Friday, February 19, 2010

Is The Chairman Of The State Republican Party About To Be Tossed? Should We Really Care?

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So the Republican Party of Florida is about to have a special meeting to oust it's corrupt state chairman Jim Greer. It seems this removal process is getting serious because the big fundraisers and assorted 'bag men' are joining in the chorus. But like one of my favorite rock anthem's goes, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...Don't get fooled again" (thanks Pete Townsend of the Who).

Listen up folks. You may think getting rid of one bad apple is going to allow us to make applesauce, but you are mistaken. The Republican party long ago sold out it's principles. And they didn't do it because of one bad guy.

They did it because they are owned by the corporate special interests. They'll give away billions to fat cat companies in the guise of 'helping to create high paying jobs.' All the while weeping that they cut spending to the bone.

They'll grow the size of government to unheard of levels. All the while confusing us with lip service about Democrats robbing your wallet.

Here in Florida, the population over the last decade only grew by a few percent. The budget for the state and local governments grew exponentially. And this was done by Republican control of the Governor, state legislature, and many local governments.

Why not stop DREAMING of a reformed Republican party, and join with thousands of other tea party patriots and start building our permanent foundation.

And this new party has really got the Republican bureaucrats really concerned. They know that if real constitutional/conservative government principles are put on the ballot, the GOP will loose all it's corporate sponsors.

If the tea party rallies taught us anything, it's that people are disgusted in the two party system. They want real change and they don't mean just going back to voting Republican. Real grassroots candidates are coming forward to run for office under the Florida TEA Party banner.

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