Friday, February 19, 2010

Is The Tea Party Movement Just A Dating Service For The Republican Party?

Been watching a fair amount of coverage of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) confab being broadcast on CSPAN. Couldn't afford the $750 entrance fee, to say nothing of travel and lodging, but here are some observations.

It seemed to be overflowing with Republican politicians looking for a cheap one night stand with eligible tea party voters. Yes the talk was good, but nary a mention of that pesky matrimonial relationship with big government and higher taxes.

I'm afraid that the seduction of power and prestige is too much for some of the neophyte leaders of the tea party movement.

One word of warning.

If you go to bed with a Republican party panderer that tells you that 'You're the only one I really love,' you might hate yourself in the morning.

Folks, the problem with the Republican party is that it has an incestuous relationship with corporate money and power. They are like the proverbial housewife that forgives the wayward husband that promises to repent of the drinking and fornicating.

I hope that this time it will be different, but history does not indicate it.

Please have the gumption to call these cheats for what they are. The only speaker that I have heard there that did, was from the Club For Growth. No johnny-come-lately he: CFG has a long history going back more than a decade of blasting Republican RINO's.

He reminded us that the Republican party endorsed Arlene Spectre over Pat Tomey, gave us Scarzafava in New York, and endorsed Crist over Rubio. Needless to say he started his speech with, "The Republicans may well win a majority in Congress in 2010. But can we trust them to bring conservative principles with them to Washington? I don't know."

And how about this quote, "The growth of taxes and government under the years of Bush paved the way for the future election of Barack Obama." Very quite applause for that line!

I suggest that we keep a very sharp eye on these wayward philanderer's!

Nick Egoroff
Admin, Restore The Republican Party Of Florida!/group.php?gid=198005734919

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