Friday, February 19, 2010

Speaking Of Campaign Financial Receipts And The Need For Florida TEA Party

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Financial Campaign Receipts were released and they show the typical results. Those candidates that are beholden to corporate special interests did quite well. Grassroots candidates (like tea party Republican candidates) fared poorly.

Professionals and the media look closely at how much a candidate raises and then assume they will be the among the 'winners'. This anointing by virtue of money raised has several important lessons.

When a candidate has lots of money in the bank, it is assumed that they will be able to get their message out. But even more importantly huge campaign funds allow for the candidate to gain 'name recognition.'

Without name recognition it is nearly impossible to win any race. Think about it, who would vote for someone they have never heard of!

The only alternative to this is a dynamic grassroots organization.

Many grassroots candidates assumed that the tea party patriots would change this money equals success equation. Obviously this has yet to happen.

That is why the Florida TEA Party was formed. It is now recognized by the state of Florida Division of Elections and will appear on the ballot, right below the Dem's and Repub's.

Some will wonder if this will not split the conservative vote. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Florida TEA Party will never run against a true conservative. Only a RINO or liberal Democrat.

But here is the real importance of a third party. It is a lasting structure. Candidates will come and go. When they lose their supporters disperse.

The only solution to the big money that dominates elections is a grassroots party that will continue to grow in numbers, no matter who the candidate is.

The Republican party could have built a thriving grassroots movement. But they haven't and won't in the future.

The Republican party has only one goal. Get more money from corporations so that slick media campaigns can be funded. In return corporations and special interests get the legislation that they want!

This corporate mentality, while exciting and lucrative to the big wigs, has little interest to the grassroots! Hence no really large grassroots organizations grow within the Republican party.

Please copy and paste this to your friends' email accounts. We must stop fooling ourselves into thinking this time it will be different.

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Nick Egoroff
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