Thursday, January 8, 2009

Proud Night For Republican Grassroots Activists

We again suffered a setback in our efforts to seat 17 duly elected Republican Precinct Committee Men And Women. The high powered and HIGHLY paid lawyers were looking for every technicality to thwart justice. In the end the judge gave Deon Long another 10 days to rectify our complaint.

Of course Republican Party of Florida State Chairman Jim Greer could hardly contain his glee. The words had barely left Judge Rodriguez's mouth, before Greer announced his joy. Why he is so proud of Republicans NOT being admitted into the Party, I'll never know.

But Deon Long promises to continue to fight the corporate interests that seek to keep grassroots activists out of the Party.

We then moved from the courtroom to the ballroom. Ninety-four supporters of fairness gathered in the Winter Park Civic Center to attempt to discuss Lew Oliver's illegal election in December.

Unfortunately, we were just shy of a quorum (40 percent of OCREC membership). The combination of Lew Oliver's hysterical rantings that we were holding an ILLEGAL meeting and ORDERING people not to attend, combined with the Gator / Oklahoma BCS Championship on TV hurt our efforts.

But this momentary setback did nothing to dampen the spirits of Republicans for fairness. Indeed, we decided to go ahead and sign ANOTHER petition right there on the spot to call another Special Meeting of OCREC. When this news gets to Oliver, expect more threats and disinformation.

Even more exciting was enthusiasm of so many people there. I tried to thank everyone who came, many of whom were not 'Ron Paul' types. Their comments over and over were a dismay at the pettiness of Lew Oliver. Many of these folks had known Oliver for years and said he continues to get worse the longer he stays in office.

Everyone was committed to staying with this effort to stop the tyrannical behavior of our chairman.

I myself was inspired to leave the suit and tie on that I had worn to court. I then proceeded to give a great speech about our success in staying focused. I reminded those gathered that continuing our fight to make our voices heard in OCREC was indeed progressing.

Our turnout tonight was more than OCREC ever gets at their normal meetings. Sticking together will force Oliver to loosen his grip.

Further proof of our strength is that OCREC and even RPOF fears what we are doing here. They're spending TENS of thousands of dollars on sharpie lawyers and then publishing press releases to the world that they supposedly SQUASHED us.

But our fight will continue no matter the odds.

And my special note to Lew Oliver: Keep looking over your shoulder. Republican Patriots are everywhere. We will oppose you whenever you seek to dictate to us what the Party stands for and what we can do as its members.

Now for a sports update... It's Great To Be A Florida Gator...Said It's Great To Be A Florida Gator!!!! BCS Bowl Champions!

Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer

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