Sunday, August 22, 2010

Was Mike Huckabee Ready To Sell His Endorsement to Rick Scott for $250,000?

I have spoken with a reliable source telling me that a little over a week ago, Mike Huckabee approached the Rick Scott campaign and made overtures that his endorsement could be had for $250,000 dollars.

A heated exchange occurred between Rick Scott and his campaign staff whether to pay-for-play for Huckabee's endorsement. Scott made the final call saying that, 'we're not going to have that kind of a campaign.'

My source is inside the Scott campaign and cannot be disclosed. Suffice to say they are on the payroll.

Once the offer was rejected, Mike Huckabee obliged establishment candidate Bill McCollum with the endorsement.


Orange Squeezer said...

Please also look at the discussion on my Facebook page about this.!/nick.egoroff?v=wall

JohnMarkConey said...

This is important information. However, I support Mike Huckabee for President in 2012 regardless of any disagreements I have with him, including the Crist/Rubio choice. What disgusts me most about Rick Scott is his attempt to get a court of law to forbid public financing of the McCollum campaign. What kind of madman would seek to do this (so he could slime McCollum as a "career politician" without any possibility of McCollum defending himself (from my vantage point, it was Scott who started the negative campaigning; in fact, he has no positive message -- who in the world are you anyway?)).

Orange Squeezer said...

In fairness, the Huckabee campaign released a statement denying that an offer was made for the endorsement. Here's the link.

I stand by my story. The source was reputable and clear about what they saw. I'll leave it to readers to decide. But several other bloggers have chimed in that they too have heard rumors over the last few years that Huckabee requested big buck 'speaking fees' in exchange for his 'endorsement.'

broc said...

Huckabee is a total sleaster. He proved it once in endorsing a crook Nathan Deal, no surprise here that he's the crook!

drfisher said...

This does NOT surprise me.