Friday, November 12, 2010

We Are The Wind In The Sails Of The Republican Party! Now We Must Become It's Rudder!

A lot of tea party patriots are rightfully basking in the satisfaction of a major Republican victory. They were the ones that put 'enthusiasm' in the Republican sails. They pushed the GOP to unbelievable voter turnout.

And certainly there is the time for some time for R&R.

But we can't let this storm die! We must start now rebuilding the Republican party from the ground up. We saw too often how the existing status quo leaders have often (but not always) thwarted more traditional grassroots candidates. This cannot continue and now is the time to act.

First, everyone, and I mean every husband, wife, and student must get familiar with how the inner party works. Each county has something called the [insert your county name] Republican Executive Committee. This is usually denoted by acronyms (like in my case) the Orange County Republican Executive Committee or OCREC for short.

You want to be involved with this at YOUR county. To find yours go here:

Yeah, you're going to have to go to some boring meetings. They last about an hour or so. Some are boring and some are pretty good. Regardless you must come to these to getting voting rights in the official Republican party.

When you've gone to a few of these and expressed a sincere desire to help with the Republican party you become a Precinct Committee Man or Woman. To be fair, you have only a tiny say in the party, but you know what they say about many voices banding together!

Take my advise, membership in the REC's will be a lot more easier (and effective) than standing on a million street corners. The possibilities are truly awesome!

And some of us, if we are really serious about growing AND transforming the party may move from representing precincts, to representing county's, and then even higher positions at the state and national levels. But this all starts at the county and neighborhood level. We need officially recognized Precinct Committee representatives.

And lets put one other commonly held myth to bed. Voting, volunteering for, or in any other way getting into 'third party's' is just a waste of time. In Florida the Libertarian party continues to poll under one half of one percent. Other party's do even worse.

By all means you can discuss theory till you're blue in the face. But running candidates and even more importantly winning elections is the exclusive purview of the Democrat or Republican party. If you are passionate about making a difference (if you are conservative) the Republican party is the only game in town.

This is really no surprise since winning elections is about knocking on doors and getting out the vote. Typical voters, and by typical I mean the ones that 'don't have time for politics'-- these are the folks that just look quickly at candidates and make quick decisions.

All hands on deck, and into the boats!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volunteers Needed To Make Calls For Rick Scott

This is going to be a squeaker. My choice is Rick Scott for Governor. The best thing you can do for Rick right now is make phone calls. The technology of the Scott campaign is first rate. You don't have to dial numbers. There is nothing complicated. It's a normal looking phone that is hooked up to a computer (although you'll never see it).

But make no mistake, a real live human making phone calls to voters is huge.

Here's where you can go:

1064 Lee Rd. #1
Orlando, Fl 32810

1037 S. Florida Ave.
Lakeland, Fl. 33803

4131 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Fl. 32605

1221 W. Cass St.
Tampa, Fl. 32606

Call for hours, but generally they open at 9am and go till 8pm

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Bird Tells Me That Grassroots Republican Mike Yost Might Just Pull Upset On Liberal Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown!

If there ever was a congressional race that had all the underpinnings of the upset of the century, it's the outsider Mike Yost running against multi-term career politician Democrat Corrine Brown. It's a district that Republican Party of Florida purposely carved out that would cater to minorities.

Using the word 'gerrymandered' to describe District 3 is an understatement. It somehow runs from Jacksonville to Orlando with some parts so narrow that a cat swishing it's tail would cross opposing boundaries.

The big surprise is that far from being a giveaway to the loony left, never once having a Republican congressman represent it, now it's 'in play.' Even veritable analyst Dick Morris has taken notice, trumpeting Mr. Yost as one of his favorite upsets.

During a recent visit to Orlando on the "Take Back America" tour, Mr. Morris singled out Mike with strong praise for his race. He challenged the Republican Party of Florida and the tea party movement to get behind this "winnable race" and has marked it as one of his "races to watch."

Today this writer helped on a precinct walk that gave a startling glimpse of what might be. After knocking about a hundred doors the proof was there to see. Constituents of Ms. Brown were ready for change. I saw only one forlorn sign, leaning over (to the left of course), proclaiming 'Corrine Brown DELIVERS.'

After a morning's work, there were MANY signs in the yards of Mike Yost supporters!

Afterwords I sat down to talk with a professional Republican campaign field director familiar with the race. He/she must remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

"I've run the numbers on this district and Mike can win. Even though Dem's have a lead in registration, I've looked at national Gallop Polling predicting a low turnout among the Democrat base. I've overlaid that on the district and with an expected high Republican turnout, you have a very different outcome."

When asked why the Republican Party of Florida has not taken much of an interest in this race, the reply was "they're more interested in not making this a profile race. They think that supporting Yost might energize Democrat turnout." Even more astounding was the statement, "They are persona non grata when Mike wins. No one that didn't support us will be invited to the victory party, nor will they be invited up on stage for the victory speech."

