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So You Think You Know State Sovereignty!?

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I just posted this email to the Florida State Sovereignty page that I administer.

Congratulations are in order. It looks as if 2010 will indeed be the year that the Florida State Legislature will consider and probably pass a State Sovereignty amendment. We as a Facebook page also have achieved the milestone of surpassing 1500 members in less than two and half months.

Most of us think that State Sovereignty is just a way to keep the Fed’s in Washington away from our favorite constitutional liberties. Whether it be the 2nd Amendment, taxes, or federally mandated health care (all of which will be included in the state sovereignty bill heading to Tallahassee), we hope to regain some of our freedoms.

But I’d like to recommend to you a most interesting book that coincidentally devotes a great deal of time to examining this issue. It’s called Democracy in America and was written by Alexis De Tocqueville. This work was originally published in 1835 and has become one of the all time classics of political theory. The author was a young Frenchman (25 years old!) that came to America to try to explain to Europe what democracy was like.

I have not finished this mammoth book, but already I’m really excited about some observations. De Tocqueville saw that the basic structure of the new United States of America rested on INDIVIDUAL states. What’s more he saw the incredible freedom that began at the county and municipal level. It was in these smaller and smaller venues that people’s rights were protected and honored.

I’ll be posting more of what I learn from this great historical book. Suffice it to say that state sovereignty may just hold many keys to correcting today’s governmental problems.

Please consider getting Democracy in America from your library, etc. And please refer your friends to the following two sites:

Nick Egoroff

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