Friday, February 19, 2010

A Warning To New Candidates And Grassroots Activists In Florida

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I will publicly state that the Republican Party of Florida and many of it's corresponding county Republican Executive Committees have no interest in allowing new candidates to have a chance at getting elected. I have seen to many examples of candidates getting 'the call' from their Republican County Chairman or state level officers telling them that, 'This is not the race for you.' They understood all too clearly that they would receive little help from the party.

And what Jim Greer has done with meddling in countless races is just shameful.

If the Florida Republican Party wanted a strong dynamic on-going grassroots network they would have built one years ago. As it is the county structures are weak and kept this way for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways.

I believe this sad state of affairs pervades the Republican Party of Florida because leadership is more interested in acquiring large amounts of money to perpetuate their control of the party. A large party would be an obstacle to Greer and his cronies maintaining that control.

If you would like to help change this situation I would invite you to look at Restore The Republican Party Of Florida at

And Florida Grassroots Candidate and Activist Page at

Nick Egoroff

P.S. Please feel free to forward this email.

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