Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chairman Oliver Continues Campaign Of Dirty Tricks!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

My appearance on The Guetzloe Report ( 11-12pm 1190 AM Radio) went very well. Lots of callers voicing support for my fight to keep my membership in OCREC. An MP3/Podcast should be available shortly for those that could not hear the show live.

Unfortunately Chairman Oliver continues to pull stuff out of his campaign of dirty tricks bag. Not content with printing out and out lies saying that I wrote things WHICH I DID NOT WRITE, he has decided that no one should be able to see the expulsion proceedings. Never mind that NOTHING of any strategical significance will be discussed, he wants to hush-up the whole sordid affair against me.

I was tipped today by a news reporter that Chairman Oliver will close the May 1st OCREC meeting to the public. While every meeting up to this point has been open and 'in the sunshine', Oliver knows that what he is about to do is going to stink to high heaven! And he sure doesn't want any inquiring eyes to see it.

So what do we do? I ask that all Republicans that want to hear how Boss Oliver controls these meetings show up and ask, "Lew Oliver, What Are You Afraid Of?" Demand your right as a registered Republican to see the inner workings of your party.

I know that Lew is working overtime to spread lies about me to OCREC members. He uses the emails, phone calls, and personal contacts,-even getting the paid staff to do his bidding- all in an attempt to overwhelm my defense. Also realize I have no access to any of the lists he uses so there is no way form me to respond to OCREC members. Talk about a unfair fight, Lew has my hands tied and continues to pummel me. That's all right Lew, I can take a hit. But if you are so big and powerful (and we know you read every letter and have infiltrated our group). Why don't you let me have HALF the resources you have at your disposal. You are a disgrace for these continued underhanded tactics.

Lew Oliver I'm calling you out! Come out and face me one on one in a fair fight. I have FIVE email requests to you to give me a set of the rules that you are using to expel me. You've responded to NONE OF THEM! Again where is the fairness.

Since Lew has continued to flaunt his unreasonable behavior, I have been forced to hire Fred O'Neal, attorney at law, and am drawing up papers for libel. I will also file a grievance with the Florida Bar Association for unprofessional and unethical behavior against Chairman Oliver. We'll see if that causes him any pause on these attacks on me and my reputation.

I ask all who support decency and fair play to vote with their feet at the May 1st OCREC meeting, May 1st at 7pm. Show them that it is your party too! The media has promised that they will cover the proceedings.

RSVP Here: http://ronpaul.meetup...

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
Republican Precinct Committeeman #319

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