Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Does 2009 Hold In Store For Supporters of Liberty?

Science of Freedom Strategy

Below is a short article about our new organization. I'm wanting to get this widely disseminated, so if you could, please post this around the net.

Nick Egoroff

What a year 2008 has been! I’ve learned much about politics and becoming involved to make a difference. With this article, I hope to inspire you to explore how to do more than just complain about politicians.

First, examine the system. I believe that like it or not (and I don’t) America is now a two party system. While I admire the stances of the Constitutional and Libertarian Party’s, I’ve knocked on enough doors to know that people only elect Republicans or Democrats.

Some may ask, ‘Why are you saying just go to the Republican Party?’ Because at various times and on various issues, the Republicans have espoused views most closely aligned with a Liberty movement. Democrats have rarely if ever accepted these views.

If you accept the above premise, I’ve got an easy way for you to start making an impact. Join your county Republican Executive Committee (REC). This little known entity is open to any registered Republican. It is the core building block of the state and national Republican Party.

I like REC’s for a number of reasons. First it gets you educated very quickly on local and state level elected offices. These offices rarely make it to the ‘radar screen’ of most people’s consciousness. That makes them ideal offices for us to either run for or gain influence on.

The next reason I like REC’s is because membership is so small. Here in Orange County, Fl. where I live, monthly meetings only garner about 50 or so attendees (I’ve spoken to people all over the US and their county REC’s have similar or SMALLER numbers). The rules for joining are something along the line of ‘come to three monthly meetings in a row and you’re in.’

Once you’ve got a few dozen people on the inside, then you are now the influencers on the direction and philosophy of the Republican ‘brand’. I’ll leave it to your imagination what you can do from here;-)

Now connect the dots. The county REC’s elect representatives to the State Republican Party. The State Republican Party elects two representatives to the Republican National Committee. All three of these create the Party Platform and select delegates to the Republican National Convention.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this strategy. But this is enough to get us started. To read more, please go to my Facebook site: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/...

Next go to www.campaignforliberty.com and sign up for their Precinct Member program.

Nick Egoroff
Director of Science of Freedom

Friday, December 26, 2008

Orange Republican Leadership Fight Goes to AG McCollum

The article below comes from The Orlando Sentinel.

http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/news_politics/2008/12/orange-republic.html Be sure and add a comment at the Sentinel site.

Deon Long ramped up his fight to win control of the Orange County Republican Party this week, sending a legal request to state Attorney General Bill McCollum to intervene in a local GOP vote dispute and install him as party chairman.

In a five-page appeal, Long essentially said he was denied the chairmanship in a 122-121 inner-party vote against incumbent chairman Lew Oliver because more than a dozen of his supporters were refused a ballot by Oliver due to the sitting chairman's insistence that they didn't file proper loyalty oaths.

Oliver says he followed state rules on loyalty oaths. And a traffic accident on the East-West Expressway and other scheduling hiccups that election night kept plenty of his backers from attending the vote, too. Without those glitches, Oliver said he would have handily won the party leadership vote.

Long is asking McCollum to intervene quickly because a recent South Florida judge ruled the loyalty oaths were out of order. And if this internal-vote squabble isn't settled soon, Long wrote, he could be denied a chance to vote in the Florida party's state chairman elections on Jan. 9.

McCollum's office was closed Friday and he could not be reached for immediate comment. Oliver said he welcomes any inter-party appeals surrounding the recent chairman's vote, but he's confident McCollum would not intervene.

"There's courts for that purpose," Oliver said Friday.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Florida Manifesto!

As many of you know we here in Orange County have been trying to find a way to be effective in the political process. Right now we are engaged in battle to oust liberal Chairman Lew Oliver and his cronies from controlling the Orange County Republican Executive Committee (OCREC). We lost the first round 122-121. We will continue the battle with round two.

We are sending a separate petition to those of you that were elected to OCREC for the new 2008-2010 term. It outlines the procedure to have a SPECIAL OCREC meeting to redo the election. But what about the rest of you? What can you do?

First let me give you the bad news. American politics is built on a two party system. Continually I watch the actual voter statistics. The Libertarian, Constitutional, Greens, and everyone else put together in 2008 garnered less than one and a half percent of the vote totals. For many reasons, Americans will not vote in any third party candidates. Not in 2008 and any other election of recent memory.

If we want to have an impact on returning the country, state, and local elections to any sort of constitutional form of government, we're going to have to work within the two party conscript. Third parties are not a viable option for the foreseeable future.

Now for the good news that you can really use. The Republican Party used to be the party of smaller government and personal liberty. Now after losing a landslide election on the national level the party is undergoing a reevaluation. Several factions a vying for the right to speak for the Party. We can be one of those factions.

Here in Orange County we can have real influence on the outcome. While our members seek to invalidate the recent election of Oliver, we need ALL of you to make a point of attending the January 8th OCREC meeting at 7pm at the Mark Street Senior Center. We'll need you to attend 3 consecutive monthly meetings, but in return you will have the opportunity to become voting members of OCREC.

Many people ask me why go through all the hassle to just join a group that has been so hostile to us? Answer: Because there is nothing else that we can do that will yield such a big return.

Emails to friends, sign waves, letters to the editors are great. But they pale compared to the effect of having a local Party that can build a true grassroots machine, that can send out press releases, and help Constitutional candidates get elected. All it takes is committing to attending meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Ninety minutes a month gains you access to the levers of power.

Please see the calendar at http://www.meetup.com/orlandocampaignforliberty-com/calendar/9337544/ to RSVP.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December OCREC Election Coverage!

As some of you know, Orlando Campaign For Liberty was involved in a project to integrate into the Orange County Republican Executive Committee (OCREC). The culmination of this effort was last night (Dec. 8) where we attempted to forge an alliance with other disgruntled Republicans to elect a new Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Due to Lew Oliver sending spies into our group we had to keep this effort quiet. Now that the vote is over I want to share a bit about it.

Unfortunately our efforts fell short. Final vote was 122-121, meaning that just ONE vote stopped us from booting Lew Oliver out of office. Worst of all was that Chairman Lew Oliver (who was seeking reelection) disqualified about 20 of our members from voting due to 'technicalities'. Even things like not having the correct precinct number written on the new loyalty oath, was enough for Oliver to strike people from the list of eligible voters.

Bottom line? Lew was more than happy to disenfranchise duly elected Republican committeemen and women if it meant that he could stay in power. This is a terrible precedent to set and it angered a great many RP types as well as many traditional Republican OCREC members.

I talked with many traditional OCREC members that were now receiving the same kind of rough treatment usually reserved for RP supporters. In all cases it became clear that if you had not previously indicated you would be supporting Lew Oliver, your paperwork and credentials were questioned and scrutinized with special zeal. Like I said earlier 20 or so of our supporters suddenly found out that their 'paperwork' was not in order and they could not vote.

If just two of these mysterious cases were allowed to vote, Lew Oliver would have had to beat a hasty retreat out the backdoor.

There is also the parliamentary question of whether Oliver was elected even with these abnormalities. Two votes that were cast that night were marked 'none' and 'abstain'. According to Roberts Rules of Order, Oliver's one vote margin was not a '50 percent plus one' win but rather as a 'less then 50 percent vote total' which would have necessitated a runoff election. Oliver would have none of that, even though Doug Guetzloe (who knows Roberts Rules forwards and backwards) challenged him on the violation. Oliver interpreted those 2 votes as non-votes, meaning they didn't count. Again this keeps with Oliver's pattern of very skewed interpretations.

