Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why YOU Should Be Concerned About The Republican Party Of Florida

Most of us are mesmerized by the wholesale destruction of our country emanating from Washington, D.C. But I want to suggest another equally important venue helping to crush our liberty.

The Republican Party of Florida has been systematically watching for any signs of dissent within their ranks. Recently, about a dozen members of RPOF were summoned to the star chamber, er, Grievance Committee to see why they should not be thrown out. Many will take this as just an unlucky draw of the cards for a few, while the rest shrug their shoulders and say 'I guess I dodged that bullet.'

But let me warn you of something. We have it on very good authority (read inside source) that dozens more complaints are sitting on RPOF Chairman Jim Greer's desk awaiting action. This is because the intent of RPOF is to silence and/or intimidate ALL members to sit down and shut up. Or else!

Guys we must start learning how the levers of power are worked. I still follow the national scene, but RPOF is very vulnerable right now. There are investigations into RPOF by the Florida Division of Law Enforcement and various State Attorney's offices on exactly where the MONEY is going and who is benefiting from it. While the normally padlocked doors of RPOF are being pried open, we must step right up and say we too are interested.

I and others will be continuing to fight against the statewide purge that was begun last week. A very experienced civil liberties attorney, Fred O'Neil. has been retained to fight for our rights. We will need everyone to stay informed and supportive. After all, you may be the next head on the chopping block.

Our goal is to have RPOF and all the county Republican Executive Committees become the foundation for a new grassroots effort. We want the RPOF to represent the views of party members, not the corporate interests that buy influence. If we don't reform, the RPOF will cease listening to its membership all together. I for one, think that our liberty ideas will gain a huge following and we will eventually be successful in winning elections for grassroots candidates. But we must build a new RPOF that welcomes diversity rather than purges it.

P.S. Here's a good site for staying informed and on Facebook we have Please also add me as a FRIEND on FB;-)
Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer

Beneath The Mask Of The Republican Party

There is no other way to write this story than in the first person and as it happened. That is because the Republican Party of Florida wanted no written or videotaped record of the proceedings I am about to relay.

One July 13, 2009 Fedex delivered to me a document simple in nature yet chilling in effect. Ten days from that date I was to appear before the RPOF ‘Grievance Committee’ for certain offenses that in all likelihood would lead to my expulsion from the party.

In a long one paragraph statement my County Chairman, Mr. Lew Oliver, described certain offenses which he deemed bad enough to warrant removing me from the party I had been a member of since I had turned 18 (I am now north of 50;-). Technical note: I could still call myself a Republican, I just could not be part of the executive committee which steers the direction of the party; something I had been a part of for the last 2 years.

The first thing that struck me about this announcement was the sloppy nature in which it was written. Constant grammatical and spelling errors occurred throughout the citation. Mr. Oliver, despite holding the highest office of the party at the county level, had yet to either learn proper English or use a word processor.

In the very first sentence he states: “Mr. Egoroff (1) engaged in ‘dirty tricks’ in the fall election by cooperating to send out a primary endorsement mailer under the fake name ‘republican victory committee’ EVEN THOUGH MR. EGOROFF HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SPECIFICALLY WARNED BY RPOF COUNSEL NOT TO USE THE REPUBLICAN NAME WITHOUR PERMISSION.’ Note the lack of capitalization in Republican Victory Committee and the typo in ‘withour’. Mind you, this is an official notice from Mr. Oliver.

Without going into too much detail, I refute this by saying I was never warned by RPOF about this mailer. Secondly, both the Florida Division of Elections and the Orange County Supervisor of Elections were both contacted and said there would be no problem using that name. Thirdly, I am new to the technicalities of using the word Republican which is violated every day with no repercussions.

There are more misspellings, typos, half-truths, etc., and I will reprint the whole document on my blog at

I had ten days to prepare for this important meeting. Fortunately, they named Doug Guetzloe, as my co-conspirator. Mr. Guetzloe has over 30 years of experience in fighting tax increases through his group Ax The Tax. He has also held many positions in the Orange County Republican Executive Committee (the official name of the organization we were both about to be booted from).

