Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sneak Peek At Orange County Precinct Committee Elections Results!!

Friday, June 20th was the final day to file our Precinct Committeeman and Committeewoman paperwork with the Orange County Supervisor of Elections. Many of you have contacted me to ask how this all went. In one word it was AWESOME! As I said in a previous email, this was truly a group effort! Many of you went way beyond the call of duty. You proved that your care and concern for America knows no bounds. You also greatly inspired me to believe that Ron Paul PATRIOTS are the most politically active people that I have ever known!

I wish that I could go into detail about we achieved. But know well that the weeks of work done on this project proved very fruitful! But the forces that oppose free and open elections to OCREC are closely watching our every move. Gary Phiester, Vice-Chairman even paid us a surprise visit for our final night of sign-ups at Barnes and Noble Bookstore Cafe. We of course spotted him and I invited him to come over and say hello to the Paulist'as. And of course Uncle Lew Oliver reads our every email, so hello to you sir, and mind your own business!!

Like I said we (and I most of all) must resist the temptation to give out vital information that Oliver and company would use to their advantage. But just like a good general would never give away the plan to victory, I will encourage you all with the news that we surprised those that seek to keep OCREC as a closed body-politic. Our numbers and theirs are very close and I urge all of you to stay ready for action.

Remember our CAUSE is right, and we seek nothing less than to restore the Republican Party to the Constitutional Rule of Law. Nothing less and nothing more. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the rest of the Founding Fathers are toasting our SUCCESS!

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections is posting SOME results http://www.ocfelectio...

scroll to the bottom and open the excel link marked STATE AND PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN/COMMITTEE WOMAN REPUBLICANS I'll have a further communique once I have a chance to fully digest the numbers.

Please do not post up something like "hey I made it, etc." We must absolutely keep Lew Oliver in the dark about our true numbers and plans. Also be prepared for such dirty tricks like getting phone calls from his stooges saying things like 'Oh, did you know you have to give at least $500 to the Party if you want to be a member? Or, 'We already have enough people in your precinct, we're sending someone over with a form for you to withdraw.' Remember that Lew Oliver has lied many, many times about us and he intends to stop us from having a legitimate voice in OUR PARTY! Report any and all suspicious contacts to me at IMMEDIATELY.

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters! Our victory is assured if we have but the WILL to succeed!

And not to brag too much, but we can take pride that NO OTHER RON PAUL MEETUP GROUP in Florida came close to accomplishing what we are about to do. I'm so DAMN PROUD of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Organizer

Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty Blog is THE BOMB!!!

I just keep asking myself WHY isn't Dr. Paul the Republican Party Nominee??

Then I read the June 20th Blog entry on the Campaign For Liberty Website http://www.campaignfo... Then the answer is clear. He is telling the truth that no one wants to hear. This excellent article on the ruinous spending by Bush and the Democratic controlled Congress is the classic 'Truth? You want the TRUTH? YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! syndrome. Read it and be forewarned.

While McCain, Obama, Charlie Crist, Jim Greer, and the rest of the boob-tube talking heads proclaim that happy days will be here again if we'll just pull the lever one more time for them, we pretend (or hope) that we will be taken care of. Ron Paul continues to confirm that he is the only one telling the truth in 'guvment'.

It is truly appalling that the Party that once at least tried to hold the line on Constitutional limited government has now thrown in with the Dem's and said 'Screw it. We know how to buy the support of the people too.' But as Dr. Paul has said many times, 'This whole thing will end, and probably end badly.' Keep the faith my good physician. You know what ails this country and don't sugar coat the bitter medicine.

I suppose I should end this rant (and plug for Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty Website) with something positive. Which is that we are growing as a movement. Recently I modified the name of the Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup to the Orlando Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty. Thought we should bring down the curtain on his Presidential campaign and spotlight the new PERMANENT rEVOLtion that will continue to expand. Did everyone notice that we are still adding new members at a great pace?? Really liked the comment that one of our new patriots posted on her bio, "I'm tired of being lied too." Amen to that sister, and welcome!

