Friday, April 9, 2010

Florida Sovereignty Alert: Calls Needed To Block Obama Care

The Florida Health Care Freedom Act is being held up in a Florida Legislative committee. Passing this legislation is important because it gives Floridians the right to 'opt-out' of ObamaCare.

It's stuck right now in a committee and we need your calls to the following state representatives to propel it forward.

When you call just mention that you support Florida State Sovereignty and that you want the Florida Health Care Freedom Act be passed by the committee. Right now it is being stalled by amendments from Representative Bill Galvano.

This will just take a minute of your time. Call Now and copy and paste this to all your internet contacts.

Here's the numbers to call...

Larry Cretul
(850) 488-1450
current House Speaker

Bill Galvano**
(850) 488-4086

Adam Hasner
(850) 488-1993

Will Weatherford
(850) 488-5744

This really needs your urgent attention. Please call everyday for the next few days until we hear that it will be passed through the subcommittee and onto the House floor!

Nick Egoroff
Florida State Sovereignty Movement

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