Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Week To May Day!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

This has been a very tumultuous period of time. First eight RP supporters were blackballed from membership from the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. I went public to the media explaining the abrupt change of attitude at OCREC. That precipitated Chairman Lew announcing that I would be expelled for 'disrupting the mission of OCREC.' Wow, never knew we had such power!

Some might take the attitude that 'if we're not wanted, then why bother.' I can understand your reaction. But realize this, if we walk away from the Republican Party, we throw away our chance to influence the party from the ground up. And unfortunately that is what the powers that be really want. They would prefer that all this talk about re-energizing the party by bringing back core principles of limited government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility come to a halt. 'We don't have time for that now!' is what they say.

I say, it's my party too! And you have no right to stifle, block, and expel Republicans just because they don't agree with you. I say, we have done nothing wrong. We demand an explanation for this kind of conduct!

I'm asking every Ron Paul supporter to stand firmly and squarely with every other Ron Paul supporter. Don't fall for the trickery that Lew Oliver hopes to ensnare us with. He hopes to divide and conquer us. He hopes to play one of us off against the other. This is one of the oldest political moves out there. Dangle some tempting short term victory in the hopes that people cave.

We often allude to the examples of Colonial America. And never was such an analogy more apt. No doubt King George and his British agents sent offers to the patriots: "Just get rid of that George Washington, Samuel Adams, and that Patrick Henry. They're the trouble-makers. Then we can sit down and work out a solution."

No one knuckled under, no one betrayed their fellow patriot. How could they? They knew that solidarity was the key to survival.

Lew Oliver now says 'All is forgiven'. All you Ron Paul people come on back, give me your names addresses and I'll see that you get in (never mind that he said on the infamous green smear sheet that Ron Paul supporters were attacking the party; that they were disloyal extremists. First he says that I am not a target of this purge, then he says that 'Nick Egoroff has always been a disruptive element.'

And just to make sure the hook is properly baited, he throws in a tempting bone, 'We might even be willing to put one of your members on the board.' Come on Lew, do you think we don't see exactly what you are doing? A lot of us are new to this game you play so well, but we are not children!

I hope everyone clears their calendar for this meeting. I will be given a chance to plead my case and I could use all the support I can get. I don't even care if you are not yet a member and therefore won't be able to vote. You vote with your presence. You show them that you will not be bullied, you will not be smeared, you will not be lied to. YOU WILL BE HEARD! Media will be in attendance!!

Join the 17 other patriots and lets have a huge showing RSVP HERE:


Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer
OCREC Precinct Committeeman #319

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