Friday, November 12, 2010

We Are The Wind In The Sails Of The Republican Party! Now We Must Become It's Rudder!

A lot of tea party patriots are rightfully basking in the satisfaction of a major Republican victory. They were the ones that put 'enthusiasm' in the Republican sails. They pushed the GOP to unbelievable voter turnout.

And certainly there is the time for some time for R&R.

But we can't let this storm die! We must start now rebuilding the Republican party from the ground up. We saw too often how the existing status quo leaders have often (but not always) thwarted more traditional grassroots candidates. This cannot continue and now is the time to act.

First, everyone, and I mean every husband, wife, and student must get familiar with how the inner party works. Each county has something called the [insert your county name] Republican Executive Committee. This is usually denoted by acronyms (like in my case) the Orange County Republican Executive Committee or OCREC for short.

You want to be involved with this at YOUR county. To find yours go here:

Yeah, you're going to have to go to some boring meetings. They last about an hour or so. Some are boring and some are pretty good. Regardless you must come to these to getting voting rights in the official Republican party.

When you've gone to a few of these and expressed a sincere desire to help with the Republican party you become a Precinct Committee Man or Woman. To be fair, you have only a tiny say in the party, but you know what they say about many voices banding together!

Take my advise, membership in the REC's will be a lot more easier (and effective) than standing on a million street corners. The possibilities are truly awesome!

And some of us, if we are really serious about growing AND transforming the party may move from representing precincts, to representing county's, and then even higher positions at the state and national levels. But this all starts at the county and neighborhood level. We need officially recognized Precinct Committee representatives.

And lets put one other commonly held myth to bed. Voting, volunteering for, or in any other way getting into 'third party's' is just a waste of time. In Florida the Libertarian party continues to poll under one half of one percent. Other party's do even worse.

By all means you can discuss theory till you're blue in the face. But running candidates and even more importantly winning elections is the exclusive purview of the Democrat or Republican party. If you are passionate about making a difference (if you are conservative) the Republican party is the only game in town.

This is really no surprise since winning elections is about knocking on doors and getting out the vote. Typical voters, and by typical I mean the ones that 'don't have time for politics'-- these are the folks that just look quickly at candidates and make quick decisions.

All hands on deck, and into the boats!