Good Night, Good Luck, And May God Bless America!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty Organizer

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take it any more! this immortal line from the 70's movie 'Network' describes what I'm feeling right now. Prior to my kangaroo court trial at the Orange County Republican Executive Committee, I was constrained from speaking my mind about the seamy underside of what is going on inside the Party. Now that State Party Chairman Jim Greer has decided that prior legal notification from the State of Florida Department of Elections is IRRELEVANT I'm going to lay it out so all can see what the Party is coming to.

Let me explain. About a month ago I was made privy to secret plans from the Republican Party of Florida. It was hard for me to believe what I was hearing on a confidential conference call conducted by RPOF. I heard executive's from Tallahassee telling state chairpersons from around the state to use the new Party Loyalty Oath as a way to keep Ron Paul Republicans from playing a role in the party. RPOF had heard that supporters of Republican Congressman Ron Paul had decided to try and become active in the state Party hierarchy. The mere fact that they had supported Congressman Paul's failed presidential bid was enough to alarm the ruling elite of the Party.

I can't reveal how I get passwords, telephone numbers, and copy's of secret forms distributed by the RPOF, but suffice to say, we have friends in high places. Further evidence of what lengths the Party leadership would go was displayed by telling the state chairpersons that State Chairman Greer had changed the rules unilaterally and had these rules written into Florida Statute Law. Even some of the County Chairpersons were surprised at this secret move, since the very rules were not able to gain a majority of the votes at the February meeting.

But Chairman Greer knew that the election of new County Precinct Committee Persons was coming up fast so he instructed his legal department to send instructions to the Florida Department of Elections on How the REPUBLICAN PARTY wanted this particular election to be run. Never mind that the FDE had run these elections for decades; this time the RPOF wanted to dictate how the elections would be RUN and who would WIN.

Note also that the Loyalty Oath form was not readily available, except to those favored by the sitting County Chairpersons and those chosen to receive it by RPOF. Hence providing the RPOF and the local county chairs the enviable position of choosing who and who could not oppose them for election. Both the RPOF executive board and their County Republican Executive Boards were themselves up for reelection made up of new and old elected precinct committee people (a classic case of the fox guarding the hen house, or should I say the fox was now given permission to go into the hen house and ERADICATE all the unpopular chickens).

These instructions (or should I call them ORDERS??) were NOT warmly received by Donald L. Palmer, Director of the Florida Division of Elections (see the two latest files for copies of the secret memorandums Mr. Palmer told the RPOF that they would be the sole decider of who could run for Precinct Committee Persons, not the RPOF. Obviously the State of Florida suspected that RPOF was trying to rig a public election that the county Supervisor of Elections office was responsible for.

I and many others were convinced that this was the end of the new secret loyalty oath. But the RPOF has now thrown down the gauntlet to both newcomers to the County Republican Party's, the local Supervisor of Elections, and to the State of Florida itself. The RPOF even goes so far as to call the Florida Division of Elections and the County Supervisor of Elections merely "vendor" to the party and has no jurisdiction relating to a person's qualification to hold party office as it relates to the Party Loyalty Oath." This is an exact quote from their response to the Florida Division of Elections! They are in effect saying that we will pick and choose who you can place on the ballot for election. If this was truly a private party it may well be the case. But the RPOF is actually a statutory entity who's rules must conform to generally recognized forms of free elections. Else why would the Florida Division of Elections say that they WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE NEW LOYALTY OATH!

I and others are exploring legal action and injunctive relief to stop the vote rigging and strong-arm tactics of the RPOF. I hope that you will join me in signing up during the next FOUR DAYS of events found in our calendar here If you have already signed up great! But we need every last person to sign-up. Then join us in telling the leadership of the Republican Party that we're MAD AS HELL about them trying to keep themselves elected for life!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

State of Florida Smacks Down Attempt By Florida Republican Party To Constrict Elections!