None the less there is much to be proud of. Many, many people worked hard to make this project a qualified success. Starting back in May of 2008 going through December 2008 the following are due special recognition. Well on second thought, since we know that Lew Oliver seeks to expel RP supporters they will have to remain anonymous. Trust me though, over 20 people deserve special thanks.

Most certainly the many, many people that came out to support our efforts also should be proud. You guys did what no other state of Florida RP meetup group did--over 100 people put up with the sign up hassle before Lew got a hold of your paperwork. No other Florida meetup group had these kind of numbers.

Here's another little tidbit that I'm going to throw out. During the summer I was able to secretly listen in to a Republican Party of Florida conference call for county chairman. When business about the 'Ron Paul people coming into the Republican Party' came up, it was decided that statewide they had to stop it. Singled out for special mention was none other than yours truly and the Orlando Ron Paul Meetup group. Take a bow guys, your efforts have reached the ears of King Jim Greer (Chairman of the State Party).

Now comes the decision. Do we fold our tents and go home? Or do we stand up for the principles of the Constitution and fight? I think you can guess what my answer is;-) OCREC meetings are the first Thursday of every month. I'm for calling a meeting of our own to plan strategy. What say you?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sneak Peek At Orange County Precinct Committee Elections Results!!

Friday, June 20th was the final day to file our Precinct Committeeman and Committeewoman paperwork with the Orange County Supervisor of Elections. Many of you have contacted me to ask how this all went. In one word it was AWESOME! As I said in a previous email, this was truly a group effort! Many of you went way beyond the call of duty. You proved that your care and concern for America knows no bounds. You also greatly inspired me to believe that Ron Paul PATRIOTS are the most politically active people that I have ever known!

I wish that I could go into detail about we achieved. But know well that the weeks of work done on this project proved very fruitful! But the forces that oppose free and open elections to OCREC are closely watching our every move. Gary Phiester, Vice-Chairman even paid us a surprise visit for our final night of sign-ups at Barnes and Noble Bookstore Cafe. We of course spotted him and I invited him to come over and say hello to the Paulist'as. And of course Uncle Lew Oliver reads our every email, so hello to you sir, and mind your own business!!

Like I said we (and I most of all) must resist the temptation to give out vital information that Oliver and company would use to their advantage. But just like a good general would never give away the plan to victory, I will encourage you all with the news that we surprised those that seek to keep OCREC as a closed body-politic. Our numbers and theirs are very close and I urge all of you to stay ready for action.

Remember our CAUSE is right, and we seek nothing less than to restore the Republican Party to the Constitutional Rule of Law. Nothing less and nothing more. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the rest of the Founding Fathers are toasting our SUCCESS!

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections is posting SOME results http://www.ocfelectio...

scroll to the bottom and open the excel link marked STATE AND PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN/COMMITTEE WOMAN REPUBLICANS I'll have a further communique once I have a chance to fully digest the numbers.

Please do not post up something like "hey I made it, etc." We must absolutely keep Lew Oliver in the dark about our true numbers and plans. Also be prepared for such dirty tricks like getting phone calls from his stooges saying things like 'Oh, did you know you have to give at least $500 to the Party if you want to be a member? Or, 'We already have enough people in your precinct, we're sending someone over with a form for you to withdraw.' Remember that Lew Oliver has lied many, many times about us and he intends to stop us from having a legitimate voice in OUR PARTY! Report any and all suspicious contacts to me at nicholasegoroff@hotmail.com IMMEDIATELY.

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters! Our victory is assured if we have but the WILL to succeed!

And not to brag too much, but we can take pride that NO OTHER RON PAUL MEETUP GROUP in Florida came close to accomplishing what we are about to do. I'm so DAMN PROUD of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Organizer

Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty Blog is THE BOMB!!!

I just keep asking myself WHY isn't Dr. Paul the Republican Party Nominee??

Then I read the June 20th Blog entry on the Campaign For Liberty Website http://www.campaignfo... Then the answer is clear. He is telling the truth that no one wants to hear. This excellent article on the ruinous spending by Bush and the Democratic controlled Congress is the classic 'Truth? You want the TRUTH? YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! syndrome. Read it and be forewarned.

While McCain, Obama, Charlie Crist, Jim Greer, and the rest of the boob-tube talking heads proclaim that happy days will be here again if we'll just pull the lever one more time for them, we pretend (or hope) that we will be taken care of. Ron Paul continues to confirm that he is the only one telling the truth in 'guvment'.

It is truly appalling that the Party that once at least tried to hold the line on Constitutional limited government has now thrown in with the Dem's and said 'Screw it. We know how to buy the support of the people too.' But as Dr. Paul has said many times, 'This whole thing will end, and probably end badly.' Keep the faith my good physician. You know what ails this country and don't sugar coat the bitter medicine.

I suppose I should end this rant (and plug for Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty Website) with something positive. Which is that we are growing as a movement. Recently I modified the name of the Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup to the Orlando Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty. Thought we should bring down the curtain on his Presidential campaign and spotlight the new PERMANENT rEVOLtion that will continue to expand. Did everyone notice that we are still adding new members at a great pace?? Really liked the comment that one of our new patriots posted on her bio, "I'm tired of being lied too." Amen to that sister, and welcome!

Good Night, Good Luck, And May God Bless America!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty Organizer

Edited by Nick on Jun 22, 2008 12:43 AM

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take it any more! this immortal line from the 70's movie 'Network' describes what I'm feeling right now. Prior to my kangaroo court trial at the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, I was constrained from speaking my mind about the seamy underside of what is going on inside the Party. Now that State Party Chairman Jim Greer has decided that prior legal notification from the State of Florida Department of Elections is IRRELEVANT I'm going to lay it out so all can see what the Party is coming to.

Let me explain. About a month ago I was made privy to secret plans from the Republican Party of Florida. It was hard for me to believe what I was hearing on a confidential conference call conducted by RPOF. I heard executive's from Tallahassee telling state chairpersons from around the state to use the new Party Loyalty Oath as a way to keep Ron Paul Republicans from playing a role in the party. RPOF had heard that supporters of Republican Congressman Ron Paul had decided to try and become active in the state Party hierarchy. The mere fact that they had supported Congressman Paul's failed presidential bid was enough to alarm the ruling elite of the Party.

I can't reveal how I get passwords, telephone numbers, and copy's of secret forms distributed by the RPOF, but suffice to say, we have friends in high places. Further evidence of what lengths the Party leadership would go was displayed by telling the state chairpersons that State Chairman Greer had changed the rules unilaterally and had these rules written into Florida Statute Law. Even some of the County Chairpersons were surprised at this secret move, since the very rules were not able to gain a majority of the votes at the February meeting.

But Chairman Greer knew that the election of new County Precinct Committee Persons was coming up fast so he instructed his legal department to send instructions to the Florida Department of Elections on How the REPUBLICAN PARTY wanted this particular election to be run. Never mind that the FDE had run these elections for decades; this time the RPOF wanted to dictate how the elections would be RUN and who would WIN.

