Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lew Oliver Makes Good On His Threat To Expell Me As An OCREC Member!

Group Organizer
Orlando, FL

One thing that you can say about Lew Oliver--when he makes a threat he intends to carry it out. On the Friday following the the April 3rd Monthly OCREC meeting, I had a long discussion with Chairman Oliver about the smear job he did on the RP supporters. Secretly circulating a 'green sheet' memo branding THEM as 'Disloyal', 'Extremists', and 'Attacking The Republican Party,' was not only underhanded, but it wasn't even true. I told him that if he had a beef with me, than talk to me, don't blackball people just because they knew me. Ask THEM what THEIR political beliefs were, before blocking their membership.

Needless to say this kind of reasoning had no impact on Mr. Oliver. In fact he threatened to smear me too if I went public with the green sheet. "I'll print and distribute every email you ever sent. I'll make you look bad and gain even more traditional Republican support for me if you go to the press." Mind you, I never said that I would go to the media. First I wanted to get his side of the story of what he was trying to accomplish. I further again and again pleaded with him to first contact these blackballed individuals before he permanently blocked them from membership.

Well, lo and behold, in tonights email I see a special notice that I am to be tried in the kangaroo court with Lew Oliver as Judge and prosecuting attorney. The trial (and I use that term very loosely) will commence on May 1st, 2008. Location will be the friendly confines of the Mark Street Senior Center at 7pm. I suppose the tarring and feathering will commence after the 'verdict' is delivered.

And what am I guilty of? What high crimes and misdemeanors have I committed to warrant such serious charges? Let's see. "doesn't want to see the Republican ticket elected in November. Hmm, I think I signed quite a few petitions to help many Republicans to get ballot access. I also recall talking with many Republican candidates and introducing them to many new Ron Paul supporters. Heck, I even attended strategy meetings with Lew Oliver and other OCREC members and shared ideas on how to win the elections in the fall. Sounds to me like I was involved and supporting Republican candidates.

Take a look at that second paragraph in the "NOTICE" (I'll forward it in the next email). He says I want to (exact quote) "debate such measures as the unconstitutionality of the war in Iraq, legalization of drugs, etc." As Chairman Oliver knows, I never suggested debating these issues. I did put forth a motion that we should from time to time discuss what are the core issues of the party. A resolution that was put forward in good faith and in proper Robert Rules of Order format. But we know what Lew Oliver's real intentions are. Smear people! Say they said things they didn't say, make outlandish statements, and then hope to fan fears within the Executive Committee so they will do Oliver's bidding.

Then he goes on to say I'm disruptive in meetings. True I did bring up a motion in November 2007 in support of a fellow Republican (not even a Ron Paul supporter), running for mayor. Apparently, this too is contrary to Mr. Oliver's plan for winning elections. True, I asked that we support Mr. Mulvaney's candidacy with a large donation from the party treasury. The motion was voted down and later Lew came to me and stated that he had had a change of heart and would recommend to the committee a smaller donation of $5000. I doubt if even this smaller sum would have been forthcoming if I hadn't stood up for a Republican wanting to contest election. Remember this motion was over FIVE months ago. And my only other motion (about the discussion of issues was over TWO months ago. Only TWO motions in nearly a year of membership in OCREC. I had no idea that Republicans were supposed to be so quiet!

Which brings us to the real issue. The fact that I dared to oppose Chairman Oliver and even worse, went to the media to talk about inner workings of OCREC. Now if Mr. Oliver is so thin-skinned and afraid of a good healthy debate, then it is Chairman Oliver who should really consider if he is suitable for membership in OCREC.

We now have two directly linked instances where Lew Oliver takes the low road to squash anyone who opposes him. First he circulates defamatory statements about Ron Paul supporters , then he goes after me for exposing his tactics in the media. And you know what I think motivates Lew Oliver even more? The fact that I'm right and he's wrong and I'm not afraid to tell him and everyone else, that the Emperor has no clothes! And the fact that I can out debate him and make him look bad in the media IS NOT TO BE TOLERATED!

I've got a message for Mr. Oliver. To wit, "Mr. Oliver, you are trying the tactics of another not so great Republican. His name is Joe McCarthy. Who can forget his hysterical rantings, 'I've got in this envelope the names of known Communists that I will expose.' Well Mr. Oliver, if that is how you want to play with peoples' names and reputations you will meet the same end as him. Someday someone will stand up and say (as they did 40 years ago), 'Sir, have you no shame?'

I may just be that man, Chairman Oliver! You may frighten and bully others but you will not do it to me. I stand ready to defend myself, my beliefs, and my right to be involved in the Republican party. Throw all the mud and lies you want. They will not stick and you will cover yourself with the slime that you so sanctimoniously heap on others.

See you on May 1st. I don't know what other trickery Lew Oliver has up his sleeve, but I will guess that anyone who thinks nothing of suing other Republicans and being accused of charging more than 100 percent interest in the meantime, will have plenty of stuff to hit me with. http://www.orlandosen...

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

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