Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paula Dockery Rumors And New Opponent In FL Governor Race...

A little bird told me that Ms. Dockery has cut a TV commercial that will air perhaps this week. No content was revealed, but this is a huge step for the campaign.

Considering that the campaign finance reports are out and that our candidate is not exactly leading the money race, a TV commercial is quite a development. Stay tuned!

I helped leaflet the crowd at the Orlando Tax Day Teaparty rally. I was surprised at the number of people that had heard of Paula. Most of course had not, but were attracted by the colorful brochure.

While the campaign for Florida US Senate is front and center right now, let's not forget that who sits in the Governor's mansion will probably have more impact on our day to day life.

Final development in the governor's race? The sudden entrance of millionaire Rick Scott. He made his money in the health care industry and tags his campaign around running Florida like a business.

Don't know, but I would suspect that Florida Senator Paula Dockery is more qualified, but any news spotlighting the governor race is probably a good thing for us.

Nick Egoroff

PAULA-ticians For Governor Dockery

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something Is Bothering Me About The Tea Party Movement

As April 15 rolls around two things come to mind.

1) The Federal Income Tax

2) Tax Day Tea Party's

Both have significance. But both are leaving me feeling helpless.

As we gather to rail against the powers that be, I can't help but think that we are missing a great opportunity. When I went to my first tea party rally in March 2009, I definitely saw the potential.

True there were only about 75 people on the side of a busy road in Orlando. But that one was soon followed by a much larger one that had many thousands in attendance.

I hadn't seen that much enthusiasm in quite a while. But more importantly these were crowds turning out with very little organization from the top. Nothing more than a few people exchanging email lists.

And as the year progressed, there were more rallies, meetings, and finally trips to Washington, D.C.

Much good has been accomplished, yet I still feel that we are consigning ourselves to just 'call your congressman' mode.

How I wish that instead of going to feel good events, sometimes traveling for hours and spending hundred's of dollars, we could know what the pro's know.

Namely, if you want power, you run for office. Granted that some brave patriots step forward and begin a campaign for US Congress. This is admirable, but as someone once said, 'First sit down and count the cost.'

Do some investigating and you will find that congressional races routinely cost millions of dollars to win. That is clearly out of our price range or fund raising ability.

But as I have studied the available options, I did what most novices do: Watch what the experts suggest and recommend.

Without exception they have told me, run for local office or your state legislature. This is the equivalent of playing college ball before you go to the pro's.

I've also had the pleasure of talking to many local & state officials. Besides giving me a chance to let them know how I would like them to vote, I've gotten to have many off-the-record conversations.

The subject that I would always broach is 'how did you win your election.' Again without exception they say start small and build a grassroots force.

Here's the bottom line. Either you run for office OR you help someone that is running.

How I wish all the folks traveling to D.C. or spending hours standing in a public park would consider how much impact they would have if that same time and money went towards electing one of our own.

Nick Egoroff

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Florida Sovereignty Alert: Calls Needed To Block Obama Care

The Florida Health Care Freedom Act is being held up in a Florida Legislative committee. Passing this legislation is important because it gives Floridians the right to 'opt-out' of ObamaCare.

It's stuck right now in a committee and we need your calls to the following state representatives to propel it forward.

When you call just mention that you support Florida State Sovereignty and that you want the Florida Health Care Freedom Act be passed by the committee. Right now it is being stalled by amendments from Representative Bill Galvano.

This will just take a minute of your time. Call Now and copy and paste this to all your internet contacts.

Here's the numbers to call...

Larry Cretul
(850) 488-1450
current House Speaker

Bill Galvano**
(850) 488-4086

Adam Hasner
(850) 488-1993

Will Weatherford
(850) 488-5744

This really needs your urgent attention. Please call everyday for the next few days until we hear that it will be passed through the subcommittee and onto the House floor!

Nick Egoroff
Florida State Sovereignty Movement

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