Saturday, May 24, 2008

Temporary Victory! OCREC Backs Away From Expelling Nick Egoroff

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

Last night I received a personal phone call from Vice Chairman of OCREC Gary Phister. He told me that the OCREC Board had decided to temporarily postpone the motion for my removal from OCREC. The vote for my removal was to take place this Thursday at the May 1st OCREC meeting. It has now been moved to the June 5th meeting.

I tried to get Vice Chairman Phister to explain why this happened. He mentioned that State Chairman Jim Greer would be coming to that meeting. I then repeated my 5 earlier requests for written information on the procedure for my removal. And yet again he said he didn't know, other than a vote would be taken of the OCREC membership. Geez, Gary, do you think you could at least give me the rules before you find me guilty of violating them??

I also requested that I be given access to the OCREC email list so that I could answer Chairman Oliver's complaints against me. I also told Phister that I have information that paid OCREC personnel were doing the chairman's bidding trying to arm-twist members to supporting his position. Phister's response? "No Comment!"

So we are left to stew about what all this means. Has Chairman Oliver realized he doesn't have the support to throw me out? Maybe our phone calls and emails to OCREC have given him some pause. If you would like to contact Chairman Oliver please email him at Remember to keep it civil and stick to the issues of your support for differing opinions within the OCREC.

Perhaps State Chairman Greer wants to come see for himself what all the bother is about. He was scheduled to come anyway, so maybe he just wants to kill two birds with one stone. Umm, I don't think I like the sounds of that one;-)

I've also been invited back to the Doug Guetzloe Report today at 11am on 1190 AM radio. Tune in if you can.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

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