Note also that the Loyalty Oath form was not readily available, except to those favored by the sitting County Chairpersons and those chosen to receive it by RPOF. Hence providing the RPOF and the local county chairs the enviable position of choosing who and who could not oppose them for election. Both the RPOF executive board and their County Republican Executive Boards were themselves up for reelection made up of new and old elected precinct committee people (a classic case of the fox guarding the hen house, or should I say the fox was now given permission to go into the hen house and ERADICATE all the unpopular chickens).

These instructions (or should I call them ORDERS??) were NOT warmly received by Donald L. Palmer, Director of the Florida Division of Elections (see the two latest files for copies of the secret memorandums http://ronpaul.meetup.com/184/files/ Mr. Palmer told the RPOF that they would be the sole decider of who could run for Precinct Committee Persons, not the RPOF. Obviously the State of Florida suspected that RPOF was trying to rig a public election that the county Supervisor of Elections office was responsible for.

I and many others were convinced that this was the end of the new secret loyalty oath. But the RPOF has now thrown down the gauntlet to both newcomers to the County Republican Party's, the local Supervisor of Elections, and to the State of Florida itself. The RPOF even goes so far as to call the Florida Division of Elections and the County Supervisor of Elections merely "vendor" to the party and has no jurisdiction relating to a person's qualification to hold party office as it relates to the Party Loyalty Oath." This is an exact quote from their response to the Florida Division of Elections! They are in effect saying that we will pick and choose who you can place on the ballot for election. If this was truly a private party it may well be the case. But the RPOF is actually a statutory entity who's rules must conform to generally recognized forms of free elections. Else why would the Florida Division of Elections say that they WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE NEW LOYALTY OATH!

I and others are exploring legal action and injunctive relief to stop the vote rigging and strong-arm tactics of the RPOF. I hope that you will join me in signing up during the next FOUR DAYS of events found in our calendar here http://ronpaul.meetup.com/184/calendar/ If you have already signed up great! But we need every last person to sign-up. Then join us in telling the leadership of the Republican Party that we're MAD AS HELL about them trying to keep themselves elected for life!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

State of Florida Smacks Down Attempt By Florida Republican Party To Constrict Elections!


For the last several weeks the Republican Party Of Florida has been trying to make it difficult for Republicans to run for Precinct Committee Persons. These positions are elected once every four years through the local county Supervisor of Elections. Winners in the Republican Party will go on to help shape the state party platform and help select/elect local, state, and federal candidates.

The R.P.O.F had sent a letter to the Florida Department of State ordering local County Supervisor of Elections to change the way Precinct Committee elections were to be run. Their plan was to have chairman (like Lew Oliver) dictate who and who was not to be allowed to run for Precinct Committee persons. I can't divulge sources, but the state party told local chairpersons to 'go down to the Supervisor of Elections office and tell them who was a loyal Republican.' This is akin to allowing the chairpersons to disqualify anyone who didn't already support the chairpersons and their agenda. Talk about rigging an election!!

Fortunately the Florida Department of State and the Florida Department of Elections struck a blow for free and open elections by blocking this outrageous obstruction tactic. Again, I can't disclose sources, but suffice to say that while the Republican Party continues to snoop through our emails and install moles in our Liberty groups, we too have a lot of support within the Republican Party that tips us to their dirty tricks.

Please take this opportunity to sign up to have your voice in the Republican Party heard.

http://ronpaul.meetup... or http://ronpaul.meetup...

If you can't make these, they'll be others (watch our calendar)

These positions are VITAL to returning the Republican Party to it's Constitutional principles of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Liberty. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Republican Party wouldn't be fighting us tooth and nail unless they were frightened that their RINO (Republican In Name Only) hijacking of the Party, was about to end. Everyone should stand firm and say 'It's My Party Too!'

If you can't make tonight's sign-up session there will be more. But time is of the essence. We only have a little under two weeks to become precinct committee persons. The race is on and we are gathering lots of support from traditional Republicans. Together we will have a winning team to kick RINO Chairman Oliver out to the curb.

The Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group

Sounds Like Lew Oliver Is Up To His Old Tricks!

Many of us remember the big deal Chairman Oliver made about the Mark Street Senior Center 'complaining' that our meetings were going to long. Oliver whined about that OCREC might be 'billed' for going over time limit so he put forth a motion that we limit debate on new motions and that we always end our meetings at 8:30pm.

No one thought to question his Highness on this proclamation of fact so we all supported the motion. Seems that Chairman Lew's ability to stretch the truth is showing again. Much like his libeling me in print purporting that I made certain statements that he now seems to back away from (now that I'm suing him for libel).

Turns out one of our members curiosity got the better of him. I'll reprint below his email to me. He also sent me a copy of the Rules from Orange County Parks and Recreation which backs up all the claims he makes below.

Bottom Line: OCREC can't make this a private meeting. It breaks the usage agreement that they have with the Orange County Parks and Recreation.

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Hey Nick -

I naturally became suspicious of several of the motions that have recently been passed namely the one concerning the adjournment of the meeting exactly at 8:30pm

Lew stated the reason was due to receiving a complaint that our meeting had run long and OCREC was to begin to get charged an overtime fee if the meetings continued to run late.

Last Friday I went and spoke with Penny Fawcett the Site Supervisor of the Marks Street Senior Center.

I learned a couple of surprising things.

1. No such complaint came from her office to OCREC
2. ALL repeat users of the site are now going to be subject to rental fees if they meet past the centers hours (8a-8p).
3. As part of the Fee waiver policy (which is why OCREC enjoys free usage of the facility) "The event being held must be open to the public"

As a tactic to always end the meeting prior to new business, thereby limiting our ability to speak, Lew pretty much lied to get the motion passed.

Additionally, they CAN NOT kick anyone out of the meeting or bar anyone from attending, the media or private citizens. It is a county facility and has to be open to the public, per the contract that they signed to use the facility.

I've attached the paperwork that Penny gave to me on the fee waiver policy and also the letter about the fees that went out to all of the regular users of the facility.

(original sender's name removed)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sneak Peak! Lew Oliver Sends Out New Attack!

Haven't gotten a copy yet, but Lew Oliver has sent out another mailer to OCREC members. It's full of his usual mudslinging. Since I'm still a member of Orange County Republican Executive Committee, you'd think I would have it. Maybe he thinks if he only just eliminates my name from the roll, I won't see it. Fat chance. I have plenty of support within the OCREC. Stay tuned, I'll print it as soon as I see it.

Nick Egoroff

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Five Day Ticking Time-Bomb Placed On OCREC Chairman Lew Oliver's Doorstep

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

I received notice yesterday that my lawyer, Fred O'Neal served notice to Lew Oliver that he had five days to recant his libelous statements about me.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Frederic B. O'Neal, Attorney at Law
(address removed for privacy)

Date: May 19, 2008
To: Lew Oliver, c/o Gary Pfister, Esq.
From: Fred O'Neal
Re: erroneous comments about Nicholas Egoroff in 4/25/08 email
Enclosures: email, dated 4/25/08, from you to members of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee

Dear Mr. Oliver:

Pursuant to Section 770.01 (Notice condition precedent to action or prosecution for libel or slander), Florida Statutes, you are hereby notified of the article and statements contained therein which my client, Nicholas Egoroff, alleges to be false and defamatory.

