Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disgraced Former Chairman Jim Greer Shows What Is Wrong With Republican Party Of Florida

Finally someone has launched a criminal investigation into what was (and probably still is) going on at the highest levels of the RPOF. Some may think that this is just the final chapter of the mysteries surrounding the state party.

I don't.

The Orlando Sentinel is breaking the story here

Briefly the facts are that Greer through his stooge Executive Director, Delmar Johnson, had cozy arrangements to back-pay each other from campaign contributor's money. Everyone is now running for cover saying they 'alerted' Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement as soon as they discovered what was going on.

But let's take a look at the cast of characters to see who is really culpable.

First we have Bill McCollum. He says he notified FDLE when he heard about it. But wasn't this the same Attorney General McCollum that stood on stage wrapping his arms around Chairman Greer when McCollum announced his candidacy for Governor? This after months of intense speculation that something was going horribly wrong in Tallahassee party headquarters?

Somehow you would think that McCollum would at least look into what was going on. But no, McCollum (and others) insisted that Greer had the complete confidence of the party leadership.

And isn't McCollum supposed to investigate this kind of corruption instead of waiting for a local newspaper to splash it on the front page before he feigns surprise??

The next escape artist was RPOF heavyweight lobbyist John Thrasher. He too says that as soon as he heard that criminal activity might be going on he too went to the proper authorities.

But how many people would expect Thrasher, who's business it is to raise money for the party, to not know what is going on with that money??

Yes, a lot of more questions have been raised than have been answered with this latest revelation.

And here's another one.

Are we to expect that this is the only instance of politicians and bureaucrats raising money for politicos and instead lining their own pockets?

I have consistently been told that Republican (and Democrat) state representatives are directing special interest groups to funnel money into sham privately held corporations. Then the pol will be hired by the shell corporation as a 'consultant.' He then takes the money and doesn't have to disclose it on campaign finance forms.

I think the real story here is that a lot of people have a lot of questions to answer.

Too bad that it will probably be swept under the rug as so many of these allegations are.

Nick Egoroff
Admin: Restore The Republican Party Of Florida

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Message Florida TEA Party Announces 1st 3rd Party Candidate For Congress!

While many so-called experts pontificate to 'just vote Republican', the Florida TEA Party gives the people a real choice.

Today, Peg Dunmire announced in Orlando, FL that she would run as the Florida TEA Party candidate in the 8th Congressional District. This seat is presently held by Democrat Alan Grayson.

Ms. Dunmire had been exploring a run as a Republican, but considered the Republican party dominated by RINO's and found the Florida TEA Party offered a more grassroots oriented base.

"I have been a registered Republican all my life. However, they have drifted from being the party of liberty, the party of Lincoln, the party of small government and a belief in the value of the individual," said Ms. Dunmire.

Fred O'Neal, chairman of the Florida TEA Party, introduced Peg at party headquarters on the 15th floor of the new Plaza North Tower in downtown Orlando. Several local media were there to cover the event.

Ms. Dunmire then gave a short enthusiastic speech outlining her platform of a 'people's voice candidate.' Previously she had been an executive at a major Pittsburgh hospital and a consultant within the health care industry.

The question of running as a third party candidate is dismissed by some. But all Peg is asking is to look at her platform and credentials. Then decide if it isn't time for someone outside the repetitive two party 'I'm better than the other guy' choices of the past.

Peg Dunmire's Facebook Page
Her Official Web Page

Nick Egoroff
Communications Director

Florida TEA Party


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calling All Central Florida Patriots

We all know that the national political scene is important. Pictures of the White House and Capital building in Washington, D.C. seem to be the embodiment of power.

But right here in central Florida we have another bastion of government. Matthew Falconer is running for Orange County Mayor because he knows that just like the US President, the executive branch (whether federal or in this case, county) has tremendous power to directly influence your life and freedom.

Did you know that Orange County government controls a THREE BILLION dollar budget? This is money that comes from everyone that lives within the county and benefits from it's services.

Unfortunately we have a county board of commissioners that are nothing more than career politicians that have grown the budget exponentially as compared to the general population. All of Matthew's opponents have voted for astronomical budgets that are now crippling our local economy.

Our answer is a people's candidate that is not beholden to the corporate special interests that control Orlando and Orange county. As a result he will not have the generous donations that can only come from real estate developers, engineering firms, legal attorneys and the panoply of crooks, chiselers, bamboozlers, charlatans and flimflam men that contribute to his opponents.

