Friday, February 19, 2010

FL Republican Chairman Greer Out! Replacement Is Highest Paid Lobbyist In Tallahassee

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In an announcement that was not a surprise to those that watch such things, FL Republican Chairman Jim Greer was thrown under the bus. Not to worry, the bureaucrats at Republican Party of Florida have the party still under their thumb.

His replacement is none other than current FL State Sen. John Thrasher. He is aptly named since his previous job was as the HIGHEST paid lobbyist in Florida. He cleared $2.7 million a year as a hired gun for the usual bunch of special interests that need favorable legislation.

This is the problem with the Republican Party. While they talk a good game about limited government and open participation, all important decisions will be made by party bosses. And the most important decision will be 'How Do We Shake Down Corporations For Big Donations.'

If this is all people care about for the GOP, they will be well served by Mr. Thrasher.

If however the grassroots have any ideas about 'taking over the party and returning to constitutional/conservative principles' they have their answer. Sure, party bosses will speak eloquently about freedom and winning Republican majorities.

But when push comes to shove, YOU'LL BE THE ONE SHOVED! That's because someone has got to pay for the sweetheart deals that are handed over to companies like CSX railroad (what a coincidence: they're Thrasher clients!).

Mr. Thrasher made sure that Florida taxpayers coughed up not $1 million per mile for CSX owned tracks. Nope, Thrasher got $10 million per mile for the rail barons. That's the highest per mile cost for similar projects. Good work John.

But this is how things are done in the big city. All you tea party folks can just go wave your signs. The fat cats will call you when they need you.

Fortunately, real citizen patriots have a new choice. Florida Division of Elections has recognized the Florida TEA Party as an official party that will be on the ballot in 2010.

Official site

Some will want to stay on in the Republican Party to try and save a sinking ship. No problem, you can still join the Florida TEA Party (change of party affiliation NOT REQUIRED). And don't worry, we won't oppose real conservatives like Rubio.

But RINO's should take warning. It's hunting season and you are the target.

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Nick Egoroff
Communications Director
Florida TEA Party

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