Specifically, in an email, dated April 25, 2008, from you to members of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee you falsely attributed the following statements to my client:

- ?Attention all HIPPIES, PEACENIKS, peaceniks, and all who find the USA Patriot Act to be an ABOMINATION: It?s time to register Republican!?
- ?There are OTHER PLACES to say what WE REALLY THINK, such as RLC meetings (Republican Liberty Council)? Not at REC meetings.?
- ?The party is ripe for a hostile takeover.?

Please govern yourself accordingly.

Additionally, please be aware that Section 836.01 (?Punishment for libel?), Florida Statutes, makes the publication of a libel a criminal offense in the State of Florida.


Frederic B. O'Neal, Esq.

More Coverage In Orlando Sentinel of Oliver/Egoroff Dispute

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Well known Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell has taken an interest in the going's on at OCREC. We are free to add our comments as well. Let's help get the truth out there. Here's the link

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
OCREC Voting Member Precinct 319

New Meeting: The Big Tent Collapseses In On Itself/ June OCREC Meeting Sham!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Announcing a new meeting for The Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group!

What: The Big Tent Collapseses In On Itself/ June OCREC Meeting Sham!

When: Thursday, June 5, 7:00 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Who should come: Everyone that isn't afraid to take a stand for right vs. wrong!

Why: Rare opportunity to see how the Republican Party deals with those that want to offer a differing view.

Meeting Description: Okay, folks it's do or die time. Lew Oliver has promised an 'added layer of security' to protect the Orange County Republican Executive Committee from those 'Ron Paul Wacko's'. The first quote is from Lying Lew's latest missive to OCREC members. The second one is from a cool couple I met at the May 1st OCREC. They were cool because they came up to me and said, "You know Lew Oliver recruited us to be here to defend the party from you Ron Paul wacko's. But you know, we read the pamphlet your supporters were handing out, and after talking with you Ron Paul people, we don't think you are wacky at all!"

We are going to make a last attempt to talk some sense to Republicans. I'm asking all people who believe that the Party should respect differences of opinion, to make an awesome showing. State GOP Chairman Jim Greer is going to be there. Lew Oliver thinks that Mr. Greer will protect him from those awful Sons of Liberty. Ron Paul supporters are now a byword for anything that Lying Lew thinks might upset his applecart! Hopefully, our traditional values of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Liberty, will confound their plans.

This will probably be the biggest meeting of the year. Not only is State Chairman Greer going to be there, but he's bringing the whole State of Florida GOP delegation. This promises to be a case of might vs. right. You want to miss it. Media will definitely be there. And since various potentates are coming too, I expect Lew Oliver will not only hire extra Orlando Police (like he did last month), he will probably have the new OPD Armored Personnel Carrier there just in case;-)

Tops on the agenda is my expulsion. I'm to be tried for certain activities unbecoming of a good Party-Line robot. Sorry, but I prefer to think for myself. Sure, they'll try and deprogram me and put in the chip labeled 'Do What Ever The Party Tells You To Do.' But unfortunately my eyes are opened and I'm not afraid to stand up and speak the truth.

Hope you all will make a spot in your schedule to come. Just walk in like you belong there. Skip signing in. Lew has already put out the word that only Republicans that agree with him are welcome. Dress for success and maybe we'll make a heroic last stand. It is a really sad that the Republican Party has come to this. Bright spot and good news is that MANY 'traditional' Republicans are stunned by Lew Oliver's childish behavior. I talked to them at the last meeting, and let me tell you, they have had enough of Lying Lew.

Parting words: I care not what Lew Oliver and his henchmen say or do. I care more about the Party that once stood for PRINCIPLE and one day hope that it will return to supporting CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
OCREC Member Precinct #319

Learn more here:

Shadow of Things To Come: Cop Cars Roll At Latest OCREC Meeting!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

I knew OCREC Chairman Lew Oliver was scared of us lowly 30-40 RP supporters, but I had no idea that he feared for his life! That's right folks, a fully armed Orlando Police Department Officer parked his shiny squad car smack dab in front of the door of the Mark Street Senior Center. He had his Glock sidearm locked and loaded. Hand cuffs at the ready; and I'm sure that his Tazar was set to maximum (remember to say, 'Don't Taze Me Bro).

Fortunately last nights meeting was another yawner. Any attempt to liven up the joint with ridiculous questions like 'Hey, what's up with trying to expel a fellow Republican?' or ' how's your lawsuits coming along?' were quickly put to sleep by a repeat lecture from our County Property Assessor Bill Donnegan, teaching us the definition of 'millage' and giving us a thorough walk-through of the Property Tax Assessment website. After 45 minutes of this, I was almost ready to volunteer for tarring and feathering just to relieve the boredom!

The really sad part? Lew Oliver is single handedly strangling the Party's life. Anyone that goes back to these exercises in boredom is either 1) a masochist or 2) desperate to try and save what remains of OCREC.

Want some good news? I was approached by many longterm OCREC members that were appalled at Chairman Oliver using our Republican Party to settle a personal vendetta. As one old timer put it, 'If Lew's got a problem with you, you guys should take it outside.' Now that's what I would call a common sense attitude! Too bad Lew is more interested in throwing his weight around by hiring cops to intimidate people.

Final closing note. What is up with Lew's choice of hats? I'm referring to the silly camouflage style baseball cap he wore throughout the meeting. Lew must think we're in basic training and he's our drill Sargent. And did you hear how he was barking orders to Jonathan Swift (executive director) and to others? Memo to Lew: ratchet down the dictatorial style and give us time to deal with matters of substance. Example: Well over $25,000 was spent by the Board without so much as a moment's debate. Everything is rush, rush with Lew Oliver. No time to debate the issues, but plenty of time to hear REPEAT lectures on arcane property tax business.

Our struggle continues to revitalize the Orange County Republican Executive Committee.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

More Favorable Coverage For Us On WDBO 580 AM Radio

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Lots of great quotes like "If smaller government and lower taxes are revolutionary for the Republican Party, then we'll call it revolutionary." Check out the link below, but WDBO is playing multiple quotes by me throughout the day that aren't on the podcast. Lew Oliver refused to go on and answer my charges, which shows he's running scared.

Tune in now and throughout the day! Then see you tonight at 7:00 pm Mark Street Center. See our calendar.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer


Temporary Victory! OCREC Backs Away From Expelling Nick Egoroff

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Last night I received a personal phone call from Vice Chairman of OCREC Gary Phister. He told me that the OCREC Board had decided to temporarily postpone the motion for my removal from OCREC. The vote for my removal was to take place this Thursday at the May 1st OCREC meeting. It has now been moved to the June 5th meeting.

I tried to get Vice Chairman Phister to explain why this happened. He mentioned that State Chairman Jim Greer would be coming to that meeting. I then repeated my 5 earlier requests for written information on the procedure for my removal. And yet again he said he didn't know, other than a vote would be taken of the OCREC membership. Geez, Gary, do you think you could at least give me the rules before you find me guilty of violating them??

I also requested that I be given access to the OCREC email list so that I could answer Chairman Oliver's complaints against me. I also told Phister that I have information that paid OCREC personnel were doing the chairman's bidding trying to arm-twist members to supporting his position. Phister's response? "No Comment!"

