 signatures to JUST TO GET ON THE BALLOT!

I'm going to be sharing with the Science of Freedom membership the things we learn along the way. I invite you to join the discussion in the forums section.

Hang in their guys (and girls too), with your help we may just have a hot date with destiny!

Nick Egoroff

Thursday, January 1, 2009

All It Takes Is YOU!

Happy New Year! Florida Campaign For Liberty, is going to accomplish great things in 2009. You know why: Because YOU are part of it!

I’ve now been organizing and agitating in Orlando and around the state for nearly two years. The most important thing I’ve learned in all of this is: Just Show Up.

That’s where you come in. If you’ll just commit to giving just a couple of hours a month to political action, you and I will completely topple the bureaucratic structure.

Often I’ve made the assumption that we need hundreds, maybe even thousands of people come to an event to have an impact.

Take for instance our attempt to remove Lew Oliver from chairmanship of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. I thought we needed a lot of people to do this. In reality we only needed about 100.

Now we have OCREC in a stalemate position. Oliver won his chairmanship but by the slimmest of margins 122-121. And he only won that by disqualifying many of our supporters. That fight continues with a lawsuit, parliamentary maneuvers, and calling of special meeting to annul the election.

Did we need people parading down Orange Avenue with media in tow? Nope. All we needed was a few people to make a spreadsheet of supporters. Then we needed a few more to make phone calls. Finally we had a tightly knit group of activists determined to make real change.

If we keep on at this pace, replicating and multiplying it, we will certainly win even bigger battles.

Don’t give up, guys. And don’t think that 2009 is just a kick back and relax year. Activists (we can even call ourselves rEVOLutionaries!) know that this is the time for strategy and building.

2010 elections are right around the corner. I am putting the finishing touches on a project that will take us to new heights.

I’ve also been having some very useful conversations with Adam Kokesh (the fiery patriot who has won the hearts of so many of us). We will be meeting together in Washington, D.C. in a week or so.

In the meantime here’s a couple of web links that you should checkout and join.
First and foremost: This is where our organization is built.

Second, I really see the power of Facebook. My contact info there is

I’ve also started a blog at

Like Ron Paul said, “This revolution is PERMANENT”

Nick Egoroff
Campaign For Liberty Organizer
Director of Science of Freedom