Sunday, February 21, 2010

Republican Party Of Florida Goes Whistling Past The Graveyard

With the recent election of millionaire lobbyist John Thrasher as the new chair of the Republican Party Of Florida, many GOP'ers are hopeful for change. I think their desire to stem the rebellion is wishful thinking.

It is becoming apparent that money is the most important goal to RPOF. First we had Gov. Charlie Crist break fund raising records (tapping over $6 million from special interests).

Then he appointed a lobbyist (George LeMieux) to hold Florida's Senate seat till he could occupy it.

Now we have Mr. Thrasher beating out the grassroots favorite Sharon Day for state chair. Sources have said that Thrasher's promises to lavish money on county Chair's was enough to flip early support from Day.

Some will say 'If RPOF can raise lots of what?' The problem is that this money won't be coming from Mr. and Mrs. Florida Republican.

It will be coming from corporate interests that will want something in return. That 'something' is beneficial legislation to how business is regulated and taxed in the Sunshine State.

They'll also want nice big fat expensive projects which will benefit--you guessed it--the very same special interests that fill RPOF coffers.

Mr. Thrasher is well acquainted with this process. He was a huge benefactor (and lobbyist) for the Central Florida Commuter Rail Project. This multi-billion dollar boondoggle is going to richly reward those firms that are well connected.

Taxpayers, well, they'll be stuck with the bill for a train to nowhere. Nice work if you can get it.

The prevailing hope for Republicans has been the tea party movement. And yes, they do represent a lot of necessary votes. But any hopes of the Republican party being controlled by the people/grassroots seems rather far fetched.

And one more thing. Let's remember that the one of the drivers of the tea party movement has been their disgust with legislators not listening to them and voting for bailouts.

These bailouts to Wall Street are onerous enough. But bailouts come in all flavors and colors.

Favorites of Mr. Thrasher's lobbying firm are ones with names like 'alternative energy' and 'business development'. They are all code for taxpayer funded; which also means you'll be paying for them.

John Thrasher better whistle a really upbeat tune while he strolls past the graveyard. If those skeletons buried deep in disclosure forms ever rise that would be truly frightening!

Nick Egoroff
Admin: Restore The Republican Party Of Florida!/group.php?gid=114057504448

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Bill McCollum just sent out his congratulations to Thrasher. That says it all about McCollum.

"Congratulations to the Republican Party of Florida's new leadership, Chairman Thrasher and Vice-Chairwoman Cox-Roush"

I'm voting for Dockery.

Orange Squeezer said...

McCollum has been dragging his feet on investigating this. Perhaps a foretaste of what to expect if he is governor??