Thursday, January 1, 2009

All It Takes Is YOU!

Happy New Year! Florida Campaign For Liberty, is going to accomplish great things in 2009. You know why: Because YOU are part of it!

I’ve now been organizing and agitating in Orlando and around the state for nearly two years. The most important thing I’ve learned in all of this is: Just Show Up.

That’s where you come in. If you’ll just commit to giving just a couple of hours a month to political action, you and I will completely topple the bureaucratic structure.

Often I’ve made the assumption that we need hundreds, maybe even thousands of people come to an event to have an impact.

Take for instance our attempt to remove Lew Oliver from chairmanship of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. I thought we needed a lot of people to do this. In reality we only needed about 100.

Now we have OCREC in a stalemate position. Oliver won his chairmanship but by the slimmest of margins 122-121. And he only won that by disqualifying many of our supporters. That fight continues with a lawsuit, parliamentary maneuvers, and calling of special meeting to annul the election.

Did we need people parading down Orange Avenue with media in tow? Nope. All we needed was a few people to make a spreadsheet of supporters. Then we needed a few more to make phone calls. Finally we had a tightly knit group of activists determined to make real change.

If we keep on at this pace, replicating and multiplying it, we will certainly win even bigger battles.

Don’t give up, guys. And don’t think that 2009 is just a kick back and relax year. Activists (we can even call ourselves rEVOLutionaries!) know that this is the time for strategy and building.

2010 elections are right around the corner. I am putting the finishing touches on a project that will take us to new heights.

I’ve also been having some very useful conversations with Adam Kokesh (the fiery patriot who has won the hearts of so many of us). We will be meeting together in Washington, D.C. in a week or so.

In the meantime here’s a couple of web links that you should checkout and join.
First and foremost: This is where our organization is built.

Second, I really see the power of Facebook. My contact info there is

I’ve also started a blog at

Like Ron Paul said, “This revolution is PERMANENT”

Nick Egoroff
Campaign For Liberty Organizer
Director of Science of Freedom

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