Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Is More Powerful: Congress Or Florida Legislature?

Most would answer Congress, but the answer is not that simple.

Congress does have a huge impact on foreign and domestic policy. And with the onslaught of nationalized health care and deficit spending it is easy to be transfixed on Washington.

But our representatives in Tallahassee merit our attention just as much. This year's budget will approach 70 BILLION dollars. Next stop: a TRILLION dollar yearly budget is within site.

So what's a poor taxpayer to do?

Figure out who your elected representative is here &

Look carefully on the part of the page that says 'Find your representative (you'll need your zip code and the extra 4 digits that comes with junk mail/bills.

It is vitally important that we start putting teeth into our efforts for not only State Sovereignty but a raft of other issues/taxes.

The best thing about state representatives is that it is so easy to talk to them either face to face or over the phone. Mine knows me by my first name and greets me warmly when ever I'm at tea party events.

We will be soon doing a bus trip to Tallahassee to visit (harass!) our legislators. Expect a day around the end of March. We'll leave early from Orlando (7am) and return around 10pm.

Please spread the word on this!

Nick Egoroff
Admin: Florida State Sovereignty

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