Was this just typical bravado in an uphill race? The source replied, "Mike went from having very little money to campaign on, to now (after the Dick Morris pronouncement), having enough to hire a small professional staff. I came down here from (location deleted) and took a pay cut to help stage this upset."

Okay folks, this has got my attention, now how about you?

We grassroots/tea party movement types are always spoiling for a fight against the worst elements in Washington that are destroying our nation. Corrine Brown has taken for granted her district and now we have a chance to catch her napping.

What my source tells me is that all we need is a last minute surge of volunteers to pull the upset of the century! We need live bodies to run the phone banks. We need fearless patriots that aren't afraid of walking into Democrat territory to rouse Republican and Independent voters announcing victory is at hand.

Corrine Brown's slogan is "I deliver". Problem is that even after grabbing over $600 MILLION taxpayer dollars for her district, most of her constituents are still mired in poverty! Mike Yost on the other hand grew up in poverty himself in West Virginia. He learned that government doesn't teach people to stand on their own two feet, they subjugate them with phony programs that perpetuate their low economic outcomes.

Mike Yost learned one more thing in 'Almost Heaven' West Virginia. And that's 'how to beat Democrats.' As a teenager he got interested in a Republican that wanted to run for office. The candidate told him it was a long shot. Fortunately, Mike didn't understand demographics and polling data. But on election night the long shot candidate pulled out a squeaker and Yost got educated.

Here's YOUR challenge and chance to be a part of a race that will be written about in political history books. This will be the upset of the CENTURY!

Simply reply to (my personal email) and I'll forward your contact info to Mike and the rest of the gang (including the professional campaign field director). We'll teach both the Democrat and Republican party's a lesson about popular uprisings!

Remember, if you live in Jacksonville, Orlando, Palatka, Orange Park, Gainesville, Greene Cove Spring, Interlachen, Deland, or anywhere near there, we need boots on the ground. If you live far away, we can give you lists to phone call and rally our base.

Please also consider donating to the effort:

In Liberty,
Nick Egoroff

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The More Things Change At RPOF, The More They Stay The Same!

This is a story where everybody is talking, but no one is telling what's REALLY going on.

The first talker is Jim Greer. He rode high on Charlie Crist' shoulders when the governor installed him as the head of the Republican Party of Florida. But that was in 2006, now he's fallen from power along with his benefactor.

So eager was the 'new' RPOF to get the Crist/Greer saga behind them that they had to drag Greer out of their Tallahassee HQ. John Thrasher (who replaced Greer) and a host of big names like incoming Speaker of the Florida House Dean Cannon & incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolis wanted Greer to go quietly.

First there were offers of a sizable 'severance' package for the unpopular Greer. That blew up when the amount became known to other RPOF executives around the state. Mr. Greer said no severance, no quiet resignation.

Then it was discovered that Jim Greer had been taking a commission on all the money raised for the state party. Greer says this was a common practice in fund raising and RPOF knew about it all along.

Things got very confrontational between Greer and RPOF as some 'dirty laundry' began to turn up in the media.

Conflicting reports started surfacing about a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation. Finally, an indictment against Greer was announced in July and the once mighty chairman was led away in handcuffs from his posh Seminole county home.

At the press conference the next day various state attorney's outlined charges of money laundering against Greer. But one question came up that may have set the stage for what was to follow.

Bill McCollum was the State Attorney General and some reporters asked if there wasn't a conflict of interest since Mr. McCollum was a well known RPOF insider and those doing the investigation of Greer answered to the A.G.'s office.

The prosecuting attorney's bristled at the idea that their legal findings might be influenced by McCollum. But they readily agreed that Bill was their boss and they talked to him on a regular basis.

The press conference continued with how much evidence had been gathered against Greer and how eager the state attorney's were to bring this case to trial.

No more has been mentioned about this curious conflict until yesterday when a sudden announcement was made that the trail that was to happen in early fall was postponed until 'sometime' in 2011.

No reason was given for this long postponement. But it does accomplish one very important objective: there will be no opportunity for voters to hear how business is done at RPOF. Greer had promised that he would name names and explode the myths of how he was forced out.

Marco Rubio, Cannon, Haridopolis, and many others have close ties with financial dealings of the state party. It would not do to have this kind of hot testimony coming out right in the middle of campaigning.

So the question must be asked, 'What caused a seemingly open and shut case to be re-scheduled so long into the future.' Also remember that this investigation had been going on for many months and neither side had hinted at a need for more time.

But a careful reading of the story filed by The Orlando Sentinel raises more questions than it answers. Read between the lines of 'both sides agreed to postponement' (that would be the state attorney's office and Greer's high-powered defense lawyer) and you'll see a sudden shift. Link

No longer was the state in a rush to try and punish Greer. And no longer was the defense wanting to clear their client's name. Instead, out of the blue, comes 'let's do this after the election.'

