Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Message Florida TEA Party Announces 1st 3rd Party Candidate For Congress!

While many so-called experts pontificate to 'just vote Republican', the Florida TEA Party gives the people a real choice.

Today, Peg Dunmire announced in Orlando, FL that she would run as the Florida TEA Party candidate in the 8th Congressional District. This seat is presently held by Democrat Alan Grayson.

Ms. Dunmire had been exploring a run as a Republican, but considered the Republican party dominated by RINO's and found the Florida TEA Party offered a more grassroots oriented base.

"I have been a registered Republican all my life. However, they have drifted from being the party of liberty, the party of Lincoln, the party of small government and a belief in the value of the individual," said Ms. Dunmire.

Fred O'Neal, chairman of the Florida TEA Party, introduced Peg at party headquarters on the 15th floor of the new Plaza North Tower in downtown Orlando. Several local media were there to cover the event.

Ms. Dunmire then gave a short enthusiastic speech outlining her platform of a 'people's voice candidate.' Previously she had been an executive at a major Pittsburgh hospital and a consultant within the health care industry.

The question of running as a third party candidate is dismissed by some. But all Peg is asking is to look at her platform and credentials. Then decide if it isn't time for someone outside the repetitive two party 'I'm better than the other guy' choices of the past.

Peg Dunmire's Facebook Page
Her Official Web Page

Nick Egoroff
Communications Director

Florida TEA Party


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