Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida TEA Party = Ultimate Nuclear Option!

The politicians and bureaucrats are hard at work within the tea party movement. Republican National Committee Chairman Micheal Steele holds confidential meetings with tea party 'leaders.' Endless emails from Republican Party operatives masquerading as tea party'ers saying, 'stick with the Republican party.'

Sometimes things can get a little confusing.

But one thing is clear. Americans are demanding change and they are waking up to the lies that both the Democrat and Republican party's are spewing.

The Florida Tea Party is one answer to the question, 'What happens when there is no patriot running in a race.' Then the solution is GO NUCLEAR!

Instead of just voting for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumber vote for the Florida TEA Party candidate!

When paperwork was filed with the Division of Elections to get Florida TEA Party listed as a political party there was a reason. And that reason was to first take the strong appeal of the tea party movement and use it as an opportunity to answer the two party monopoly.

Sure, there are other minor party's. But no one really knows what they stand for. Most people know the tea party movement which is the key.

But FTP is no ordinary political party. It is a hybrid. Because when a freedom-loving candidate is offered from the Dem or Repub party, the Florida TEA Party will stand down in that race.

However, when the Dem's and Repub's offer nothing but big government/big tax candidates the Florida TEA Party stands ready to threaten and if necessary, launch a candidate.

This candidate will clearly say that there is no constitutional patriot--HERE AM I: Pick Me!

Of course the ruling elites will bellow that you have no right! We will answer that you have stolen our rights and we want them back.

So the next time someone says that America is a two party system, tell them the following:

When the two party's agree to give us constitutional obeying candidates, we have no quarrel. But when they try to trick us into believing that only they have the right to run candidates, remind them that our freedom comes from the Constitution NOT from the Republican or Democrat party's.

If truth and logic won't persuade them, tell them that you have a secret weapon. A nuclear weapon. And it will be used.

Ronald Reagan said it best, "Trust, but verify." Implicit in that was the threat of force. We now have it.

Candidate Announcements Coming Soon!

Nick Egoroff
Communications Director

Please feel free to forward!

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franklin adams said...

I usually vote for democrats, Ive been poor all my life, Ive been in the US Army and I'm about to go back in the reserve, but you know, the two party system is nothing but the same. My grandmother was chair of the Morgan Co. Illinois Republican Party but she would be appalled about what's going on now in washington. Why is it that Soldiers have inferior equipment and being electrocuted in their showers, with noone held to account, while Washington is talking about Baseball?

Why is it that our President who promised change, and I believed, has let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (who used to be my congressman when I lived in Nevada) who I have NEVER believed run this country? And why has he delivered on absolutely NOTHING, no closure of the illegal GITMO detention camp (we could hold those terrorist fucks in the same prison in Miami where we hold Noriega, or in a Special Secure Housing Unit at ADX Florence, but no, promise broken. No delivery on healthcare because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi cant work with their own countrymen, and nothing else except destroying what was already a pathetic healthcare system where the working poor like myself have to go to the emergency room at hospitals for things a regular doctor could take care of if we could afford it.

And not to mention the Space Program. President One Big A$$ Mistake America killed our manned space program. We rely on the RUSSIANS, who we CANNOT trust to launch our Astronauts now. China will be permanently on the moon before we have a replacement to the Shuttle. Another BIG problem with killing the Space Program is that the Trident and Minuteman missiles won't have a supply system anymore because it was tied in with NASA's deal with Rocketdyne. Funny how nobody mentions in less than 6 years we WILL NOT have a reliable, 100% launch ready Nuclear Deterrant so we're basically handing the balance of power over to China and Russia.

Had I known this was going to be the result, no matter how much I cannot stand Sarah Palin and think she's a moron, or how much I refuse to tolerate or even recognize the seditious, misinformed, idiotic, and downright traitorous venom that gets spewed by the rightwinger media like Beck and Limbaugh, I cannot tolerate the antics of Pelosi, Reid, Grayson, and Obama.

Im an Independent now, and as a Soldier Im sworn to obey the President and I will, but after 8 years of Bush destroying the country, and what seems like another 4 (hopefully just 4) of Obama's puppetry by Reid and Pelosi, I really hope there is a Constitution and President to swear my oath to after this 12 years of madness and self-destruction.