Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sounds Like Lew Oliver Is Up To His Old Tricks!

Many of us remember the big deal Chairman Oliver made about the Mark Street Senior Center 'complaining' that our meetings were going to long. Oliver whined about that OCREC might be 'billed' for going over time limit so he put forth a motion that we limit debate on new motions and that we always end our meetings at 8:30pm.

No one thought to question his Highness on this proclamation of fact so we all supported the motion. Seems that Chairman Lew's ability to stretch the truth is showing again. Much like his libeling me in print purporting that I made certain statements that he now seems to back away from (now that I'm suing him for libel).

Turns out one of our members curiosity got the better of him. I'll reprint below his email to me. He also sent me a copy of the Rules from Orange County Parks and Recreation which backs up all the claims he makes below.

Bottom Line: OCREC can't make this a private meeting. It breaks the usage agreement that they have with the Orange County Parks and Recreation.

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Hey Nick -

I naturally became suspicious of several of the motions that have recently been passed namely the one concerning the adjournment of the meeting exactly at 8:30pm

Lew stated the reason was due to receiving a complaint that our meeting had run long and OCREC was to begin to get charged an overtime fee if the meetings continued to run late.

Last Friday I went and spoke with Penny Fawcett the Site Supervisor of the Marks Street Senior Center.

I learned a couple of surprising things.

1. No such complaint came from her office to OCREC
2. ALL repeat users of the site are now going to be subject to rental fees if they meet past the centers hours (8a-8p).
3. As part of the Fee waiver policy (which is why OCREC enjoys free usage of the facility) "The event being held must be open to the public"

As a tactic to always end the meeting prior to new business, thereby limiting our ability to speak, Lew pretty much lied to get the motion passed.

Additionally, they CAN NOT kick anyone out of the meeting or bar anyone from attending, the media or private citizens. It is a county facility and has to be open to the public, per the contract that they signed to use the facility.

I've attached the paperwork that Penny gave to me on the fee waiver policy and also the letter about the fees that went out to all of the regular users of the facility.

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