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Nick Egoroff Decade after decade, we hear that as political activists we must work within the two-party system. Let's examine this step by step and se

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Great News! You will now be able to vote for actual TEA Party candidates in the 2010 election. What's further, you can now contemplate running for political office yourself!

Florida TEA Party has been registered as an official political party with the Division of Elections in Tallahassee. This means that just like you see Republican and Democrat next to a candidate's name, you'll now see TEA Party as well!

This is a bold step that is required in these times. The excitement and energy that has exploded on the scene can now be harnessed in a very constructive way.

We know that it is important to protest, wave signs, and call our elected representatives. But we have done that and yet most of our elected representatives still don't listen.

The next step is to run actual citizen-patriot candidates as opposed to career politicians. The Founding Fathers never envisioned life-time appointments to elected office that most Republican and Democrat candidates now have.

Most of you know that the political process has been dominated by the big two parties. We have been told by 'experts' that we must work within this structure. The answer? "So how has that two party system been working out for you lately??"

Others espouse that if we could just get rid of the 'few bad apples' or 'get more constitutionally mind' people to run the party's, we'd see some change.' Friends, let me remind you: THEY'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR DECADES!

The basic premise of the Florida TEA Party will be that Constitutional based candidates will only run when neither party offers a conservative alternative.

At this time we are also not asking you to change your current party affiliation. This will allow you to take part in your original party's primary. For example, many Republicans want to be able to vote for Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist.

Florida TEA Party will welcome you no matter what your party registration. Just remember that this country was founded on principles in the US Constitution.

Soon, a convention will convene in Orlando, Fl. where we will debate the platform and elect officers of this new party. Please be patient and allow the process to work.

Finally, JOIN NOW OR DIE! (hyperbole, but this is politics;-) In a real sense though we are facing the rapid demise of the two party system. Now you have a choice!

Official Site (with an awesome graphic and rewrite of our Declaration of Independence):

Facebook Network site (important day to day communication):

Nick Egoroff
Communications Director
Please Forward This Message!

P.S. Once you join the Facebook site, please click the INVITE PEOPLE TO JOIN link on the upper right hand corner. This will walk you through spreading the word to your Facebook friends. OR just click the SHARE link on the bottom left of the site. This will automatically announce to your network that you invite them to join Florida TEA Party.

Nick Egoroff
Decade after decade, we hear that as political activists we must work within the two-party system. Let's examine this step by step and see if anything has changed.

1). It is easier to get people elected through the two party primary system. This has changed because so many people have left the Dem and Rep party's and registered independent. Those registering Independent in Florida are the fastest growing segment according to FL Division of Elections. They are leaving the established party because it no longer represents them.

2). From the above, we shall see that MANY people are left out of any candidate selection process. Their choices are now limited to the same two party choices that caused them to leave in the first place. That's why we registered Florida TEA Party with FL Division of Elections. It will appear on the ballot next to the Dem's & Rep's.... See More

3). The Florida TEA Party party will now be a obvious choice for disaffected conservative Republicans AND the disaffected Independents that have already LEFT the GOP. This is why it is futile for many constitutional/conservatives to try and run in Republican primary's. Much of their support has already left the party.

4). Finally, since Rasmussen Polls has shown overwhelming support for the TEA Party in a three way race, this is an idea who's time has come.

The Florida TEA Party will not be beholden to corporate special interest money. We will form our platform from a soon to be announced state convention here in Orlando.

Our membership growth has been explosive. In just 10 days we have 661 members on Facebook alone. Our official site at has many more.

Now we want you to make a real commitment: In commemoration of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, we are asking YOU to donate $17.73. This will help to further grow the party. And rest assured no one is making a dime. State Chairman Fred O'Neal has vowed not to accept any money. Others are donating their services as well.

Go here to further this great beginning:

Donations to the TEA PARTY may be mailed to:
Tea Party,
P.O. Box 842
Windermere, FL 34786

P.S. Since this is an official political party, all funding will be filed with Florida Division Of Elections and quarterly updates will be a matter of public record.

Nick Egoroff
Communications Administrator

"The two party system has served America well for many years. There is no requirement that the Republican Party be one of the two."
-- Allison DeFoor, former vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.

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