For the last several weeks the Republican Party Of Florida has been trying to make it difficult for Republicans to run for Precinct Committee Persons. These positions are elected once every four years through the local county Supervisor of Elections. Winners in the Republican Party will go on to help shape the state party platform and help select/elect local, state, and federal candidates.

The R.P.O.F had sent a letter to the Florida Department of State ordering local County Supervisor of Elections to change the way Precinct Committee elections were to be run. Their plan was to have chairman (like Lew Oliver) dictate who and who was not to be allowed to run for Precinct Committee persons. I can't divulge sources, but the state party told local chairpersons to 'go down to the Supervisor of Elections office and tell them who was a loyal Republican.' This is akin to allowing the chairpersons to disqualify anyone who didn't already support the chairpersons and their agenda. Talk about rigging an election!!

Fortunately the Florida Department of State and the Florida Department of Elections struck a blow for free and open elections by blocking this outrageous obstruction tactic. Again, I can't disclose sources, but suffice to say that while the Republican Party continues to snoop through our emails and install moles in our Liberty groups, we too have a lot of support within the Republican Party that tips us to their dirty tricks.

Please take this opportunity to sign up to have your voice in the Republican Party heard.

http://ronpaul.meetup... or http://ronpaul.meetup...

If you can't make these, they'll be others (watch our calendar)

These positions are VITAL to returning the Republican Party to it's Constitutional principles of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Liberty. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Republican Party wouldn't be fighting us tooth and nail unless they were frightened that their RINO (Republican In Name Only) hijacking of the Party, was about to end. Everyone should stand firm and say 'It's My Party Too!'

If you can't make tonight's sign-up session there will be more. But time is of the essence. We only have a little under two weeks to become precinct committee persons. The race is on and we are gathering lots of support from traditional Republicans. Together we will have a winning team to kick RINO Chairman Oliver out to the curb.

The Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group

Sounds Like Lew Oliver Is Up To His Old Tricks!

Many of us remember the big deal Chairman Oliver made about the Mark Street Senior Center 'complaining' that our meetings were going to long. Oliver whined about that OCREC might be 'billed' for going over time limit so he put forth a motion that we limit debate on new motions and that we always end our meetings at 8:30pm.

No one thought to question his Highness on this proclamation of fact so we all supported the motion. Seems that Chairman Lew's ability to stretch the truth is showing again. Much like his libeling me in print purporting that I made certain statements that he now seems to back away from (now that I'm suing him for libel).

Turns out one of our members curiosity got the better of him. I'll reprint below his email to me. He also sent me a copy of the Rules from Orange County Parks and Recreation which backs up all the claims he makes below.

Bottom Line: OCREC can't make this a private meeting. It breaks the usage agreement that they have with the Orange County Parks and Recreation.

-------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Hey Nick -

I naturally became suspicious of several of the motions that have recently been passed namely the one concerning the adjournment of the meeting exactly at 8:30pm

Lew stated the reason was due to receiving a complaint that our meeting had run long and OCREC was to begin to get charged an overtime fee if the meetings continued to run late.

Last Friday I went and spoke with Penny Fawcett the Site Supervisor of the Marks Street Senior Center.

I learned a couple of surprising things.

1. No such complaint came from her office to OCREC
2. ALL repeat users of the site are now going to be subject to rental fees if they meet past the centers hours (8a-8p).
3. As part of the Fee waiver policy (which is why OCREC enjoys free usage of the facility) "The event being held must be open to the public"

As a tactic to always end the meeting prior to new business, thereby limiting our ability to speak, Lew pretty much lied to get the motion passed.

Additionally, they CAN NOT kick anyone out of the meeting or bar anyone from attending, the media or private citizens. It is a county facility and has to be open to the public, per the contract that they signed to use the facility.

I've attached the paperwork that Penny gave to me on the fee waiver policy and also the letter about the fees that went out to all of the regular users of the facility.

(original sender's name removed)