Sunday, July 26, 2009

Copy of Republican Party Grievance Committee Summons Sent To Nick Egoroff

The following is a verbatim copy of my summons from the Republican Party of Florida. I use the abbreviation sic to denote misspellings and typo's. It was written by Lew Oliver who is the Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman. I think it is fair to say that Mr. Oliver dislikes me and fears the number of supporters that share the belief that his 20 year reign over the county Republican organization should end.

"I would like to file grievances against both for matters relating to the 2008 election cycle and recent events as follows:

Mr. Egoroff: (1) engaged in "dirty tricks" in the fall election by cooperating to send out a primary endorsement mailer under the fake name "republican victory committee" (Republican should have been capitalized) EVEN THOUGH MR. EGOROFF HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SPECIFICALLY WARNED BY RPOF COUNSEL NOT TO USE THE REPUBLICAN NAME WITHOUR (sic) PERMISSION. (2) in that same flier endorsed a democrat (sic) judicial candidates thus linking the republican (sic) name to democrats (3)invited OREC applicants who did not timely file loyalty oaths to the Dec, 2008 OCREC election meeting telling them that they could be seated or else to harass me AFTER HAVING BEEN TOLD NOT TO AND THAT THE MEETING WAS PRIVATE (4) has repeatedly told lies about these applicants including the lie that that I did not tell them about the oath requirement even though Mr. Egoroff himself personally obtained their oaths well before the deadline. (5) has engaged in repeated and nasty personal attacks and threats of lawsuits. (6) has expressed his secret desire and plan to take over the republican (sic) party on behalf of Ron Paul, (7) has misrepresented facts and lied repeatedly about event (sic) surrounding the lawsuit filed by Mr. Long in December. (8) has been exceptionally disruptive to OCREC, advising members not to cooperate with the leadership team, not to provide contact data to OCREC, not to attend OCREC meetings, etc. (9) Mr. Egoroff has been so disruptive even within the Ron Paul organization that he was eventually thrown out of that (sic) (10) has been removed from OCREC within the last 9 months for exceptionally disruptive activists (sic) (11) is wildly uncivil and vicious in his word and tones (sic), to the detriment of the reputation of the Republican party."

My answers to each charge:
(1) I had received no such instruction on this flier and received advise from the Supervisor of Elections and the Florida Division of Elections that they saw no problem with it. Besides this was a special 'minor' election which was specifically and legally exempt from all normal requirements and exemptions.

(2) Judicial races are nonpartisan so this charge is ludicrous.

(3) We had just received word days earlier that a Miami Circuit Court Judge had ruled that Ron Paul supporters just like ours should be seated for their December Dade county meeting.

(4) I have never made that statement. Although Mr. Oliver's silence on the Loyalty Oath requirement for a month previous to the qualifying period is/was quite telling.

(5) Personal and nasty attacks?? Like the ones that I sued him for libel and slander over, (which by the way he apologized for and retracted via a certified letter that I received).

(6) I have many secret desires, taking over OCREC rates quite low on the list;-) Besides I did not make any 'secret' about my intentions to vote him out of office!

(7) This is really a lawsuit that is still ongoing, so I'll not comment.

(8) Another ridiculous statement. I encouraged people to sign up!

(9) A long ago incident that I don't wish to bring up and have settled with the Ron Paul state organization. It has nothing to do with OCREC.

(10) a) I was thrown out in a rigged and hostile closed party election b) I won my seat back in a fair election run by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

(11) I occasionally wrote satire about Lew Oliver (like the Emperor Has No Clothes) but never was disruptive in any official meetings.

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