So we are left to stew about what all this means. Has Chairman Oliver realized he doesn't have the support to throw me out? Maybe our phone calls and emails to OCREC have given him some pause. If you would like to contact Chairman Oliver please email him at lew1805@aol.com Remember to keep it civil and stick to the issues of your support for differing opinions within the OCREC.

Perhaps State Chairman Greer wants to come see for himself what all the bother is about. He was scheduled to come anyway, so maybe he just wants to kill two birds with one stone. Umm, I don't think I like the sounds of that one;-)

I've also been invited back to the Doug Guetzloe Report today at 11am on 1190 AM radio. Tune in if you can.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

Chairman Oliver Continues Campaign Of Dirty Tricks!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

My appearance on The Guetzloe Report ( 11-12pm 1190 AM Radio) went very well. Lots of callers voicing support for my fight to keep my membership in OCREC. An MP3/Podcast should be available shortly for those that could not hear the show live.

Unfortunately Chairman Oliver continues to pull stuff out of his campaign of dirty tricks bag. Not content with printing out and out lies saying that I wrote things WHICH I DID NOT WRITE, he has decided that no one should be able to see the expulsion proceedings. Never mind that NOTHING of any strategical significance will be discussed, he wants to hush-up the whole sordid affair against me.

I was tipped today by a news reporter that Chairman Oliver will close the May 1st OCREC meeting to the public. While every meeting up to this point has been open and 'in the sunshine', Oliver knows that what he is about to do is going to stink to high heaven! And he sure doesn't want any inquiring eyes to see it.

So what do we do? I ask that all Republicans that want to hear how Boss Oliver controls these meetings show up and ask, "Lew Oliver, What Are You Afraid Of?" Demand your right as a registered Republican to see the inner workings of your party.

I know that Lew is working overtime to spread lies about me to OCREC members. He uses the emails, phone calls, and personal contacts,-even getting the paid staff to do his bidding- all in an attempt to overwhelm my defense. Also realize I have no access to any of the lists he uses so there is no way form me to respond to OCREC members. Talk about a unfair fight, Lew has my hands tied and continues to pummel me. That's all right Lew, I can take a hit. But if you are so big and powerful (and we know you read every letter and have infiltrated our group). Why don't you let me have HALF the resources you have at your disposal. You are a disgrace for these continued underhanded tactics.

Lew Oliver I'm calling you out! Come out and face me one on one in a fair fight. I have FIVE email requests to you to give me a set of the rules that you are using to expel me. You've responded to NONE OF THEM! Again where is the fairness.

Since Lew has continued to flaunt his unreasonable behavior, I have been forced to hire Fred O'Neal, attorney at law, and am drawing up papers for libel. I will also file a grievance with the Florida Bar Association for unprofessional and unethical behavior against Chairman Oliver. We'll see if that causes him any pause on these attacks on me and my reputation.

I ask all who support decency and fair play to vote with their feet at the May 1st OCREC meeting, May 1st at 7pm. Show them that it is your party too! The media has promised that they will cover the proceedings.

RSVP Here: http://ronpaul.meetup...

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
Republican Precinct Committeeman #319

Nick Egoroff Answers OCREC Chairman Lew Oliver's Smear Campaign With Defamation Lawsuit!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Most of us are aware of the tactics that Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Lew Oliver has used against the Ron Paul supporters here in Orlando, Fl. It started when he circulated a secret memo smearing 8 Ron Paul supporters seeking membership into the OCREC, the local governing body of the Republican Party. The memo contained derogatory statements about these individuals calling them 'extremists' 'disloyal' and 'attacking the Party.' None of which were true, neither had they had a chance to defend themselves before the vote.

Once the memo was discovered by alert RP supporters and brought to my attention, I contacted Chairman Oliver the next day. The ensuing 90 minute conversation is outlined in an earlier email posted to the group. The upshot of which was 1) No apology will be forthcoming for the blackballing of the 8 RP supporters 2) there will be no more Ron Paul supporters admitted into OCREC. 3) He (Lew Oliver) would smear me too, if I brought this foul play to the media.

After seeing his new Katie-Bar-The-Door attitude against Ron Paul supporters, I met with several active Ron Paul supporters to discuss how we should handle this new problem. Previously we had received fair treatment at the hands of Chairman Oliver. Now we were seeing the beginning of a new strategy on his part. I explained to the group that I had pleaded with him to return to his previous record of fair play. He insisted in no uncertain terms that we would never take OCREC away from him. I tried to calm him by reminding him that we don't have the numbers to stage a 'takeover'. He was unrelenting in his vehement attitude and then launched into a tirade telling me three different times that he'd smear me too if I went public with the facts. The group decided that I could go forward with contacting the media as I saw fit.

Shortly thereafter the Orlando Sentinel article appeared and the debate with Chairman Oliver occurred on WFLA radio.

What is interesting at this point is that Chairman Oliver suddenly changed his story several times. First he is quoted as saying that there would be a stop to admitting Ron Paul Republicans and that I was not a target as I was already a member of OCREC. A few days after that his story changed again saying that 'some' Ron Paul supporters would be admitted if they identified their political leanings and submitted to an 'interview' process. Then that story changed again with Chairman Oliver demanding my removal from OCREC listing a long series of purported misdeeds by me. First he says that the media that the blocking of RP supporters was 'Not about Nick, he's a member' then he moves for my dismissal.

With his demands for my ouster things took a decidedly nasty turn. While I have publicly written many things about Chairman Oliver, lampooning his style of leadership, I have not defamed him. Here it is useful to insert the definition of 'defamation' from Wikipedia

"In law, defamation (also called vilification, slander, and libel) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation."

Lew Oliver crossed that line in his latest email sent to the entire list of OCREC members (reprinted below). In it his attributes to me many emails with inflammatory statements which I did not write. It is because of this that I have now retained the services of well known local attorney Fred O'Neal. I have paid a retainer fee and have instructed him to serve Mr. Oliver with a cease and desist demand, which will be followed by Oliver receiving certified papers that I am suing him in court for defamation of character. Since Chairman Oliver is also an attorney, I will be filing a grievance with the Florida Bar Association outlining conduct unbecoming of one of their members. My attorney thinks we have a good case in both venues.

I realize that Lew Oliver has powerful interests behind him and a personal fortune that dwarfs anything that I could hope to muster for such a fight. However, if he thinks that he can publish outright lies about me in order to throw me out of OCREC, hurt my future hopes of running for elected office, and in general forever ruin my good name, he is mistaken. I, together with the Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Group have a long and successful history of backing down such high and mighty bullies. July 4, 2007 we backed down Orlando City Mayor Dyer when he told us we couldn't leaflet on the Fourth of July celebration downtown. We backed down the Orange County Code Enforcement when they threatened me (as organizer) with a $1000 dollar a day/per sign fine for Ron Paul For President signs. And we will back down the Republican Party and it's Chairman for their outrageous form of conduct.

I humbly ask for all Ron Paul supporters everywhere to support me in words, actions, and prayers as I take on the fight of my life. The stakes were never higher--but the friends and support never stronger--than they are here today.

I will soon be setting up a legal defense fund which I hope you will consider supporting. I also ask that all RP supporters contact me immediately if they are approached by any of Lew Oliver's agents. I suspect that what he has said and done so far is only a pretext for what will happen now. If I am to defeat him (and with God's help I am certain I will), I will need everyones help.

