Friday, February 19, 2010

My Health Care Townhall Meeting Experience!

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Got word that tonight three of my state representatives would be having a town hall meeting. Got the Altamonte Springs Civic Center 10 minutes before the event began. Already the parking lot was full and once inside snapped a couple pic's off my Iphone.

I counted about 300 people in attendance. The representatives were all Republicans so this ensured a mostly friendly audience. Each made statements that they were going to introduce legislation that would protect Floridians from being forced into a national health care program. This was in conjunction with their efforts to also push a 10th Amendment/State Sovereignty resolution through the Florida legislature.

One of the first statements that I found interesting was that 'nowhere in the US Constitution does it say that federal government was responsible for providing health care.' This got a resounding applause! Until someone yelled out, 'When have we ever heard of a politician respecting the Constitution.' This also got an even bigger applause and Fl. State Sen. Cary Baker started to roll his eyes and grimaced. So not a easy crowd.

Question and Answer period followed. Someone asked if the legislature even passed this how would Florida government respond when the fed's said no way. State House Rep. Scott Plakon replied that it would of course have to be worked out through the courts. Good to see that we are getting ready for a court battle.

Several in the audience said how the countries that they emigrated from had terrible socialized health care. Germany, Cuba, Brittan, and Argentina were all criticized. Plakon related a particularly horrendous story from the UK where someone was so desperate for an appointment that they had to take their daughter to a veterinarian!

One doctor and one registered nurse made statements in support of Obama care. They were interrupted a few times, until the elected officials and even some in the audience asked that we respect free speech. Fortunately there was a doctor and another nurse that strongly disagreed with socialized medicine.

I liked the emphasis put on letting the states decide how to do health care. All the elected officials asked that we go to the Florida Legislature website and contact our State House and State Senate representatives and ask them to support House Joint Resolution 37. Go here to put in your zip code to find yours

Other sites to join are:

Florida Sovereignty Movement

Florida Freedom

Florida Sovereignty Summit Sept. 11 &12

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