Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calling All Central Florida Patriots

We all know that the national political scene is important. Pictures of the White House and Capital building in Washington, D.C. seem to be the embodiment of power.

But right here in central Florida we have another bastion of government. Matthew Falconer is running for Orange County Mayor because he knows that just like the US President, the executive branch (whether federal or in this case, county) has tremendous power to directly influence your life and freedom.

Did you know that Orange County government controls a THREE BILLION dollar budget? This is money that comes from everyone that lives within the county and benefits from it's services.

Unfortunately we have a county board of commissioners that are nothing more than career politicians that have grown the budget exponentially as compared to the general population. All of Matthew's opponents have voted for astronomical budgets that are now crippling our local economy.

Our answer is a people's candidate that is not beholden to the corporate special interests that control Orlando and Orange county. As a result he will not have the generous donations that can only come from real estate developers, engineering firms, legal attorneys and the panoply of crooks, chiselers, bamboozlers, charlatans and flimflam men that contribute to his opponents.

Mr. Falconer has studied local government and found that a thorough reexamination of the bureaucracy is in order. Combining redundant services at both the county and city levels could save us millions of dollars.

Again don't look to the so-called experts to endorse his ideas and help fund his grassroots education of voters. Nope, they're too busy making money sucking off the government teat.

My friends and fellow patriots, we face a tough road ahead.

We either get behind Matthew Falconer For Orange County Mayor and volunteer a couple of hours a week--or we sit back and let the lobbyists hand us another one of their stooge candidates.

We don't have big bank accounts to pay for slick commercials. They on the other hand will. And come four weeks before the August election, will ply you with lies and deception.

What we DO HAVE is a small but determined army of average folks that say NO MORE to this decade long charade of Republican and Democrat big spenders.

Every Saturday we meet to take our battle for good clean government house-to-house.

Is it easy? No. But we refuse to be lied to again by politicians and bureaucrats promising us jobs & growth if we'll just give taxpayer money to their buddies.

I challenge you to join us. If you live close then give up a Saturday morning or two to walk with us.

If you're older or live far away, then this can be your battle too! Send a Matt a financial donation.

His Facebook page is at http://j.mp/Facebook4Matt

His internet site is http://www.matthewfalconer.com/

This email is NOT paid for or endorsed by Matthew Falconer. It is just my view about the importance of this race.

Nick Egoroff
Citizen Patriot