My personal email address is nicholasegoroff@hotmail.com. Many of you have my cell phone number. You are welcome to contact me and pass it along to other important party's.

Below my signature is the reprint of the latest scandal sheet Chairman Oliver sent to the OCREC group. With the above mentioned action, I hope to serve notice to Republican Executive Committees everywhere that you can disagree with us on issues, but you cannot print lies about us and get away with it. Chairman Oliver you have tried to disgrace me in front of my many Republican friends. I hope to clear my name someday, but you sir, have shamefully disgraced the office you hold and the Party you represent. SEE YOU IN COURT!

P.S. I'm told that lawyers will often use the tactic of misspelling and mispronouncing a defendant's name so as to distract and anger them. This subterfuge is obviously one that you enjoy as you do it constantly every chance you get. I have a message for you: You'll learn to spell it correctly E G O R O F F when you write me the settlement check. You'll learn to pronounce it correctly when you take the court stand to defend your atrocious behavior. No one likes a bully, and I don't like you. But you will learn respect and I will be your teacher. Take your seat and behave yourself Lew.

Here is a copy of the email he sent yesterday (April 25). Other media and email coverage is on our message board at http://ronpaul.meetup...

Begin Message

Motion to Remove Nick Egerhoff from OCREC‏
From: jonathan.swift@gmail.com on behalf of Orange GOP (orangegop@gmail.com)
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Sent: Fri 4/25/08 2:45 PM
To: Jonathan Swift (orangegop@gmail.com)
Dear OCREC Member:

As most of you have noticed or heard by now, I have, with very great regret and some sadness, presented a motion for the removal of Nick Egerhoff from OCREC membership, which motion will be considered and determined at our May 1 meeting.

Those of you who know me well, or who have participated in this discussion, will know how much this action pains me. I am not fond of conflict and I do not enjoy confrontation. This is not "fun". I much prefer to work together even with people with whom I have serious disagreements. I believe that we as a team go to great lengths to tolerate and encourage input, criticism, etc., even sometimes to the point when it is annoying or tiresome to our membership. This is one reason why our organization has such respect by our elected officials and our peers, and why we have been so successful in our republican agenda in a county where Republicans are only a little more than 1/3 of registered voters.

However, I have reached the conclusion, with the unanimous consent and approval of our executive board, that Mr. Egerhoff's continued membership and presence in OCREC will significantly undermine the critical mission we have in 2008 and that is why I have called for his removal and am asking for your support in so doing.

I am not engaging in hyperbole when I say that this may be the most "dangerous" election this nation has faced in more than a generation in terms of potential seismic shift toward a Democrat lock on power in America. The democrats will clearly dominate congress (perhaps they will do so utterly with 60 Senators), the economy is shaky, the war weighs on minds, Republican identity among voters is at historic lows, and so on. There is a real danger, not only of being beaten, but of being SWAMPED. EVERY POSSIBLE RESOURCE must be brought into play. Every possible member of the team must work WITH us, not against us. There is absolutely no room for members whose mission is different than, and indeed in conflict with, our mission. We CANNOT AFFORD people working against us from the inside.

Unfortunately I believe sincerely that Mr. Egerhoff joined OCREC originally to pursue, and now intends to continue to pursue, an agenda that is not only not consistent with the constitutional mission of OCREC, but is in fact deliberately intended to undermine that mission. The simplest way to make this point is with Mr. Egerhoff's own words. The following are a small sample of exceprts from e-mails sent by Mr. Egerhoff to others fairly recently. These e-mails were provided to me and others by Ron Paul supporters who do not share Mr. Egerhoff's goals and who are ready to assist the Republican team in the 2008 election. I urge you to please read all of these:

- "We're gonna take over the Orange County GOP"

- "The Revolution is Permanent!"

- "Long live the Glorious Ron Paul Revolution!"

- "It makes no sense for us to build a new party structure when the GOP House is so weakly defended"

- "Attention all HIPPIES, PEACENIKS, peaceniks, and all who find the USA Patriot Act to be an ABOMINATION: It's time to register Republican!"

- "The party is ripe for a HOSTILE TAKEOVER."

- "We have the power to GET THE US OUT OF IRAQ, END THE WAR ON DRUGS, end corporate welfare, and restore civil liberties"


- "I love opportunities where the party is weak and divided. Easier to TAKE IT OVER if you ask me."

- "This is the best time for Ron Paul to strike and STRIKE HARD. I'll be introducing a petition to start some "re-education forums" on what small government republican is all about."

- "Or I'll introduce a resolution NOT TO SUPPORT JOHN McCAIN as our party's nominee. Depends on how bold I feel that night."

- "Going 3rd party is not a viable solution. At least not in the next few years."

- "We are succeeding in our plans to have a "QUIET COUP""

- "It's very easy for us to TAKE OVER THE PARTY"


- "There are OTHER PLACES to say what WE REALLY THINK, such as RLC meetings (Republican Liberty Council)" Not at REC meetings.

- "The number 1 priority must be to INFILTRATE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Then we can run for office with an R next to our names. It's the only hope for GAINING POWER."

There is a great deal more than just this. This is just a few of the e-mails. And this is nothing compared to the websites associated with some of this. And all of this is confirmed by a significant number of Ron Paul people who are deeply disenchanted by Mr. Egerhoff and his actions.

I believe that the net meaning behind all of this is:

(1) the stated, admitted, expressed aim of Mr. Egerhoff is to take over our party in a silent coup.

(2) the purpose of the coup is to discuss issues and change policy, platform and direction of the party toward the platform of Ron Paul. Our party is just a convenient tool.

(3) There is no discussion in any e-mail about supporting any republican candidate in 2008 on any level for any purpose other than Ron Paul.

(4) There is no assertion or claim that the present committee or its leadership has in any way failed, at the local level or anywhere elese, to do its mission of turning out vote, raising money, recruiting candidates, planning for elections, etc. The purpose of the takeover is not to do our constitutional mission BETTER, it is to CHANGE the our constitutional mission altogether to something else (which we at the local level have no power even to do). It is also ironic that someone who spends so much time talking about constitutionality has no regard at all for the constitution of the organization he freely joined.

(5) Mr. Egerhoff is not honest about this intent. He claims at OCREC meetings with written motions that he wants to "discuss and educate" our membership "about our platform", while he simultaneously tells people in e-mails that the real purpose is to begin introducing a discussion of various Ron Paul ideals which are, in many cases, directly contradictory, on many very important matters, to our platform and to the positions of virtually all our candidates a every level. (Furthermore, of course, it's simply not what we do.) He even says that the INTENT is to "Fan the flames of disunity"!!!

(6) Mr Egerohoff has set himself as a spokesman for the Ron Paul campaign and its supporters without ever having been designated in that role.

(7) He has taken his conflict to the media in an effort to support his case, rather than deal with this in-house, notwithstanding the impact on the party or its mission (the net result of which has been zero - no reader of the Sentinel or WDBO listener has called or written me. NONE. ZERO.)

(8) Mr. Egerhoff has personally questioned my motivations and intent on live radio more than once, and in e-mails and in communications and posting seen all over the nation, and he has invited people NOT EVEN FROM ORANGE COUNTY, let alone OCREC, to call me to complain (to date, 4 of them, including a vulgar e-mail).