Mr. Falconer has studied local government and found that a thorough reexamination of the bureaucracy is in order. Combining redundant services at both the county and city levels could save us millions of dollars.

Again don't look to the so-called experts to endorse his ideas and help fund his grassroots education of voters. Nope, they're too busy making money sucking off the government teat.

My friends and fellow patriots, we face a tough road ahead.

We either get behind Matthew Falconer For Orange County Mayor and volunteer a couple of hours a week--or we sit back and let the lobbyists hand us another one of their stooge candidates.

We don't have big bank accounts to pay for slick commercials. They on the other hand will. And come four weeks before the August election, will ply you with lies and deception.

What we DO HAVE is a small but determined army of average folks that say NO MORE to this decade long charade of Republican and Democrat big spenders.

Every Saturday we meet to take our battle for good clean government house-to-house.

Is it easy? No. But we refuse to be lied to again by politicians and bureaucrats promising us jobs & growth if we'll just give taxpayer money to their buddies.

I challenge you to join us. If you live close then give up a Saturday morning or two to walk with us.

If you're older or live far away, then this can be your battle too! Send a Matt a financial donation.

His Facebook page is at

His internet site is

This email is NOT paid for or endorsed by Matthew Falconer. It is just my view about the importance of this race.

Nick Egoroff
Citizen Patriot

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Is More Powerful: Congress Or Florida Legislature?

Most would answer Congress, but the answer is not that simple.

Congress does have a huge impact on foreign and domestic policy. And with the onslaught of nationalized health care and deficit spending it is easy to be transfixed on Washington.

But our representatives in Tallahassee merit our attention just as much. This year's budget will approach 70 BILLION dollars. Next stop: a TRILLION dollar yearly budget is within site.

So what's a poor taxpayer to do?

Figure out who your elected representative is here &

Look carefully on the part of the page that says 'Find your representative (you'll need your zip code and the extra 4 digits that comes with junk mail/bills.

It is vitally important that we start putting teeth into our efforts for not only State Sovereignty but a raft of other issues/taxes.

The best thing about state representatives is that it is so easy to talk to them either face to face or over the phone. Mine knows me by my first name and greets me warmly when ever I'm at tea party events.

We will be soon doing a bus trip to Tallahassee to visit (harass!) our legislators. Expect a day around the end of March. We'll leave early from Orlando (7am) and return around 10pm.

Please spread the word on this!

Nick Egoroff
Admin: Florida State Sovereignty

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orlando Tea Party Split! No Room For Anyone But Republicans!

Phil Russo, who along with Jason Hoyt and Tom Tillison, organized most of the Orlando tea party events is splitting from the group because Republican influence is becoming too strong. He had tried throughout the last year to maintain the autonomous nature of the group.

The last straw came when Tea Party Patriots Live, the radio show that he helped create, interviewed Adam Lovejoy, the newly elected vice chairman of the local Republican Party. According to Russo it was nothing more than praise for the GOP. No hard questions or criticism of RINO's was voiced.

There are also questions of who would control the movement. Previously Mr. Russo had been free to put out press releases as he saw fit. Then after putting out one that was mildly critical of Marco Rubio, that policy was abruptly changed. From now on Mr. Russo would have to clear the press releases with Hoyt and Tillison.

"There was all of a sudden a feeling that Hoyt was in control," said Russo.

He also pointed to financial concerns. Recently Jason Hoyt flew to Washington, D.C. to attend the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference. According to Russo, Hoyt spent money out of the Orlando tea party account without consulting anyone.

"I have to get my press releases cleared, but Jason can spend hundreds of dollars without asking," he said.

The three had also been planning a April 12th Tax Day Tea Party Protest in downtown Orlando. On the stage would only be Republicans. Russo said, "You can now be assured that only Republicans will be at that event."

The main speaker is 20 year incumbent House Minority Leader John Boehner (R). Mr. Boehner has been branded by many as a RINO and representing everything wrong with the GOP.

There have been many questions whether the tea party movement was just an arm of the Republican Party. People have been excited about the potential for tea party's, but it now appears that the leadership has begun to be sucked into the world of political intrigue.

Jason Hoyt and Tom Tillison have become active participants of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. Hoyt was also tapped to give a speech praising longtime insider Adam Lovejoy when Lovejoy was elected vice chairman of the local party. Hoyt further cemented his support for the GOP when he invited Lovejoy on Tea Party Patriots Live to sing the praises of all things Republican.