Friday, July 17, 2009

Florida State Sovereignty/Profound Implications

Just imagine what enacting the 10th Amendment could do for our state.

We could see a rise in manufacturing of heretofore restricted items. Guns, if they weren't sold outside of our state boarders, would invite manufacturers. We could absolve the corporations from the frivolous lawsuits by declaring that it is the owner's responsibility for what he does. Reducing registration requirements could also be examined.

We could also write our own social laws. For instance if we didn't want abortions to be legal in our state we would have the right to outlaw them. Or if the majority of people wanted to allow or disallow same sex marriage we could do that as well.

State Sovereignty brings all decision making closer to the people. This is a good thing which is precisely what the Founding Fathers wanted. One state can have looser social standards and another could be more conservative.

Please spread word of this group to your Florida friends. Ultimately if the people want something badly enough, they usually get it IF they are both persistent AND vocal about it.

I'm pleased to announce that we now have several Florida state legislators that have said YES to introducing a state sovereignty bill into the 2010 legislative session.

Now our work begins. We are assembling folders of material that we will provide to you. Then when you go to visit your individual representatives for your district, you'll look professional!

We are also creating a 'PAC' so that we can collect donations for hiring of a professional lobbyist and other incidental costs. Possible renting of buses to get our volunteers to Tallahassee during the 9 week session is also on the board.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please call me at 3212289761 anytime day or night.

Keep up the great work. We have nearly 1,100 members!

Nick Egoroff

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