Monday, March 23, 2009

The Revolution Has Started! Did You Miss It??

We have witnessed something truly phenomenal here in Orlando. On Saturday between 5000 and 6000 people assembled at Lake Eola Park for the biggest Tea Party in the USA. The City Park Service and police have said they've never seen anything like it. Disregard the low-ball number found in this article.,0,426670.story The higher number comes from local talk show host Bud Hedinger who talked to municipal staff immediately following the event. Please check his site as well for more video and pic's.

Now for the story behind the story...

This was a rather peculiar event with the particulars giving all of us in the LIBERTY movement ample lessons to learn and repeat. They start with having someone in the local community feed off an event, in this case the legendary Rick Santelli Tea Party Rant (google it if you haven't seen it). This one local person in turn got the ear of a very popular talk show host, Bud Hedinger.

Bud decided to start urging his listeners to get involved. This led to more collaborations with various groups, which in turn... you get the picture at this point, right?? End result was a HUGE turnout of people that broke all previous records for Tea Party's so far. Has anyone called the Guinness Book of World Records?

The lesson that we can all take home and study is that it is not just ONE group that can lead a large movement. Indeed it is only through various groups putting aside their differences that we create something much bigger than what we separately could ever accomplish on our own.

I know that for myself I have those favorite one or two issues that I think are the key to unlocking the current mess. But you know what, that key only unlocks ONE room and it will never be large enough to accommodate the crowd of people we'll need to change the political landscape.

Hopefully we will all now see how important each cause, each group, and each individual person is to victory. Enjoy your new found friends and fellow patriots. You'll need them in the days ahead.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunny Skies Cast Shadows Over OCREC Member Deon Long

Weather could not be better for Saturday's Tea Party protest rally at Lake Eola. At 12noon the amphitheater will fill with thousands of patriots staging a peaceful revolt against the powers that be: namely our elected officials that with bailouts and stimulus money are ruining our economy. Come early as the rally starts promptly and ends at 2:30pm.

But just a couple of short hours later the Republican Party of Florida will convene the star chamber (also called the RPOF Grievance Committee) for a trial of Deon Long. Mr. Long has been a consistent supporter of the Republican causes as both the leader of the Black Republican Caucus and fundraiser for the RPOF. Appointed to positions by former Gov. Jeb Bush and serving with distinction as a spokesman for the Party, he has cut an impressive image of minority growth within RPOF.

Unfortunately Deon Long has incurred the wrath of Orange County Republican Chairman Lew Oliver and state RPOF Chairman Jim Greer. After daring to question the questionable practices of Chairman Oliver in last December's Board election, Chairman Greer was called into staunch opposition to Chairman Oliver. Thus the smear campaign of Long began replete with unproven allegations of financial misconduct and lack of loyalty to the Party.

The hearing of this case will take place in Lake Mary, Fl. Deon will not be the only one hauled up before this august body. Several other long time Party members from around the state will face similar charges of 'disloyalty.' A busy day for grievances to be sure.

Usually emails of this type end with some call to action. Sadly this does not appear to be necessary. According to my inside sources, the verdict has already been arrived at. If Mr. Long and others are to be hounded from the Party for merely questioning authority, think of what will happen in the future!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer
Orange County Republican Precinct Committeeman #319

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blame Game Continues At Orange County Republican Party Meeting

Controversial Chairman Lew Oliver again presided over an ever smaller meeting of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee at the Mark Street Senior Center. Attendance at last nights meeting was about 70 people, half of which were supporters of Deon Long who asserts that he, not Oliver, is the real leader of the local Party.

Mr. Long has been presiding over "Special Emergency" Meetings called by disaffected OCREC members at the Winter Park Civic Center. These meetings routinely have over 100 people in attendance. What is all the more remarkable is that Oliver continues to harass Deon's meetings with endless threats of illegality and warning precinct members not to attend. In spite of all that, people continue to put their support behind Long.

The contrast between the two meetings could not be more clear. The group at the civic center is excited and each person that wants to speak is given a chance to be heard. Plans are put forth for growth of the Republican Party and freely debated. Oliver carefully choreographs his meeting and drones on about minutiae never allowing for new business to be considered.

Last night at the Mark Street Center was a perfect example. For the first time in any ones memory State Committeeman Jerry Braley finally gave a report to those in attendance. Usually he defers to his counterpart, Nancy Paterson, to relay tidbits of state party information. This time however Mr. Braley unloaded on Deon Long. He read a letter sent by State Party Chairman Jim Greer, which Long asserts is untrue and one sided. Braley heaped more scorn on Long, saying he wants to tear the Party apart aided by a liberal media.

Mr. Braley made no mention of the altercation that occurred two weeks ago at Long's meeting when police had to be called. A paid operative of RPOF/OCREC was sent to video tape the meeting and later became abusive. Police were called and issued a 'no trespassing' violation to Robert Richmond who is alleged to have made derogatory racial insults to Long (who is an African-American lawyer).

It appears to this writer that the real question is 'who has the real following at OCREC.' Mr.Oliver cannot get but a few of his supporters to show up to small meetings that never seem to go anywhere, while Mr. Long seems to enjoy enthusiastic support of hundreds of people. This is a troubling question that will have to be answered. Unfortunately the old guard (which is an apt description for most of Oliver's aged supporters), seem determined to pursue a caustic and negative campaign against Deon Long and his supporters.

Further proof of what is really happening can be seen by tracing the lineage of the leadership of OCREC. While Mr. Oliver has been Chairman for many years, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Oliver gained his position after the previously mentioned Jerry Braley gave it too him after HIS years of leadership. We now have a picture of OCREC leadership that is more likened to a kingly coronation being passed from father to son, than a free and open civic body. Oh well, maybe someday the peasants will rise up with pitchforks in hand and cast the baron and his princes into the moat!

Nick Egoroff
OCREC Precinct Committeeman #319