Monday, January 5, 2009

Today History Was Made In The Republican Party!

Pretty audacious words, but I've never been one to mince words. I'll leave that to lesser men and women that do not share a RADICAL vision for this country and the Republican Party.

What I'm talking about is the debate that took place today. It consisted of the candidates for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. I'll post the link below for CSPAN where you can watch the video archive. And I'll expect that by the time you read this, our YouTube videographers will have already sliced and diced the juiciest bits.

But I'll go ahead and give you the spoiler right now. All the candidates were falling all over themselves begging the Ron Paul supporters to stay in the Party. Not only that, but they were ALL trying to outdo themselves in showing they were the one candidate that was most friendly to us. I'm not making this up.

I nearly yelled hallelujah loud enough that my neighbors might have thought I was leading a church service in my living room. Finally RNC leadership is getting it through their thick skulls that the Ron Paul Army is a force to be reckoned with. We have been vindicated in the holy of hollies, the curtain that separates us from the inner sanctum of power has been torn in two. Can I get a witness? Can I have an AMEN!!

Now what is to be done? First off we will have the that usurper to the throne, that great pretender Lew Oliver's head on a platter (figuratively speaking, although for the damage he's done a good whipping is in order;-). Lew Oliver, the man that has lied and cheated his way through more OCREC races than you can count...Lew Oliver the man who has viciously smeared innocent Republicans whose only sin was to support the candidacy of fellow 10 term congressman Dr. Ron Paul (forget the Alamo...Remember the Green Smear sheet!)...Lew Oliver the man who disqualified over a dozen Precinct Committee Men and Women for such trivial things as 'not having the right precinct number written on the Loyalty Oath... Lew Oliver the man that was called a "lazy and unethical lawyer by the Seminole County Republican Executive Committee Chairman (quoted EXACTLY as it appeared in The Orlando Sentinel)...and last but not least Lew Oliver, the man that publicly slandered and libeled my good name. For which he only admitted it after I hired well-known Attorney Fred O'Neal who threatened him with a lawsuit and possible censure by the Florida Bar.

Yeah, I got a bone to pick with Oliver. This man has single-handedly destroyed the Orange County Republican Party. And for what? My answer is: So He Can Play Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny. And if you don't know what this means look it up on Wikipedia!

The numbers speak for themselves. During Oliver's tenure the number of registered Republican Party voters has dropped by TEN's of Thousands over a multi-year period.

Then when Oliver realized he had a revolt on his hands, he took another Hollywood part. That of the captain of the Titanic as she went down to a watery grave. Oliver's answer to these sinking numbers of Republican voters? Why he has the band strike up a tune as he orders the rearranging of deck chairs!

This man is a menace to the Party and he will only go if he is forcibly evicted. I expect to pry the OCREC meeting microphone out of his stone-clinched hand.

But I digress.

Tonight we heard from these Chairman wannabees that they are committed to building a grassroots machine that doesn't answer to Party bigwigs. They proclaim a bottom-up approach again and again saying that the Party begins at the COUNTY level.

They proclaimed that they will hold Republican candidates and elected officials' feet to the fire. We are the Party of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, and Personal Responsibility.

Now let me see...which presidential candidate said that? Was it the Right Honorable Senator from Arizona, our LOSING presidential candidate John McCain? NOPE! It was another candidate.

One who was laughed at, taunted, and yes vilified by so called leaders in our Party. The only man that knows HOW TO CURE APATHY. None other than 10 TERM Congressman RON PAUL. Someone who knows how to win DESPITE sometimes having to fight his own Party and their henchman that said he was TO RADICAL for their country club attitudes.

Oh sure, the RNC chairman candidates talk a good game. Now we're going to see how tender THEIR feet are.

Right now we are confronting Lying Lew Oliver on all fronts. Our noble candidate for chairman Deon Long was bushwhacked by Party cronies of Oliver. They smeared him and said he doesn't have the experience.

They were right. He doesn't have enough experience in the underhanded tactics that characterize Lew Oliver's administration.

But he does have experience as a lawyer. In fact he served legal papers on Oliver and Company that our Ron Paul supporters were illegally barred from voting in the December election. A circuit judge in Miami-Dade agreed. And I'll bet dollars to donuts that the Orange County Circuit judge is going to agree as well. We should have injunctive relief in a few days.

The second front that we've opened up in the war against Oliver is in a Special Meeting that will be held January 8. This is so we can challenge Lew Oliver to a fair election. If ALL Republicans had been allowed to vote, Loser Lew Oliver wouldn't have been able to cling to a 122-121 vote.

Instead it would have been a solid repudiation of Oliver's miserable failure as chairman. Then Deon Long would have stepped in, been a great conciliatory leader and brought our Party back together ready to defeat the collectivist/socialist forces of the Democrat Party.

I'll close by saying this. The future lies not with the failed policies of losing leaders, but with the bright hope of new leadership that is not afraid to embrace the core principles of the US Constitution. Win or lose we fight for the only thing worth sacrificing for. Our Forefathers 'promised us a Republic IF we can keep it.'

The Republican Party may at last be waking up. Let us not be found sleeping and slumbering as this new light dawns.


Nick Egoroff
Orlando Campaign For Liberty Organizer

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