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Public Option for Socialist Obama Care Fails In Senate Committee And What It Means For Florida

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Senate Finance Committee Democrats failed to stick together, and with a solid wall of Republicans, Obama public option was set back. Read the whole story here

But what doe this mean for Florida Patriots? It means that if Obama care is going to be stopped, it's going to have to be done in the US Senate. And who does Florida have in the Senate? None other than two of the weakest sisters in that den of vipers. More importantly one of the senators that voted no today was Bill Nelson. This means that pressure will be unrelenting to get Nelson to 'come around.'

I'm on the email list of and they know that Nelson needs to feel heat from the left. We must answer that with even more fire from the right. I've studied politics for a long time. What is very likely to happen is that Nelson will cave to pressure and finally succumb to some form of the public option. That way he will be able to say in 2012 when he is up for election, "I did oppose socialist health care before I voted for it." But if we put on an unrelenting campaign we could just keep him from the dark side.

This is going to require a LOT of phone calls. A LOT of emails. Begin by reminding him that we made life so unbearable for Sen. Martinez that he couldn't even finish his first term! Please, don't leave this to someone else. The only reason ANY of the weak senators are reluctant to support the public option is because of the INTENSE pressure of the tea party movement.

His Contact info is:
Washington, D.C. Office (best for legislation issues according to his website)
United States Senate
716 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5274
Fax: 202-228-2183

Regional Offices are listed here. Call, but more importantly VISIT THEM PERSONALLY! Tell them that you are really upset about Obama care and want to register your discontent PERSONALLY. I've met several legislative aides (the guys you'll be meeting at the regional offices) and they all say that personal visits even to staffers, carry a lot of weight with 'The Boss.'

Here's The City Locations:

Landmark Two
225 East Robinson Street, Ste 410
Orlando, Florida 32801
Phone: 407-872-7161
Toll Free in Florida: 1-888-671-4091
Fax: 407-872-7165

2925 Salzedo Street
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305-536-5999 Telephone
Fax: 305-536-5991

Sam Gibbons Federal Court House
801 N. Florida Ave., 4th Floor
Tampa, Florida 33602
Phone: 813-225-7040
Fax: 813-225-7050

West Palm Beach
500 Australian Avenue Suite 125
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Phone: 561-514-0189
Fax: 561-514-4078

US Court House Annex
111 North Adams Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Phone: 850-942-8415
Fax: 850-942-8450

1301 Riverplace Blvd, Suite 2218
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
Phone: 904-346-4500
Fax: 904-346-4506

3416 South University Drive
Davie, FL 33328
Phone: 954-693-4851
Fax: 954-693-4862

Fort Myers
Justice Center Annex Building
2000 Main Street, Suite 801
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-334-7760
Fax: 239-334-7710

We'll deal with our new Charlie Crist seat warmer George LeMieux later.

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