Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sneak Peek At Orange County Precinct Committee Elections Results!!

Friday, June 20th was the final day to file our Precinct Committeeman and Committeewoman paperwork with the Orange County Supervisor of Elections. Many of you have contacted me to ask how this all went. In one word it was AWESOME! As I said in a previous email, this was truly a group effort! Many of you went way beyond the call of duty. You proved that your care and concern for America knows no bounds. You also greatly inspired me to believe that Ron Paul PATRIOTS are the most politically active people that I have ever known!

I wish that I could go into detail about we achieved. But know well that the weeks of work done on this project proved very fruitful! But the forces that oppose free and open elections to OCREC are closely watching our every move. Gary Phiester, Vice-Chairman even paid us a surprise visit for our final night of sign-ups at Barnes and Noble Bookstore Cafe. We of course spotted him and I invited him to come over and say hello to the Paulist'as. And of course Uncle Lew Oliver reads our every email, so hello to you sir, and mind your own business!!

Like I said we (and I most of all) must resist the temptation to give out vital information that Oliver and company would use to their advantage. But just like a good general would never give away the plan to victory, I will encourage you all with the news that we surprised those that seek to keep OCREC as a closed body-politic. Our numbers and theirs are very close and I urge all of you to stay ready for action.

Remember our CAUSE is right, and we seek nothing less than to restore the Republican Party to the Constitutional Rule of Law. Nothing less and nothing more. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the rest of the Founding Fathers are toasting our SUCCESS!

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections is posting SOME results http://www.ocfelectio...

scroll to the bottom and open the excel link marked STATE AND PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN/COMMITTEE WOMAN REPUBLICANS I'll have a further communique once I have a chance to fully digest the numbers.

Please do not post up something like "hey I made it, etc." We must absolutely keep Lew Oliver in the dark about our true numbers and plans. Also be prepared for such dirty tricks like getting phone calls from his stooges saying things like 'Oh, did you know you have to give at least $500 to the Party if you want to be a member? Or, 'We already have enough people in your precinct, we're sending someone over with a form for you to withdraw.' Remember that Lew Oliver has lied many, many times about us and he intends to stop us from having a legitimate voice in OUR PARTY! Report any and all suspicious contacts to me at IMMEDIATELY.

Keep the faith my brothers and sisters! Our victory is assured if we have but the WILL to succeed!

And not to brag too much, but we can take pride that NO OTHER RON PAUL MEETUP GROUP in Florida came close to accomplishing what we are about to do. I'm so DAMN PROUD of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Organizer

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