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Today's News Convinces Me Now More Than Ever!

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I've been following with much interest the intra-party battles to wrest control of the Republican Party away from the present failed liberal leadership. Any time you read a news report about the GOP, it invariably describes different factions within the Party vying to be elected to County, State, or Federal positions.

This is precisely what I predicted this summer when the Republican Primary process ended up picking a weak presidential nominee. Now more than ever we need to add our voices and voting rights to restoring the Republican Party as the standard bearer of the US Constitution.

Please, if you do only one thing, go to and sign up to be part of an organization that will in the months to come stand for liberty loving candidates!

Then consider carefully if Third Party activism has anywhere near the potential for dramatic change. In my not so humble opinion, the times have NEVER BEEN BETTER for us to gain a real foothold in our local County Republican Party, our state Republican Party, and ultimately the Republican National Committee.

Conversely, the November 2008 election proved once again that third parties are less than marginal. If every single third party vote was added together under one candidate/banner nationwide it would barely equal 1 percent of the vote.

If any election called out for an 'alternative' candidate, it was this one. Unfortunately, Americans seem dead set against casting their votes for any but a R or a D. And I'm well aware of the spoiler status of the Georgia and Minnesota Senate races. But these are truly rare examples and besides those candidates were not going to be elected. If anything those two races will remind voters that voting third party or independent is a waste of time.

There is another powerful reason to work within the Republican Party. These organizations are granted statutory status. That means they are guaranteed ballot access. Even more important, they really are the only organization that anyone who is not a socialist identifies with. In plain English, there are MILLIONS of people that vote Republican by their mere R being next to a candidates name.

If you think you can just sit around and HOPE that the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party will gain strength, you are dreaming. Wake up to a dose of reality. Get involved with the Republican Party now by going to monthly county, state, and federal meetings. Or else stay home and watch a golden opportunity pass you by.

Here's the latest installment of Party Politics:

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer

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