Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why YOU Should Be Concerned About The Republican Party Of Florida

Most of us are mesmerized by the wholesale destruction of our country emanating from Washington, D.C. But I want to suggest another equally important venue helping to crush our liberty.

The Republican Party of Florida has been systematically watching for any signs of dissent within their ranks. Recently, about a dozen members of RPOF were summoned to the star chamber, er, Grievance Committee to see why they should not be thrown out. Many will take this as just an unlucky draw of the cards for a few, while the rest shrug their shoulders and say 'I guess I dodged that bullet.'

But let me warn you of something. We have it on very good authority (read inside source) that dozens more complaints are sitting on RPOF Chairman Jim Greer's desk awaiting action. This is because the intent of RPOF is to silence and/or intimidate ALL members to sit down and shut up. Or else!

Guys we must start learning how the levers of power are worked. I still follow the national scene, but RPOF is very vulnerable right now. There are investigations into RPOF by the Florida Division of Law Enforcement and various State Attorney's offices on exactly where the MONEY is going and who is benefiting from it. While the normally padlocked doors of RPOF are being pried open, we must step right up and say we too are interested.

I and others will be continuing to fight against the statewide purge that was begun last week. A very experienced civil liberties attorney, Fred O'Neil. has been retained to fight for our rights. We will need everyone to stay informed and supportive. After all, you may be the next head on the chopping block.

Our goal is to have RPOF and all the county Republican Executive Committees become the foundation for a new grassroots effort. We want the RPOF to represent the views of party members, not the corporate interests that buy influence. If we don't reform, the RPOF will cease listening to its membership all together. I for one, think that our liberty ideas will gain a huge following and we will eventually be successful in winning elections for grassroots candidates. But we must build a new RPOF that welcomes diversity rather than purges it.

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Nick Egoroff
Orlando Liberty Organizer

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