Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Meeting: The Big Tent Collapseses In On Itself/ June OCREC Meeting Sham!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Announcing a new meeting for The Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group!

What: The Big Tent Collapseses In On Itself/ June OCREC Meeting Sham!

When: Thursday, June 5, 7:00 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Who should come: Everyone that isn't afraid to take a stand for right vs. wrong!

Why: Rare opportunity to see how the Republican Party deals with those that want to offer a differing view.

Meeting Description: Okay, folks it's do or die time. Lew Oliver has promised an 'added layer of security' to protect the Orange County Republican Executive Committee from those 'Ron Paul Wacko's'. The first quote is from Lying Lew's latest missive to OCREC members. The second one is from a cool couple I met at the May 1st OCREC. They were cool because they came up to me and said, "You know Lew Oliver recruited us to be here to defend the party from you Ron Paul wacko's. But you know, we read the pamphlet your supporters were handing out, and after talking with you Ron Paul people, we don't think you are wacky at all!"

We are going to make a last attempt to talk some sense to Republicans. I'm asking all people who believe that the Party should respect differences of opinion, to make an awesome showing. State GOP Chairman Jim Greer is going to be there. Lew Oliver thinks that Mr. Greer will protect him from those awful Sons of Liberty. Ron Paul supporters are now a byword for anything that Lying Lew thinks might upset his applecart! Hopefully, our traditional values of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Liberty, will confound their plans.

This will probably be the biggest meeting of the year. Not only is State Chairman Greer going to be there, but he's bringing the whole State of Florida GOP delegation. This promises to be a case of might vs. right. You want to miss it. Media will definitely be there. And since various potentates are coming too, I expect Lew Oliver will not only hire extra Orlando Police (like he did last month), he will probably have the new OPD Armored Personnel Carrier there just in case;-)

Tops on the agenda is my expulsion. I'm to be tried for certain activities unbecoming of a good Party-Line robot. Sorry, but I prefer to think for myself. Sure, they'll try and deprogram me and put in the chip labeled 'Do What Ever The Party Tells You To Do.' But unfortunately my eyes are opened and I'm not afraid to stand up and speak the truth.

Hope you all will make a spot in your schedule to come. Just walk in like you belong there. Skip signing in. Lew has already put out the word that only Republicans that agree with him are welcome. Dress for success and maybe we'll make a heroic last stand. It is a really sad that the Republican Party has come to this. Bright spot and good news is that MANY 'traditional' Republicans are stunned by Lew Oliver's childish behavior. I talked to them at the last meeting, and let me tell you, they have had enough of Lying Lew.

Parting words: I care not what Lew Oliver and his henchmen say or do. I care more about the Party that once stood for PRINCIPLE and one day hope that it will return to supporting CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
OCREC Member Precinct #319

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