Friday, February 19, 2010

Does Money Or Members Control The Republican Party Of Florida?

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I've read with amusement that county after county Republican Executive Committee has Marco Rubio winning over Charlie Crist for US Senate. Under normal circumstances you would expect the leadership at RPOF to reflect that preference. But nothing is normal at RPOF.

Instead we have Chairman Jim Greer running a Soviet style Politburo deciding what candidates will be given the thumbs up to run. Then we as his loyal servants goosestep past the Kremlin, er Tallahassee, HQ and he waves to us.

I don't know about you, but I think it is time to do a little house cleaning. RPOF bubbles with enthusiasm about bright outlooks for 2010. But for what kind of Republican candidates?? Ones that we know will support Democrat initiatives to enlarge the government? Ones like our own sad sack Gov. Crist??

We don't need reminding that sending our contributions to RPOF HQ is like sending money to the enemy. But what we do need to remember is that Greer and company could care less whether we send up a $100 or $10. That's chump change (we of course being the 'chumps' ;-).

The big money comes from big corporations. Companies like US Sugar, AT&T, etc. can write UNLIMITED amounts to the party directly. And they know that buying the party leadership is tantamount to buying the party itself.

Greer and Crist are happy to play this game as long as there is more money coming in. What we must do is regain control of a party that rightfully belongs to us as members.

Nick Egoroff
Restore The Republican Party of Florida

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