He recommended retaining legal counsel through attorney at law Fred O’Neil. Mr. O’Neil had represented Doug for many years and had even argued cases before the Florida Supreme Court. We began a fundraising appeal and Mr. O’Neil was retained.

We knew this was an uphill battle. The Grievance Committee was made up of State Chairman Jim Greer appointees. These people knew that Mr. Greer had dealt ruthlessly with opponents in the past, and undoubtedly knew what the desired outcome was. So much for having an unbiased jury!

On the day of the hearing Mr. O’Neil had suggested that we hire a court reporter to transcribe the event. We knew that if we wanted to appeal the likely negative outcome of this hearing we would want evidence of what happened that day. The RPOF lawyer said no go. This was a private hearing. No taping or transcribing.

This was a clever move on their part to cover their tracks lest one of the inquisitors, er, committee members display their bias or make any other mistake that would come back to haunt them.

Both Doug and myself had a couple of meetings with Mr. O’Neil but we can’t divulge much of the strategy because we are assuming that further legal proceedings will occur. Suffice it to say that RPOF has always maintained that it is a ‘private club’ and can do what it wants. Our premise is that America is essentially a two-party system and that both of these parties are recognized as statutory entities by the state of Florida. Their bylaws are even part of Florida Statutory Law—something that is not accorded to any other political party (check it out on the Florida Statutory Code 103).

I could go on about the juvenile behavior of one committee member who repeatedly badgered me with questions like, ‘Does Doug Guetzloe think for you? Does Doug Guetzloe tell you what to say? Does Doug Guetzloe order you around?’ Which were all questions machinegun fired at me. Each time I tried to answer the woman would shriek, “Just answer the question Mr. Egoroff!” This may be the way you talk to a child, but it is not a professional way to address a man who has successfully run his own business for 20 years.

I’ll just close with the following statement. The Republican Party of Florida needs to stop slamming the doors on people that have new ideas. The Republican Party of Florida needs to stop looking at membership like it’s joining an exclusive country club. In short, the Republican Party of Florida had better stop threatening and smearing new members or it will find itself the defendant in a civil liberties lawsuit that will shake it to the core.

P.S. I should add that this is part of a statewide purge with 10 people likely to be expelled in this round, and dozens of more 'grievances' sitting on Chairman Jim Greer's desk.

Nick Egoroff

Picture of Lew Oliver doing a dirty trick on me. He was standing out in front of my poling place in August of 2008 trying to get voters not to cast their ballots for me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Copy of Republican Party Grievance Committee Summons Sent To Nick Egoroff

The following is a verbatim copy of my summons from the Republican Party of Florida. I use the abbreviation sic to denote misspellings and typo's. It was written by Lew Oliver who is the Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman. I think it is fair to say that Mr. Oliver dislikes me and fears the number of supporters that share the belief that his 20 year reign over the county Republican organization should end.

"I would like to file grievances against both for matters relating to the 2008 election cycle and recent events as follows:

Mr. Egoroff: (1) engaged in "dirty tricks" in the fall election by cooperating to send out a primary endorsement mailer under the fake name "republican victory committee" (Republican should have been capitalized) EVEN THOUGH MR. EGOROFF HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SPECIFICALLY WARNED BY RPOF COUNSEL NOT TO USE THE REPUBLICAN NAME WITHOUR (sic) PERMISSION. (2) in that same flier endorsed a democrat (sic) judicial candidates thus linking the republican (sic) name to democrats (3)invited OREC applicants who did not timely file loyalty oaths to the Dec, 2008 OCREC election meeting telling them that they could be seated or else to harass me AFTER HAVING BEEN TOLD NOT TO AND THAT THE MEETING WAS PRIVATE (4) has repeatedly told lies about these applicants including the lie that that I did not tell them about the oath requirement even though Mr. Egoroff himself personally obtained their oaths well before the deadline. (5) has engaged in repeated and nasty personal attacks and threats of lawsuits. (6) has expressed his secret desire and plan to take over the republican (sic) party on behalf of Ron Paul, (7) has misrepresented facts and lied repeatedly about event (sic) surrounding the lawsuit filed by Mr. Long in December. (8) has been exceptionally disruptive to OCREC, advising members not to cooperate with the leadership team, not to provide contact data to OCREC, not to attend OCREC meetings, etc. (9) Mr. Egoroff has been so disruptive even within the Ron Paul organization that he was eventually thrown out of that (sic) (10) has been removed from OCREC within the last 9 months for exceptionally disruptive activists (sic) (11) is wildly uncivil and vicious in his word and tones (sic), to the detriment of the reputation of the Republican party."

