Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shadow of Things To Come: Cop Cars Roll At Latest OCREC Meeting!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

I knew OCREC Chairman Lew Oliver was scared of us lowly 30-40 RP supporters, but I had no idea that he feared for his life! That's right folks, a fully armed Orlando Police Department Officer parked his shiny squad car smack dab in front of the door of the Mark Street Senior Center. He had his Glock sidearm locked and loaded. Hand cuffs at the ready; and I'm sure that his Tazar was set to maximum (remember to say, 'Don't Taze Me Bro).

Fortunately last nights meeting was another yawner. Any attempt to liven up the joint with ridiculous questions like 'Hey, what's up with trying to expel a fellow Republican?' or ' how's your lawsuits coming along?' were quickly put to sleep by a repeat lecture from our County Property Assessor Bill Donnegan, teaching us the definition of 'millage' and giving us a thorough walk-through of the Property Tax Assessment website. After 45 minutes of this, I was almost ready to volunteer for tarring and feathering just to relieve the boredom!

The really sad part? Lew Oliver is single handedly strangling the Party's life. Anyone that goes back to these exercises in boredom is either 1) a masochist or 2) desperate to try and save what remains of OCREC.

Want some good news? I was approached by many longterm OCREC members that were appalled at Chairman Oliver using our Republican Party to settle a personal vendetta. As one old timer put it, 'If Lew's got a problem with you, you guys should take it outside.' Now that's what I would call a common sense attitude! Too bad Lew is more interested in throwing his weight around by hiring cops to intimidate people.

Final closing note. What is up with Lew's choice of hats? I'm referring to the silly camouflage style baseball cap he wore throughout the meeting. Lew must think we're in basic training and he's our drill Sargent. And did you hear how he was barking orders to Jonathan Swift (executive director) and to others? Memo to Lew: ratchet down the dictatorial style and give us time to deal with matters of substance. Example: Well over $25,000 was spent by the Board without so much as a moment's debate. Everything is rush, rush with Lew Oliver. No time to debate the issues, but plenty of time to hear REPEAT lectures on arcane property tax business.

Our struggle continues to revitalize the Orange County Republican Executive Committee.

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

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