Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disgraced Former Chairman Jim Greer Shows What Is Wrong With Republican Party Of Florida

Finally someone has launched a criminal investigation into what was (and probably still is) going on at the highest levels of the RPOF. Some may think that this is just the final chapter of the mysteries surrounding the state party.

I don't.

The Orlando Sentinel is breaking the story here

Briefly the facts are that Greer through his stooge Executive Director, Delmar Johnson, had cozy arrangements to back-pay each other from campaign contributor's money. Everyone is now running for cover saying they 'alerted' Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement as soon as they discovered what was going on.

But let's take a look at the cast of characters to see who is really culpable.

First we have Bill McCollum. He says he notified FDLE when he heard about it. But wasn't this the same Attorney General McCollum that stood on stage wrapping his arms around Chairman Greer when McCollum announced his candidacy for Governor? This after months of intense speculation that something was going horribly wrong in Tallahassee party headquarters?

Somehow you would think that McCollum would at least look into what was going on. But no, McCollum (and others) insisted that Greer had the complete confidence of the party leadership.

And isn't McCollum supposed to investigate this kind of corruption instead of waiting for a local newspaper to splash it on the front page before he feigns surprise??

The next escape artist was RPOF heavyweight lobbyist John Thrasher. He too says that as soon as he heard that criminal activity might be going on he too went to the proper authorities.

But how many people would expect Thrasher, who's business it is to raise money for the party, to not know what is going on with that money??

Yes, a lot of more questions have been raised than have been answered with this latest revelation.

And here's another one.

Are we to expect that this is the only instance of politicians and bureaucrats raising money for politicos and instead lining their own pockets?

I have consistently been told that Republican (and Democrat) state representatives are directing special interest groups to funnel money into sham privately held corporations. Then the pol will be hired by the shell corporation as a 'consultant.' He then takes the money and doesn't have to disclose it on campaign finance forms.

I think the real story here is that a lot of people have a lot of questions to answer.

Too bad that it will probably be swept under the rug as so many of these allegations are.

Nick Egoroff
Admin: Restore The Republican Party Of Florida

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