My answers to each charge:
(1) I had received no such instruction on this flier and received advise from the Supervisor of Elections and the Florida Division of Elections that they saw no problem with it. Besides this was a special 'minor' election which was specifically and legally exempt from all normal requirements and exemptions.

(2) Judicial races are nonpartisan so this charge is ludicrous.

(3) We had just received word days earlier that a Miami Circuit Court Judge had ruled that Ron Paul supporters just like ours should be seated for their December Dade county meeting.

(4) I have never made that statement. Although Mr. Oliver's silence on the Loyalty Oath requirement for a month previous to the qualifying period is/was quite telling.

(5) Personal and nasty attacks?? Like the ones that I sued him for libel and slander over, (which by the way he apologized for and retracted via a certified letter that I received).

(6) I have many secret desires, taking over OCREC rates quite low on the list;-) Besides I did not make any 'secret' about my intentions to vote him out of office!

(7) This is really a lawsuit that is still ongoing, so I'll not comment.

(8) Another ridiculous statement. I encouraged people to sign up!

(9) A long ago incident that I don't wish to bring up and have settled with the Ron Paul state organization. It has nothing to do with OCREC.

(10) a) I was thrown out in a rigged and hostile closed party election b) I won my seat back in a fair election run by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

(11) I occasionally wrote satire about Lew Oliver (like the Emperor Has No Clothes) but never was disruptive in any official meetings.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I'm Pushing The Draft Florida Senator Paula Dockery For Governor Movement

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this.

Many of us have looked long and hard for how we can change the course of the wretched path of politics that this country is on. We have searched long and hard for good candidates that match up with our new found understanding of what this country should stand for but all to often doesn’t.

Right now I’m involved with a grassroots effort to draft a reluctant candidate to run for Governor of Florida. Her name is Paula Dockery and she is currently a State Senator representing the Lakeland area.

Many people may not understand the importance of the governorship. It represents the executive branch of state level government. And just like the President of the United States, the Florida Governor really has no equal when it comes to legislative power.

With a single stroke of the pen legislation can be blocked. Because the concentrated bureaucracy of state officials only answers to the governor, he or she has incredible power. The person that occupies the governor’s mansion will directly affect Floridian’s lives for the next four years.

Right now the Republican Party of Florida is seeking to stifle the Primary process and dictate that Bill McCollum will be our nominee.

Because of the immense challenge of running a statewide campaign they think no one will dare to challenge that edict. Fortunately Senator Paula Dockery has left open the door to a grassroots draft of her candidacy.

Doug Guetzloe and I were first impressed by her masterful handling of powerful special interests; a huge array of paid lobbyists; and dozens of senior level legislators. All were amassed to try and swindle billions of Florida taxpayer dollars to private real estate developers and CSX Railroad.

It was billed as Commuter Rail for Central Florida. But once Paula requested more detailed reports of what was really behind this boondoggle, she realized that she alone might be the only person standing between backroom deals and responsible spending of our money.

I could go on in detail explaining how high federal government officials, sitting congressmen, and other bureaucrats threatened her with retaliation if she didn’t back down. Things even got so heated between Cong. Adam Putnam, Cong. John Mica and herself that Mr. Putnam had to referee Mica waiving his finger at her telling her that ‘powerful forces have already drawn up the deals.’ She resisted, boldly standing up for us, the Florida residents that would be stuck with this money-losing venture.

If you want to know how her voting record looks after 12 years of various state level positions, go to What you’ll find is a good reasonable conservative record: against unnecessary tax increases, for the right of the unborn child, and a genuine sensitivity for preserving Florida’s natural environment.

