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Strategy For Political Impact In 2009

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What a year 2008 has been! I’ve learned much about politics and becoming involved to make a difference. With this article, I hope to inspire you to explore how to do more than just complain about politicians.

First, examine the system. I believe that like it or not (and I don’t) America is now a two party system. While I admire the stances of the Constitutional and Libertarian Party’s, I’ve knocked on enough doors to know that people only elect Republicans or Democrats.

Some may ask, ‘Why are you saying just go to the Republican Party?’ Because at various times and on various issues, the Republicans have espoused views most closely aligned with a Liberty movement. Democrats have rarely if ever accepted these views.

If you accept the above premise, I’ve got an easy way for you to start making an impact. Join your county Republican Executive Committee (REC). This little known entity is open to any registered Republican. It is the core building block of the state and national Republican Party.

I like REC’s for a number of reasons. First it gets you educated very quickly on local and state level elected offices. These offices rarely make it to the ‘radar screen’ of most people’s consciousness. That makes them ideal offices for us to either run for or gain influence on.

The next reason I like REC’s is because membership is so small. Here in Orange County, Fl. where I live, monthly meetings only garner about 50 or so attendees (I’ve spoken to people all over the US and their county REC’s have similar or SMALLER numbers). The rules for joining are something along the line of ‘come to three monthly meetings in a row and you’re in.’

Once you’ve got a few dozen people on the inside, then you are now the influencers on the direction and philosophy of the Republican ‘brand’. I’ll leave it to your imagination what you can do from here;-)

Now connect the dots. The county REC’s elect representatives to the State Republican Party. The State Republican Party elects two representatives to the Republican National Committee. All three of these create the Party Platform and select delegates to the Republican National Convention.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this strategy. But this is enough to get us started. To read more, please go to my Facebook site:

Next go to and sign up for their Precinct Member program.

Nick Egoroff
Director of Science of Freedom

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