Again, no one is talking, and no media are asking the tough questions, about why this sudden change of strategy. Instead just a brief press release and perfunctory 'no comments.'

We'll have to wait to see what finally does happen.

But the typical outcome from these high profile cases usually runs like this:

1) After many postponements, the public loses interest in what happened a long time ago.

2) Then prosecutors and defense lawyers work out some plea-bargaining.

3) Everyone gets what they want.

Greer will avoid any prison time. John Thrasher get's to keep the party secrets.

Greer is gone with legal stipulations agreeing to not sing like a canary.

In the end there's lots of talk... but it's business as usual when money is involved.

Friday, September 3, 2010

One Narrative That Might Change The Florida Governor Race Between Rick Scott and Alex Sink!

Could this fall election change from the usual blather to some very hard hitting and hard to defend accusations? Alex Sink may have signaled that she will turn Rick Scott's successful 'corruption in Tallahassee' message back against him.

In her latest commercial ad, Sink moves right into setting herself apart from special interests and corruption in the state capital. Take a look...

This is fairly tame stuff that may change as the contest heats up. Will she bring up the same pictures of disgraced Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer that Rick Scott used so effectively to beat Bill McCollum?

Only time will tell. The problem for Mr. Scott is that he knows that the insiders control Tallahassee. And since the Republicans have been the majority party for a dozen years, Sink is provided an opportunity to tie Scott to all the scandals that plague the Florida GOP.

This could put the Scott campaign into a defensive posture that he might never recover from.

Naturally, Scott will say 'I'll clean house,' but this may ring hollow to the all important 'independent' voters that are so crucial to winning. They may reason: why not get rid of the party all together?

Keep your eyes peeled for the next salvo from Ms. Sink. We may see if she turns the mirror back on Scott. This could get very ugly very quickly.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rick Scott's Choice For Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

Orlando Republicans welcomed Rick Scott and his new pick for Florida Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll. Rick gave a short speech which he read from notes. Ms. Carroll then stepped to the podium and spoke without notes. She did an outstanding job, befitting her experience as a multi-term State House Representative.

Obviously race and gender played a role in her selection. But I really liked her presence and warmth which seemed genuine. After talking with other folks there, we all seemed to agree that she was a fantastic choice. Mr. Scott will be well served in giving her as much face-time with voters as possible.

I by chance was approached by The Orlando Sentinel reporter asking me if I thought she would really make much of a difference, "Isn't Lt. Governor largely a ceremonial position?" My reply was that in the past this was true. But look how Vice-president Dick Cheney and Vice-president Joe Biden have played significant supporting roles. Add to this that Rick Scott is used to running large corporations. That means he's learned how to delegate responsibility.

Time will tell, but I think all indicators are pointing to a good ticket for voters to support.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Will Special Interest Money & Old Line Republican Party of Florida Power Compromise Rick Scott?

As the Republican Unity Tour makes it's way across Florida, it might be a good time to raise questions about the future of Mr. Scott's campaign. His ascent to nominee was both costly ($50 million out of his pocket) and shocking to the state GOP establishment.

But even billionaires have self-imposed limits to which they'll gamble their fortunes. It appears now that Mr. Scott has reached his.

He's quoted in media as saying that 'I spent more than I would have liked to' on defeating McCollum. In the next breath he says, "I'm ready to start fund raising for the Republican Party of Florida," with the understanding that lots of that money will be funneled back to his campaign.

To accomplish this the, the traditional establishment of RPOF must be brought in. Which is what happened today in Orlando.

The Unity Tour brought together not only Rick Scott, but Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos, and Florida State House Speaker Dean Cannon. Each congratulated the other without a hint of the rancor that marked the Republican governor's primary.

But here's the rub. If Mr. Scott has indeed reached his limit to self-financing his own campaign, are these show's of 'unity' coming at a price?

Mr. Scott has said publicly that he welcomes lobbyist money as long as they are supportive of his agenda. Fair enough, and we'll have to take him at his word. But hundreds of our Republican state legislators say that they are not influenced at all by lavish spending of corporate special interests that fund their campaigns, yet vote for boondoggles like SunRail, the US Sugar land deal, and others. These same entities make sure to reward helpful incumbents with millions at election time.

And still we have Mr. Scott who says that he is beholden to no one and will use the special interest money for his campaign with no strings attached. Let's hope so. But the biggest reason Scott beat McCollum was the desire by rank and file Republicans to stop the whole circus up in Tallahassee.

Remember this. When Bill McCollum got into trouble RPOF was able to funnel millions in corporate donations to prop up his campaign. Will Scott follow in the footsteps of others that have accepted special interest money? Wait and see!

Hope the old saying that 'he who pays the piper calls the tune,' does not apply here.