All too often we only look at the federal level of government as the cure all. But as many of us have discovered that the US Constitution actually envisioned the separate and equal states should be the real seats of power. Again this shows the importance of the governorship.

I’m asking you, with all the credibility and integrity that I have, to help Draft Paula Dockery for Governor. As mentioned earlier Paula is definitely open to this idea. She feels strongly that she is capable of serving her state in this capacity, yet she did not seek this office. It is only through the efforts of you and I that we may yet have a choice.

Many of you know of my 18 months or more working with the Orlando Ron Paul group. Through it all I accepted not one dime of pay for untold hours of volunteerism. And neither Doug, nor I are receiving any pay for this effort as well. Heath Whitaker has donated hours of work to create the website mentioned above.

What drives us to do this when most people have little knowledge of Ms. Dockery or understanding of the magnitude of the governor’s race? Simply a clear understanding of how politics works and the rarity of launching a people’s choice candidate.

One more thing; this is not some idealistic race where the candidate has no real chance of winning. Ms. Dockery has been blessed with many good years of public life and the financial means to begin running. She only needs us to join with her to increase her chances. Our reward? Oh, probably a few more hours given over to politics. But then that’s what we’re in this thing for right?? But you won’t be alone. Have a look at the Facebook site I started just under a month ago.

Most Sincerely,
Nick Egoroff

Florida State Sovereignty/Profound Implications

Just imagine what enacting the 10th Amendment could do for our state.

We could see a rise in manufacturing of heretofore restricted items. Guns, if they weren't sold outside of our state boarders, would invite manufacturers. We could absolve the corporations from the frivolous lawsuits by declaring that it is the owner's responsibility for what he does. Reducing registration requirements could also be examined.

We could also write our own social laws. For instance if we didn't want abortions to be legal in our state we would have the right to outlaw them. Or if the majority of people wanted to allow or disallow same sex marriage we could do that as well.

State Sovereignty brings all decision making closer to the people. This is a good thing which is precisely what the Founding Fathers wanted. One state can have looser social standards and another could be more conservative.

Please spread word of this group to your Florida friends. Ultimately if the people want something badly enough, they usually get it IF they are both persistent AND vocal about it.

I'm pleased to announce that we now have several Florida state legislators that have said YES to introducing a state sovereignty bill into the 2010 legislative session.

Now our work begins. We are assembling folders of material that we will provide to you. Then when you go to visit your individual representatives for your district, you'll look professional!

We are also creating a 'PAC' so that we can collect donations for hiring of a professional lobbyist and other incidental costs. Possible renting of buses to get our volunteers to Tallahassee during the 9 week session is also on the board.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please call me at 3212289761 anytime day or night.

Keep up the great work. We have nearly 1,100 members!

Nick Egoroff

Disturbing News From The Republican Party Of Florida!

We are all excited about the new Florida State Sovereignty legislation headed to Tallahassee in 2010. Several Republican State House Representatives have come together to propel this legislation forward.

What is so disturbing is that the same Party that puts forth this legislation, is engaging in some of the worst tyrannical maneuvers imaginable. Over a dozen Republican Party activists (me included) received via Fedex summons to appear in Orlando in two weeks. We were informed that 'grievances' had been filed against us.

Charges include such ludicrous infractions as 'having a negative tone' to 'using the Republican name without permission.' Another 'serious' violation was to be photographed wearing a Ron Paul for President button after the 2008 primary was over. I'm not making this stuff up!

Through back channels we learned that Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer had started a statewide purge of ANYONE that dared to question his authority or not to support the candidates that he had selected EVEN BEFORE ANY PRIMARY! Especially serious was to support US Senate candidate Marco Rubio.

Those that had been put on the list to be expelled ran the gamut of long time members (even including a County Chairman) to newer members that had proven invaluable to various campaigns.

I've setup yet another Facebook page that will be dedicated to sharing information and planning strategy on how to stop this outrageous abuse of power.

Please consider joining at

Thank you,
Nick Egoroff