(8) A large % of the Ron Paul people are disgusted and offended by his actions. They are not going to say so publicly for fear of being smeared publicly and all over the internet the way I have. However, they look forward to the secret ballot for removal.

(9) He muses about introducing resolutions to condemn our candidates (you should see the resolution he circulated) as if this were some kind of entertianment. Such things are an ANATHEMA to our organization.

(10) In an effort to achieve a quick high profile for himself, at one of his earliest meetings, Mr. Egerhoff moved to essentially empty our entire treasury ($40,000) for the purpose of making a campaign contribution to a single, non-partisan candidate in what was always a very long shot election (despite the best efforts of a hard-working and honorable candidate). Mr. Egerhoff had done nothing to raise the money he so cavalierly wished to throw away and in my opinion made the motion to make a name for himself. The motion was irrational and irresponsible and is indicative of the lengths to which he was prepared to go to make a quick and spectacular name for himself.

In my opinion, and in the unanimous opinion of our executive board, these actions and these words are prima facie evidence (x 10) of the intent to undermine OCREC and its mission in this critical election year. I will also add that a number of Ron Paul supporters on OCREC agree fundamentally with most or all of this assessment. Most of them would rather not say so in public (lest Mr. Egherhoff smears them to the internet world or the Sentinel or WDBO, etc.), but I urge you to talk to those you know for confirmation.

Let me add that this is EMPHATICALLY NOT about Ron Paul. Those who are willing to do our important work in the fall are welcome. Most will I think be helpful. I do not care who they supported in the primary this year. I do not care who they will support next time. I do not care what their views on the war or drugs or the patriot act or abortion or anything else might be. I do not care if they try to persuade you or me of their point of view ON OUR OWN TIME. I ask only that they work for OUR ENTIRE TICKET THIS YEAR and NOT BE DISRUPTIVE, period.
Anyone, whether with Ron Paul or otherwise, who does not want to help us win in 2008 is simply in the wrong place anyway. No one should do anything in this arena that they are not comfortable with. This is a volunteer army and WILLING volunteers are the only kind that do our party any good.

This action is as narrowly directed as it can be. We have not asked for anyone else's removal, and there are no plans to do so. We believe that Mr. Egerhoff's intentions and actions are qualitatively and quantitatively different enough from the other Ron Paul people to be deserving of unique treatment and sanction.

In addition, while we will interview new members more closely in the future to confirm their willingness to help the Republican cause, we wil not ask the membership to reject out of hand any new member simply because they have been a Ron Paul supporter. In fact, we are trying to contact the Ron Paul people who were not elected the last time to interview them separately for new consideration. We have already done so with 2 of them and will be recommending their election at the next meeting.

Furthermore, we will be recommending one of the early Ron Paul organizers, Jessica Deihl, for election to our board as Secretary. I can imagine no other actions that more emphatically underscore the point that this is not about Ron Paul.

The subject is one very disruptive person who has been deceptive about his intent and his methods. In my opinion, Mr. Egerhoff's real mission is disruption and publicity and personal self-aggrandizement. The Republican Party means nothing to him. We are but a convenient tool.

Finally, i need to say a few words on behalf of OCREC. Of course I am biased as its chairman, but I am personally offended by the condescending and insulting tone Mr. Egerhoff takes to OCREC in his correspondence to others. He has said the party is weak and ineffective and losing its grip and so forth. First, it is insulting to me that someone who has been around all of 6 months thinks he knows enough about our work to offer that opinion, but more importantly it is FLAT FALSE.

OCREC has done exceptionally well here in Orange County. Though we have literally been swamped by a massive demographic shift in population that has drastically changed voter registration numbers in the County, and though we only have 34.4% of the registered voters compared to the Democrat's 40.2%, Republicans nonetheless dominate elected office here and we have done a SUPERB job of pitching the party and its principles to a huge new wave of Hispanic and other voters. We have NOTHING to be ashamed of or to apologize for.

We own virtually every office in the County that we have even a fair chance of winning based on registration. Our treasury and membership are both much larger than the democrats. Virtually all of our elected officials attend our meetings from time to time and MANY have joined OCREC though they do not have to (Democrat elected officials often ignore and avoid the DEC). Mr. Eherhoff has contributed NOTHING to ANY of these achievement and yet has the affrontery to accuse ALL OF US of being weak and ineffective.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I apologize for the necessity of bringing this matter before you. We all have more productive things to do.

Warmest Regards,


My final note: SOME of what Oliver says I said is true. Much of it is not. Hence the libel case to try and clear my name.

One Week To May Day!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

This has been a very tumultuous period of time. First eight RP supporters were blackballed from membership from the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. I went public to the media explaining the abrupt change of attitude at OCREC. That precipitated Chairman Lew announcing that I would be expelled for 'disrupting the mission of OCREC.' Wow, never knew we had such power!

Some might take the attitude that 'if we're not wanted, then why bother.' I can understand your reaction. But realize this, if we walk away from the Republican Party, we throw away our chance to influence the party from the ground up. And unfortunately that is what the powers that be really want. They would prefer that all this talk about re-energizing the party by bringing back core principles of limited government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility come to a halt. 'We don't have time for that now!' is what they say.

I say, it's my party too! And you have no right to stifle, block, and expel Republicans just because they don't agree with you. I say, we have done nothing wrong. We demand an explanation for this kind of conduct!

I'm asking every Ron Paul supporter to stand firmly and squarely with every other Ron Paul supporter. Don't fall for the trickery that Lew Oliver hopes to ensnare us with. He hopes to divide and conquer us. He hopes to play one of us off against the other. This is one of the oldest political moves out there. Dangle some tempting short term victory in the hopes that people cave.

We often allude to the examples of Colonial America. And never was such an analogy more apt. No doubt King George and his British agents sent offers to the patriots: "Just get rid of that George Washington, Samuel Adams, and that Patrick Henry. They're the trouble-makers. Then we can sit down and work out a solution."

No one knuckled under, no one betrayed their fellow patriot. How could they? They knew that solidarity was the key to survival.

Lew Oliver now says 'All is forgiven'. All you Ron Paul people come on back, give me your names addresses and I'll see that you get in (never mind that he said on the infamous green smear sheet that Ron Paul supporters were attacking the party; that they were disloyal extremists. First he says that I am not a target of this purge, then he says that 'Nick Egoroff has always been a disruptive element.'

And just to make sure the hook is properly baited, he throws in a tempting bone, 'We might even be willing to put one of your members on the board.' Come on Lew, do you think we don't see exactly what you are doing? A lot of us are new to this game you play so well, but we are not children!

I hope everyone clears their calendar for this meeting. I will be given a chance to plead my case and I could use all the support I can get. I don't even care if you are not yet a member and therefore won't be able to vote. You vote with your presence. You show them that you will not be bullied, you will not be smeared, you will not be lied to. YOU WILL BE HEARD! Media will be in attendance!!

Join the 17 other patriots and lets have a huge showing RSVP HERE:


Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
OCREC Precinct Committeeman #319

Lew Oliver Makes Good On His Threat To Expell Me As An OCREC Member!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

One thing that you can say about Lew Oliver--when he makes a threat he intends to carry it out. On the Friday following the the April 3rd Monthly OCREC meeting, I had a long discussion with Chairman Oliver about the smear job he did on the RP supporters. Secretly circulating a 'green sheet' memo branding THEM as 'Disloyal', 'Extremists', and 'Attacking The Republican Party,' was not only underhanded, but it wasn't even true. I told him that if he had a beef with me, than talk to me, don't blackball people just because they knew me. Ask THEM what THEIR political beliefs were, before blocking their membership.

