Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I'm Pushing The Draft Florida Senator Paula Dockery For Governor Movement

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Many of us have looked long and hard for how we can change the course of the wretched path of politics that this country is on. We have searched long and hard for good candidates that match up with our new found understanding of what this country should stand for but all to often doesn’t.

Right now I’m involved with a grassroots effort to draft a reluctant candidate to run for Governor of Florida. Her name is Paula Dockery and she is currently a State Senator representing the Lakeland area.

Many people may not understand the importance of the governorship. It represents the executive branch of state level government. And just like the President of the United States, the Florida Governor really has no equal when it comes to legislative power.

With a single stroke of the pen legislation can be blocked. Because the concentrated bureaucracy of state officials only answers to the governor, he or she has incredible power. The person that occupies the governor’s mansion will directly affect Floridian’s lives for the next four years.

Right now the Republican Party of Florida is seeking to stifle the Primary process and dictate that Bill McCollum will be our nominee.

Because of the immense challenge of running a statewide campaign they think no one will dare to challenge that edict. Fortunately Senator Paula Dockery has left open the door to a grassroots draft of her candidacy.

Doug Guetzloe and I were first impressed by her masterful handling of powerful special interests; a huge array of paid lobbyists; and dozens of senior level legislators. All were amassed to try and swindle billions of Florida taxpayer dollars to private real estate developers and CSX Railroad.

It was billed as Commuter Rail for Central Florida. But once Paula requested more detailed reports of what was really behind this boondoggle, she realized that she alone might be the only person standing between backroom deals and responsible spending of our money.

I could go on in detail explaining how high federal government officials, sitting congressmen, and other bureaucrats threatened her with retaliation if she didn’t back down. Things even got so heated between Cong. Adam Putnam, Cong. John Mica and herself that Mr. Putnam had to referee Mica waiving his finger at her telling her that ‘powerful forces have already drawn up the deals.’ She resisted, boldly standing up for us, the Florida residents that would be stuck with this money-losing venture.

If you want to know how her voting record looks after 12 years of various state level positions, go to What you’ll find is a good reasonable conservative record: against unnecessary tax increases, for the right of the unborn child, and a genuine sensitivity for preserving Florida’s natural environment.

All too often we only look at the federal level of government as the cure all. But as many of us have discovered that the US Constitution actually envisioned the separate and equal states should be the real seats of power. Again this shows the importance of the governorship.

I’m asking you, with all the credibility and integrity that I have, to help Draft Paula Dockery for Governor. As mentioned earlier Paula is definitely open to this idea. She feels strongly that she is capable of serving her state in this capacity, yet she did not seek this office. It is only through the efforts of you and I that we may yet have a choice.

Many of you know of my 18 months or more working with the Orlando Ron Paul group. Through it all I accepted not one dime of pay for untold hours of volunteerism. And neither Doug, nor I are receiving any pay for this effort as well. Heath Whitaker has donated hours of work to create the website mentioned above.

What drives us to do this when most people have little knowledge of Ms. Dockery or understanding of the magnitude of the governor’s race? Simply a clear understanding of how politics works and the rarity of launching a people’s choice candidate.

One more thing; this is not some idealistic race where the candidate has no real chance of winning. Ms. Dockery has been blessed with many good years of public life and the financial means to begin running. She only needs us to join with her to increase her chances. Our reward? Oh, probably a few more hours given over to politics. But then that’s what we’re in this thing for right?? But you won’t be alone. Have a look at the Facebook site I started just under a month ago.

Most Sincerely,
Nick Egoroff

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