Friday, February 19, 2010

Breaking News: Will Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer Resign?

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There are numerous media reports of Greer's tenure as chairman coming to a rather quick end. Some say that it will come down to whether Gov. Crist can afford to hold on to Greer with the US Senate race in doubt. Others point to Greer's manipulation of the county party structures. Greer's spending of party funds is also in question.

No matter what the outcome or reasons, we must not be fooled into thinking that this is just one bad apple spoiling the bunch. The process that caused the rotting of the Republican Party of Florida goes much deeper.

It begins with a bureaucracy that has grown fat depending on HUGE donations from special interests. This saps the grassroots as they see their concerns sidelined by the Party in order to placate corporate donors.

Grassroots activists really do believe in smaller government and lower taxes. It's just that Greer, Crist, and other bigwigs must first cater to their paymasters before they listen to us.

By all means we should contact every party activist we know and alert them to this dire situation. But lets remember it neither started nor will end with Greer's appointment and possible resignation.

Nick Egoroff
Administrator: Restore The Republican Party

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