Needless to say this kind of reasoning had no impact on Mr. Oliver. In fact he threatened to smear me too if I went public with the green sheet. "I'll print and distribute every email you ever sent. I'll make you look bad and gain even more traditional Republican support for me if you go to the press." Mind you, I never said that I would go to the media. First I wanted to get his side of the story of what he was trying to accomplish. I further again and again pleaded with him to first contact these blackballed individuals before he permanently blocked them from membership.

Well, lo and behold, in tonights email I see a special notice that I am to be tried in the kangaroo court with Lew Oliver as Judge and prosecuting attorney. The trial (and I use that term very loosely) will commence on May 1st, 2008. Location will be the friendly confines of the Mark Street Senior Center at 7pm. I suppose the tarring and feathering will commence after the 'verdict' is delivered.

And what am I guilty of? What high crimes and misdemeanors have I committed to warrant such serious charges? Let's see. "doesn't want to see the Republican ticket elected in November. Hmm, I think I signed quite a few petitions to help many Republicans to get ballot access. I also recall talking with many Republican candidates and introducing them to many new Ron Paul supporters. Heck, I even attended strategy meetings with Lew Oliver and other OCREC members and shared ideas on how to win the elections in the fall. Sounds to me like I was involved and supporting Republican candidates.

Take a look at that second paragraph in the "NOTICE" (I'll forward it in the next email). He says I want to (exact quote) "debate such measures as the unconstitutionality of the war in Iraq, legalization of drugs, etc." As Chairman Oliver knows, I never suggested debating these issues. I did put forth a motion that we should from time to time discuss what are the core issues of the party. A resolution that was put forward in good faith and in proper Robert Rules of Order format. But we know what Lew Oliver's real intentions are. Smear people! Say they said things they didn't say, make outlandish statements, and then hope to fan fears within the Executive Committee so they will do Oliver's bidding.

Then he goes on to say I'm disruptive in meetings. True I did bring up a motion in November 2007 in support of a fellow Republican (not even a Ron Paul supporter), running for mayor. Apparently, this too is contrary to Mr. Oliver's plan for winning elections. True, I asked that we support Mr. Mulvaney's candidacy with a large donation from the party treasury. The motion was voted down and later Lew came to me and stated that he had had a change of heart and would recommend to the committee a smaller donation of $5000. I doubt if even this smaller sum would have been forthcoming if I hadn't stood up for a Republican wanting to contest election. Remember this motion was over FIVE months ago. And my only other motion (about the discussion of issues was over TWO months ago. Only TWO motions in nearly a year of membership in OCREC. I had no idea that Republicans were supposed to be so quiet!

Which brings us to the real issue. The fact that I dared to oppose Chairman Oliver and even worse, went to the media to talk about inner workings of OCREC. Now if Mr. Oliver is so thin-skinned and afraid of a good healthy debate, then it is Chairman Oliver who should really consider if he is suitable for membership in OCREC.

We now have two directly linked instances where Lew Oliver takes the low road to squash anyone who opposes him. First he circulates defamatory statements about Ron Paul supporters , then he goes after me for exposing his tactics in the media. And you know what I think motivates Lew Oliver even more? The fact that I'm right and he's wrong and I'm not afraid to tell him and everyone else, that the Emperor has no clothes! And the fact that I can out debate him and make him look bad in the media IS NOT TO BE TOLERATED!

I've got a message for Mr. Oliver. To wit, "Mr. Oliver, you are trying the tactics of another not so great Republican. His name is Joe McCarthy. Who can forget his hysterical rantings, 'I've got in this envelope the names of known Communists that I will expose.' Well Mr. Oliver, if that is how you want to play with peoples' names and reputations you will meet the same end as him. Someday someone will stand up and say (as they did 40 years ago), 'Sir, have you no shame?'

I may just be that man, Chairman Oliver! You may frighten and bully others but you will not do it to me. I stand ready to defend myself, my beliefs, and my right to be involved in the Republican party. Throw all the mud and lies you want. They will not stick and you will cover yourself with the slime that you so sanctimoniously heap on others.

See you on May 1st. I don't know what other trickery Lew Oliver has up his sleeve, but I will guess that anyone who thinks nothing of suing other Republicans and being accused of charging more than 100 percent interest in the meantime, will have plenty of stuff to hit me with. http://www.orlandosen...

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

I had a talk with one of our younger members last night and it got me to thinking. The conversation started out with the obligatory, 'Man, it sure sucks that Ron Paul is not going to be president.' After reveling in our past accomplishments supporting the rEVOLution, I was tempted to agree that we could all just get back to life as usual before Dr. Paul cured our apathy.

The more I thought about it, the more wrong I realized we were. True, the coronation of John McCain as the Republican presidential nominee is a foregone conclusion. But if you think that current events are going to just amble along with no surprises, forget about it.

In case you haven't been watching the news, the war in Iraq is far from being won. The Sadir army is breaking it's ceasefire. Watch for the civil war to again be on the front page of news outlets.

And by all means keep an eye on the US dollar. What used to be the world's 'reserve' currency is crashing and burning. Dr. Paul was the only candidate that understood and talked about the ramifications of this looming catastrophe.

While the rest of the media obsesses about the Obama vs. McCain puppet show, we want to 'have our powder dry.' What I mean is that this is not the time to slumber and say 'the hell with it.' We must absolutely be ready to proclaim that the US Constitution and Founding Fathers foretold all of these problems.

A mind your own business, non-interventionist foreign policy, coupled with an honest monetary system (read dollars backed by gold and silver) is the only safeguard against an oppressive and bankrupt government. Today's following 'the rule of men' vs. 'the rule of law' is destined to lead us to ruin.

So I say be ready to act. We will soon have our day in the sun. And to quote one other hero of the rEVOLution, Barry Goldwater, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. ... Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A brief Background of What This Blog Is All About

For the last year I have been active in the 2008 Ron Paul for President movement. Since Dr. Paul's chances for being elected president have diminished, I began to think about how to best channel my energies for political activism.

I now believe that the key to seeing our political landscape restored to Constitutional principles lies in local and state level organizing. Hence the creation of this site. I hope to show through practical examples and real life experiences how to build a vibrant political base.

Right now I am the Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer. Begun in May of 2007 it has grown to be the largest single Ron Paul Meetup in Florida with well over 400 members. Not a bad 1 year growth curve. I only wish that my own small business could experience such success;-)

A little more about me. I'm 53 years old and have been a political junkie since I was able to read, hold a sign, or knock a door. I witnessed the height of the anti-Viet Nam war period, led sit-ins at my local high school, was editor of my college newspaper, and continued the lifelong pursuit of how the political process worked.

Right now I'm embroiled with the Orange County Republican Party over the inclusion of Ron Paul supporters into the organization. I'll reprint some of my past postings from the Orlando Meetup concerning our history, then I'll copy and paste stuff from the media. You are free to take and repost anything. But how about showing me some love, and give credit where credit is due;-)