Friday, February 19, 2010

A Bold New Promise For 2010! No More Kowtowing To The Republican Party!

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In a little less than two weeks the Florida TEA Party has picked up 731 members on Facebook. Many more at our website.

And boy, you should hear the moaning from the Republican Party apologists! You can't leave us! Where will you go? Sounds like the classic battered wife syndrome;-)

But in all seriousness we should take pride that we have decided to stand on principle and not party affiliation. But perhaps we should explain our new found freedom...

The Republican party means many things to many people. Unfortunately once we see who owns the name, hopes and wishes vanish. Because of campaign finance reforms, the Republican Party of Florida is the only place that corporations can deposit large checks.

This means that while various bureaucrats and politicians promise to remain faithful conservatives, they have been bought off like, ahem, W****'s!

This marriage is a sham, and all the apologies and "I'll do better's" should be recognized as lies.

Yet, there will be some that want to hang around hoping that this time it will be different. No problem. Keep your Republican Party voter registration. You can still fully participate in the TEA Party.

Make no mistake. The Florida TEA Party is fully recognized by the Florida Division of Elections. We will be on the November 2010 ballot right under the Rep's and Dem's.

We already have been contacted by many citizen-patriots that want to run under the TEA Party banner. More power to them and here's hoping that more will come.

Our statewide campaign will basically say, 'If you see a name with the TEA Party name next to it--Rest assured this is not some career politician!'

No more crazy-quilt patchwork of districts. This will be a blanket that will cover the whole state!

We will oppose any RINO or Socialist that dares to tread on the US Constitution. This also includes the Florida Constitution, so we will have state house and senate candidates, too.

Two things you can do:

First copy and paste this to your Facebook walls and friends. And by all means send it to your other internet friends and groups.

Second, consider voting with your pocket book too. Donations accepted at They will be fully tax deductible and all our records are filed with the Florida Division of Elections.

Nick Egoroff

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